Selling my Project!


I'm selling a profitable project that I was working on for 1 year now.
reThumbnail helps Youtubers to turn scrollers into viewers by designing attention grabbing thumbnails in less than 60 seconds!
reThumbnail offers a variety of pre-built templates and a wide choice of presets fully customizable.

Some stats:

  • 946 connected Youtube channels (Signups)
  • 10k imported Youtube videos
  • 1033 thumbnails created
  • $0 Marketing

Tech Stack

  • Running on a private VPS
  • Domain name from namecheap
  • Built using Ruby on rails & React

Included in the sell

  • Website & Source code
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Social media accounts
  • Design source files (Sketch)

Please reach out to me at [email protected] or twitter at medyo80

Happy to answer anymore questions.

  1. 1

    I think you skipped the main question - how much money are you making with this product?

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