Selling my Software for $1,000

I built http://eventsjoy.fantasticfutures.co a while ago and would like to move on from it.

It's an events management system that allows people to post their events and people to book the events. The majority of the system is implemented(80%).

There's work regarding implementing a payment system for paid events, but generally, it's easy to do so with integration like Stripe or Stripe Marketplace.

Its focus is a social events platform, where the idea is not to just post content and done, but for anyone who books it can add up to a conversation feature which will be seen by future attendees who are about to purchase the event.

It's clean code, written in:

  1. React (Frontend)
  2. Nest.js + GraphQL (Backend)
  3. Along with FaunaDB (Database)

Most of these techs are of minimal implementation and any developer can get up and running with it.

If you are interested, do send me a message.
If you have an idea about how much you are willing to purchase it for, do send me a message as well.


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