Seen people waste a lot of $$$

What I've noticed is that companies want leads and sales so fast, they forget to do the basics.

Your marketing/sales outreach will be 2x more effective (or more) if the foundations are set up properly:

  • Research and create a solid Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  • Research and build a captivating Unique Sales Proposition (USP)
  • Build lists efficiently, with the right personalization
  • Write outreach messages that align the ICP with the USP and present an offer that immediately appeals and gets a reply
  • Automating the lead notification process with Slack so you respond quickly every time
  • Effective frameworks to close more sales with less effort

I made a course covering these (sometimes controversial) subjects and goes in-depth with over 3.5 hours of video and worksheets.

It's constantly being added to, and at $47, with the potential to do $47,000 with this info easily, I think it's a steal right now.

Link: Lead Gen Masterclass

Hope you guys find it valuable, and please reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to share your experience :-)

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