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Segment your email list and send tailored messages to each group for higher conversions

Email campaigns are not one-size-fits-all. Avoid recipient fatigue by segmenting your subscriber list and tailoring your emails accordingly. Your conversions will thank you.

Since he stopped "square-pegging, round-holing", Chris Hexton of Vero has seen a 450% increase in conversions — from 2% to nearly 8%. Chris broke his subscriber list into groups based on four attributes:

  1. What features they had access to
  2. How long they'd been a part of his list
  3. Which deals they'd already taken advantage of
  4. Where they'd come from.

Then he tailored the tone and style of each email to fit the specific segment. Here at IH we're big fans of email segmentation — our users choose from 8 specialized newsletters (like this one). This has allowed us to double the number of emails we send, increase our open rate, and provide more value to our community.

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    This is what we do at EmployRemotely.com and one of many reasons we created it. As a frontend developer I was a bit fed up of getting emailed opportunities for backend, dev ops etc.

    We split our subscribers into four main categories (frontend, backend, fullstack, mobile) and email out only job opportunities that are relevant to them.

    This works really well for us and even though its in its infancy still, the signs are looking promising as open rates are high and unsubscribe numbers are incredibly low.

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