Seeking feedback on MVP. Is value prop obvious?

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    Maybe it's just me, maybe it's not...but who's gonna download yet another app to communicate with their Airbnb host?
    Wouldn't it be better to integrate directly with Airbnb's messaging feature?

    That being said, the landing page is good, you have a clear CTA - Try it now that leads to a weird funnel to get to try the app...are you sure that's the way you want people to test your app? I expect a huge dropout from button click to actual test - what do you think it's gonna happen? Wouldn't a video be faster at this point - something like 'watch how it works' and then if people are really interested, boom you send them a sign-up link.

    Also I would make an FAQ page on your homepage because I bet there are a ton of things that aren't obvious, i.e. how many guests do you support? is this free? how secure is it? etc etc

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      Appreciate the comments. Yep - definitely would be good to be integrated, but AirBnb haven't opened much up (their API is application only and not generally available) so we went with Facebook Messenger, a platform millions have installed already.. so hopefully no additional download, but still some friction.

      A video is planned 😎. Most testers think playing with the service is fun (acting as guests) so we thought it would be good to open up to everyone, but you're right, we don't get many trying it at the moment!

      And we have an FAQ page in development - we're still working on some areas (like subscription platform) which means we don't know all the bits yet. Thanks again!

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        Theoretically I was reading through this library's documentation and it says that gives you access to the messaging part of Airbnb- I don't know if it still working but it seems like it's not impossible to do: https://github.com/zxol/airbnbapi

        Anywho, I hope Facebook Messenger's platform works out good for you guys - as an ex-Airbnb host and a regular Airbnb guest :)

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          Thanks for that. I had seen it but it's unofficial... Not sure I want to try and build a business on it!
          Hopefully in the future your host will offer Digsby to you! Thanks.

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    I made a 15 seconds test for you. Actually I didn’t get what it does but probably that’s due to I am not familiar with anything about Airbnb. (Is it something like I can put answers to potential faqs my customers can have beforehand? Just making up, don’t laugh :-)

    By the way, make your hero headline lighter color with shadow and a different font (even arial would be better.. or system) At the moment it doesn’t look as professional as it should be.

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    To test clarity, I'd suggest doing something called a "5 second test".

    Just like it sounds, the website is shown to someone for 5 seconds, and then they're asked what the website is about. This is a good way to get objective feedback on your website for a few $. There are a few websites like usabilityhub.com that allow you to do this.

    In my opinion and experience, this headline didn't seem that clear to me.

    Here's an additional headline that might stimulate some ideas for variations:
    "Boost AirBnB Guest
 Satisfaction With an AI Butler"


    To give an outside perspective, it seems like the core business idea should be tested a first, as it's a bigger risk to your business idea than is the clarity of your website headline.

    For example--why might an AirBnB guest use this instead of Google, which has great ratings on parks and restaurants? If it does work for guests, do you think AirBnB hosts would be willing to pay?

    What are some ideas for testing each risk (value for guest, value for hosts)?

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      Hi Nathan - thanks for the long reply - really appreciated. 5 second test sounds useful.

      In terms of the business idea, absolutely, validating the core idea is important but we think it's got strong potential and test guests have enjoyed using the service. Whether hosts will pay for it is yet to be seen.

      Great questions though - why would a guest use this over Google? The answer is that the recommendations are direct from the host and Digsby also covers the other stuff (e.g. How do I change the heating) that they can't Google and so it's all in one place. But we need to make sure that value is clear on the website.

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    Really cool idea and the messaging on the first impression is clear. Did you make the site with Webflow?

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      Hi. Thanks for the comment. No, it's not webflow - it's a Vue app using Tailwind CSS.

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    It looks like the value on the hero section is very clear to me. Is this for AirBnB hosts that manage multiple properties and/or those with just plain busy lives?

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      Thanks for commenting. It's for both single and multiple properties - the idea is that it's a better mechanism than a) replying personally to all the basic queries and b) it's richer / more informative than a folder with info that often gets left in rentals because it can have maps / directions, videos, web links etc. and can be updated easily. And because the guest can just ask a question, they don't have to search the material for the info. Probably sounding like a sales pitch now!

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        Haha no worries. Okay then, good luck on your journey! Seems promising.

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    The hero section is very clear.

    Maybe consider explaining why providing top service is important. I mean, for my host to get a 5 stars rating, they don't need to provide me a chat bot. Can it also help with booking conversion? (faster response = more likely I'll book)

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      Yep! Good point - you don't need Digsby for 5 stars but we hope it helps. However, the point about booking etc. is really useful - will have a think. Thanks.

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    Yes. The top part of your page is very clear on value prop.

    But you lose me once you move to bullets. I think you are burying the key points in the paragraphs. Accessible = Easy. Rich Content = Fun. Sounds a bit inside-out. Minor tweaks.

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      Thanks for your comment. I'll take a look at those bullets again! Not sure I get exactly what you mean but sounds like I need to revisit!

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