Send me your landing page and I'll give you 10 tips

Update: Sorry, I'm already overwhelmed with the response, I'll be taking no more submissions after a handful of more comments. Once I have caught up I'll do another thread. Feel free to follow me so you get an alert when that thread is open. However, look for what advice I give to others, because it will most likely apply to you and your product.
I'm a web developer enthusiast and will give anyone who sends me their landing page in the comments 10 pieces of advice.

It could be how to rank your site on the 1st page, or even how to improve sales and marketing strategy.

Leave a comment with a link to your landing page, and I'll be happy to help.


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      1. Site looks really nice, so add a blog post explaining how you built it to help potential customers feel more persuaded to buy it/sign up
      2. Add a blog page with in-depth and free content that users will read through organic search traffic by keyword optimizing your site
      3. Get backlinks with email outreach to grow your domain authority
      4. Add an email form to the front header next to the "Get Early Access" button
      5. Build an email list
      6. Do a site audit
      7. Check how fast your site loads and for any bugs
      8. Add login and register links to the navbar
      9. I looked in ahrefs, and it says your domain authority is 0
      10. Do guest blogging and promotion on medium.com to promote the product.
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      This looks really good, the tool looks really powerful!

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        Thanks for your feedback 🙌

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    https://seodity.com - we're trying to break through with Seodity. We have many sign ups, but that's it. I'd appreciate your opinion if message we're trying to send using landing page is clear.

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      Hi there!

      The design of your website is amazing, it is really nice.

      I have been looking around for SEO tools and most of them cost an arm and a leg. But I don't need much yet.

      I think your website is lacking a tutorial/guide. It is quite overwhelming as you have so many features.

      So imo: find the feature that your users love and keep using. Then for every signup, make them do that. For me, it'd probably be keyword research and showing me some sweet info about that. Guide me to it when I sign up and keep me there. Once I have the hang of that, show me the rest of your website.

      Landing page is great. I reckon your problem is keeping users active and probably paid conversions (follows on from active user point).

      Hope that helps!😃

      If you want to talk more contact me, my website is Language-Mate.com, and there's a contact form!

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        Hi, thanks!
        We're in the middle of writing guide for our blog:) We're also planning more friendly onboarding experience.

        You indetified problem well, we many many signups, but it's hard to get people to come back to application.

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      Once I log in and set up the project, my dashboard is empty.

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        Thanks for the heads up! Could you write what email you registered with at Seodity at [email protected] so I could sort it out?

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          admin AT redcrackle DOT com

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    I appreciate your feedback on https://remoteleaf.com. Thanks in advance 🙏

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    Very early stages -- I know I have a lot of work to focus the message! Still, encouraged by 50 signups in the first week.

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    Currently just for sign ups but would appreciate any feedback!

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      1. It's confusing how your company will make money.
      2. Add a blog and rank it
      3. Hire a content marketer
      4. Get testimonials
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    That's a bit exciting: https://peerlenderinsights.com.au/

    Going out with a very early prototype of a service to see if there is product/market fit.

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      1. Improve page loading time, it takes a good amount of time. Use pagespeed insights
      2. Make subtitle in header larger, it's hard to see.
      3. Add longer and more in-depth content to the blog
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      1. Add two buttons to the header: "Get Started" and "Learn More"
      2. Add a navigation with a link to a blog
      3. Make a blog with in-depth content related to your niche
      4. Make it more clear what your product is
      5. Make it a payed plan
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    Thanks you so much!

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      1. Add a blog about how to make music
      2. Make a separate payed plan
      3. Build an email list
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    I'd love your feedback. I have two:

    Thanks in advance

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      1. Make it so people have to sign up with their email for them to get all of the results once they put in their zipcode
      2. You can build an email list this way
      3. I am very familiar to the cleaning industry, I would love to write content for your CleanWork blog, email me at [email protected]
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    https://mobilefirst.me and thanks for your time and input!

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      1. Make your blog post links shorter by removing the dates from the urls
      2. I would love to guest blog on your blog
      3. Do email outreach to get more visitors
      4. Do lots of promotion
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        Thanks Josh for taking the time to give feedback on our site. These are really good points of feedback!

        We would love for you to guest blog on our site!

        Hit me up here or feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can get you setup.

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    Have my main LP and my LP I use for PPC

    Www.diggz.co - main
    Join.diggz.co/Seattle - PPC example


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      1. Do more email outreach to get backlinks to your blog and increase your DOMAIN AUTHORITY
      2. Hire SEO's and content writers( Hint: I can write for you, email me)
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    https://aliceapp.ai. Being used for covid-19 reporting right now. Have made a bunch of iterations last few months to get more info on the homepage. But it seems cluttered now. I’m considering adding pricing table as well. Thanks for your feedback.

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      1. Make the headline in the front a little bit larger
      2. Add a blog related to your product's niche
      3. Hire content marketers
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    Hey Josh, I'd love to hear where to improve. Thanks for the effort:


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      1. Add a "Get Started" button to both payment plans on the pricing.html page below the subtitle.
      2. Add a link to the blog in the main navbar on the top of the page.
      3. Promote your blog to increase your overall domain authority
      4. According to my ahrefs site explorer, your website seems very new and has 0 organic traffic.
      5. The way to get more traffic is to get backlinks and rank for specific keywords
      6. Sign up for ahrefs because it'll help you understand how to rank your website for a specific keyword or set of keywords.
      7. Hire a writer to write in-depth content to improve your site's traffic (Hire Me, I'm a great writer).
      8. Slightly change your main headline "Query files in object storages with SQL" by making it more easy to understand. Think about it like showing the main benefit of your product vs the technicality of it.
      9. Allow guest blogging to get more traffic to your site (I would love to guest blog on your site, email me at [email protected])
      10. Promote your site on popular and related forums
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    Would love to hear your feedback on https://www.vuepilot.com 👌🏻

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      1. I checked in my Ahrefs account in site explorer, and it says your website doesn't have any traffic.
      2. You can substantially increase your traffic by ranking in google. Hire an SEO and a content marketer to do this properly.
      3. Have guest bloggers with credibility write long content for your blog (Hire Me)
      4. Your domain will improve entirely if you have more long-form content and studies.
      5. According to ahrefs, your site has 29 backlinks from unique domains. You'll need to substantially increase that number.
      6. Do that by doing email outreach to popular publications in your niche
      7. Optimize for your product's main keyword, "digital signage".
      8. I checked in Ahrefs keyword explorer, and the keyword digital signage has lots of search volume but is very hard to rank for. You'll need to be patient and get at least 148 backlinks from seperate websites to rank in the top 10.
      9. Do guest blogging on popular sites in your niche to get backlinks to your site
      10. Hire a skilled writer to improve your entire site's rankings. (I'm available for hire), email me at [email protected]
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      1. Your site looks very nice and well-built. You should add a link to the blog in the main navbar.
      2. Hire a skilled writer to write in-depth content for your site. (I'm available for hire).
      3. I checked your website in Ahrefs and it doesn't have any traffic and has a low domain rating.
      4. The way to get traffic is to rank in search engines.
      5. The way to rank in search engines is to rank for optimized keywords related to your niche.
      6. For example, you could hire a skilled copywriter who would want to rank for the keywords "web scraping" and "what is web scraping"
      7. You should hire me because I will write content for your site that will significantly improve your site's rankings and traffic. Get in touch: [email protected]
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      1. It's very difficult to understand what your product is from reading your main headling, "Organize your life and slay the dragon!"
      2. Instead of that headline, you should say something like, "Accomplish your goals with the power of games to boost your motivation"
      3. Hire a designer to improve the design of the homepage.
      4. Keyword optimize your website
      5. Add a blog with in-depth content
      6. Hire an SEO and a copywriter to write the blog
      7. Get backlinks to your site
      8. According to my Ahrefs, your site has 0 organic traffic
      9. Get organice traffic by ranking in search engines, rank in search engines by writing long-form and in-depth content that will also get shared many times.
      10. Do guest blogging and allow guest bloggers to write on your site.
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    Wow it's amazing seeing a list of cool products to check out!

    Just made Cove public yesterday. Would value some input.


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    Very kind of you! If you want to take a look, I'd be happy to get some advice! :)

    The Other WorkSpace - Coworking in Budapest

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    That would be incredibly useful!


    PS: How did you acquire your marketing/sales skills?

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    Thanks for the effort.

    Here is the page https://openlowcode.com/

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    Just made some updates so will love some feedback :) - https://www.cenario.co/

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    I'd appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much!

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      1. According to my Ahrefs Site Explorer, your site has 150 backlinks and a domain rating of 20.
      2. Hire a skilled writer to improve and increase your organic traffic (You don't have any right now)
      3. Write long and in-depth content in your blog or hire me to do it. I will write you long and keyword optimized content that will make you money.
      4. Email people in the academic industry to ask for backlinks to your site, because your product is awesome.
      5. Get lots of high-quality backlinks to your site, and the way to do that is rank in search engines.
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        Thank you so much for your thoughtful advice, Josh! Lots of good ideas that are very actionable. I'll try them.

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      1. Hire an SEO to drive organic traffic to your site
      2. Ahrefs says you have 0 organic traffic and domain rating, this is no bueno, but the way to get consistent traffic is ranking in search engines.
      3. Hire a skilled developer to improve your site's design and structure
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    Hey josh, Would love your input" adbot.co.za

  20. 1

    Thanks for doing this - we're trying to redesign the landing page this week!
    If anyone else has feedback, I'd love to hear it!

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    Should work fine with google Translate :)

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    Just redesigned my Carrd Template Marketplace.


    Feedback appreciated :)

    1. 1

      I do not want to sound rude, but your designs are low end for insane price. You can get way more complex and beautiful templates on themeforest for half the price, even lower.

      1. 1

        Hey Jan!

        Thanks for checking them out :)

        I'm not sure you get what this is. No, you cannot buy any Carrd templates on themeforest, at least from what I know. Give me link I would happily check them out if that's the case.

        They are priced to sell in bulk (since that's what most of the people want to do).
        At bulk they cost around $3-$6/template. Which is more than fair, imo.

        Been saving people hours in Carrd trying to figure out how to create something similar.

        All depends on how you value your time 😉

  23. 1


    Appreciate you taking your time out to give feedback!

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    Hi, hope you are doing fine and in good health :)

    Thanks for doing this!
    This is my website. I would love to know your thoughts

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    We just launched our MVP. Any tips appreciated - wfhlist.io

  26. 1


    Thank you Josh for doing this! :)

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    Thanks for the offer!

    https://menutely.com/, it's currently prelaunch, but any tips would be appreciated!

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    One more for ya.

    Much appreciated.

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    Hello Josh,
    Thanks for offering this!

    https://knockhq.co, I'd like to improve conversation rate. Can't wait to read your tips.

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      1. Write more in-depth blog posts
      2. Add an email address form to the front page header to get people to subscribe to your blog
      3. Promote your blog posts on medium.com
      4. Grow a following on social medias
      5. According to my ahref's account, your site doesn't have any traffic or backlinks. So, I strongly recommend getting backlinks
      6. Do email outreach to get backlinks
      7. Get mentioned in popular blogs in your niche
      8. Allow guest blogging
      9. Advertise
      10. Stay patient
      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for your feedback! It directly goes into a to do list :)

    2. 2

      Loved the idea 🤩

      1. 1

        Thanks! 👨‍💻🙏

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    A small version of my MVP for FastrDev.


    Thanks! I know how much dedication it takes to answer tons of these requests.

    1. 1
      1. Make sure all buttons work
      2. Fix all broken links that don't go anywhere
      3. Write long and in-depth content and promote it
      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I have a question though. Since it is just a theme, should I have the social media icons on the homepage go somewhere?

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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