Senior Product Designer @ Facebook +10 years experience - looking for tech co-founders.

Looking for tech cofounders, I have an idea for a business that doesn’t exist yet (that I know of).

The idea is in the fin-tech area. Possibly a web first instead of an app, or maybe React Native based. But that’s your area of expertise so would be good to hear your thoughts.

The idea is possibly quite complex to implement or maybe not even possible. Either way would be cool to discuss, maybe there is a way.

Reach me at:
[email protected]

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    Hi, I sent an email :)

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    Niiice! I wonder if it's worth creating a landing page for the idea first and launching it on Product Hunt with a waiting list, then talking to all the sign ups and validating the idea, before building the MVP. Your call though! Might make you more attractive to potential technical co-founders.

    Good luck!

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      I agree with @louisbarclay, and it is part of the pretotyping manifesto see: https://medium.com/rocket-startup/what-is-pretotyping-and-how-is-it-different-from-prototyping-and-building-mvp-b44f21611aa. Instead of selling McSpaghettiand going trough the logistic of producing, McDonald would simply put it on the menu list, and see if customer would actually order it. Cost of changing the menu is way less than being able to offer it to their customer.
      Happy To help you launch a landing page to test the market and get early traction, and see if people would actually buy it.

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