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Seeking ML Tech Specialist for entertainment industry SaaS 🎥

Hello Indie Hackers!

I'm an entertainment industry creative professional (in TV/film) with over a decade of experience in my field + some tech knowledge - and I'm looking for a fellow Machine Learning tech enthusiast to collaborate on a state-of-the-art media synthesis/text-to-speech service.

Who my ideal partner is (you? 🤞)

Simply put, I would love to partner with someone who is as passionate about creative AI/ML NLP and TTS from the technical/programming side of things - as I am from the entertainment industry/business side.

Do you love making diagrams about model architectures? Do you get goosebumps thinking about phonemes, multi-band, guided attention loss, or GAN? Do you have hands-on experience and interest for Natural Language Processing, Zero-shot Multi-Speaker TTS, and Vocoders? Do you know what HiFi-GAN, Tacotron2, Waveglow, FastSpeech2, or other SOTA TTS repos are?

Then we should talk!

Ideally you're also interested in media (like TV/movies) and have some experience with SaaS backend, but those aren't deal-breakers.

The service 🎭

TTS and AI voice apps are dime-a-dozen - which is why my focus is on creative audio fidelity, and targeted at specific needs in the entertainment industry that I'm personally familiar with.
If you're aware of 15[dot]ai, that's a good example of what I'm working towards for the TTS backend - a machine that can contextually parse text, understand its phonemes/elements (e.g. via dictionaries), understand or bias the text's emotions (e.g. via DeepMoji), feed it to a multi-speaker trained TTS setup (maybe using zero-shot), infer the various voices with fidelity/custom datasets, and reconstruct the finished audio output for consumption.

And since we're talking about SaaS, I'm also a firm believer in deploying and iterating - which is why I'm currently building by myself an MVP (even if fidelity isn't quite where I'd like it to be since, well, ML has a steep learning curve). There's a clear vision with customers and pain-points that I'm focusing on, which I'm happy to discuss once we verify each other.

A bit about me 🎬

TV/film expertise + relationships/networking + platform are the main things I bring to the table. I have over a decade of professional experience in the entertainment industry as someone who's worked in the thick of it (as in: a creative on shows you might have seen).
From a business standpoint, I also have separate experiences with things like strategy, marketing, sales, web dev, and customer acquisition through other personal projects.

For the ML aspect, I understand how the technical side works as I have some skills in ML and data myself (trained models, made my own datasets, etc.) - but I'd rather be with someone whose focus is entirely on the technical/programming aspect of SOTA TTS and NLP in ML/AI, while I focus on the business/entertainment side in strategy, networking, marketing, creatives, and specific applications for the entertainment industry.

If you're interested or have any questions, please let me know (either here or PM).

Thanks for reading!

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