Seeking feedback on The User Interview Exchange

I recently launched The User Interview Exchange at: https://www.userinterviewexchange.com/

I'd love it if you could answer two questions: with your feedback:

  1. Does it make sense to you?
  2. Why won't you use it?

Feedback is one of my favorite things in the world so please don't be shy :)

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    I don't understand that how an interview makes money?

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    1. I really like the concept, especially for start up and times of Corona, which make it so much harder to find participants this could be really useful

    2. It says I can sign up for free, but I am not entirely sure whether the sign up is free or whether using the product itself is free too.
      I know it is often said having feedback at all is better than no feedback, but as others have already mentioned I believe that you should still shoot to get feedback from your target users. If there was a way where I could describe the kind of people I am looking for that would be really helpful

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      Hi UXResearchisfun, I love the name :)

      Thanks so much for the feedback, this is really helpful.

      The product is free as well and the product matches you only with your target segment.

      I finished my first round of user interviews for the site and am making some fairly significant changes as a result. I'm glad you mentioned the confusion about the product pricing and finding your target segment. The target segment concern has been one of the biggest concerns that users have so far. The new and improved site should be launched in less than a week, it should result in more matches overall, much easier scheduling (the UX of selecting availability is a big pain right now), and a greater focus on specifying your target segment.

      Again, thanks so much for the feedback, UX research IS fun!

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        I am glad to hear my feedback provided a little bit help and if you ever need more user feedback or need someone for user interviews, please feel free to reach out. I am really excited to see how your product develops and I have now created an account and look forward to my first chance to use it, I think it is a brilliant idea and can be especially helpful to start-ups who don't have the resources to pay a lot of participants to speak to. I am not sure if you already have this, but it is just something that jumped to mind that I think could be really useful, which is to send an e-mail at the end of each week to remind users to update next week's time slots. I think this would be really helpful, especially at the early phases of your business when people may not necessarily get matched with someone every week, to ensure that people do not forget about this service but keep up their activity on it! Best of luck with your venture and again please feel free to reach out at any time about any feedback or such, I would be more than happy to help

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    Interesting concept.

    Does it make sense to you?

    Yes, I think it makes sense given that validating your product / idea is such a crucial step and oftentimes neglected step.

    Why won't you use it?

    For me personally it would be really important to get feedback from users who would use and eventually buy my product.

    I'd be hesitant to request feedback from / interview other founders who might not necessarily be in my target audience.

    Maybe there's a way to tap into the network of other founders to get access to users who would also be interested in your product. Just some random thoughts while thinking about it...

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      Thanks so much for the help feedback, Philipp.

      You hit on a really important concern that I'm testing against right now. There is a quick survey functionality that the users fill out when we enter. Every founder/PM is also a consumer in some aspect and there's basic demo filtering for that. Additionally, for those seeking B2B customer discovery interviews on the platform, founders can be founders + engineers/marketers/etc . so we also have a view from those angles.

      Again, thanks for your feedback, at very least it's a quick fix for me to add an example on the homepage of user filtering based on your target demo.

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        Again, thanks for your feedback


        Every founder/PM is also a consumer in some aspect and there's basic demo filtering for that. Additionally, for those seeking B2B customer discovery interviews on the platform, founders can be founders + engineers/marketers/etc . so we also have a view from those angles.

        That could be a good approach to find founders / PMs worth talking to. Maybe you can design the survey in a way in which you don't explicitly ask for certain answers but can derive insights based on "implicit answers". What I mean is that rather than asking: "Which of the following tools are you using" you might ask something like: "What processes do you currently have the most problems with". Something along those lines.

        The idea here being that you essentially remove bias from the answers plus you can assess how much time and thought they've already put into the problem at hand. That way they might be a better interview fit because they're already very opinionated.

        Best of luck and keep us all posted!

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          Great food for thought here, Philipp, you're advice is perfectly in line with best practices for customer discovery :)

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