Seeking successful Newsletter owner

Hey, my name is Chris Panteli - and I'm the founder of LifeUpswing.com (US audience) - personal finance and make/save money blog.

I'm currently at about 20,000 pvm with a DR of 23 and thought I could make an indecent proposal.

I am about to launch a B2B SaaS growth Newsletter myself (early stages) and thought it would be a neat idea to reach out to the community in search of successful, monetized Newsletter owners.

Firstly, I would love to feature a post on my blog for my audience about 'How To Make Money With Newsletters' - which could be delivered either as a guest post from you or an interview-style article. This would of course include a dofollow backlink and the ability to promote your own newsletter.

In exchange, I would love to get some help growing my own Newsletter to 1000 subs - and perhaps further feature some advice and tactics in a case study series / YouTube / possible joint course down the road. The possibilities are actually quite exciting...

If anyone is in a position to discuss this further, please reach out.

Have a great weekend - it's very hot here in the UK, and I own a fish ad chip shop - which is sweaty work. So wish me luck for the coming days of heat madness, and stay safe.

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