SEO, domain name and legality advice

Hey all, I'm working on researching content to market to Shopify store owners (my target audience for whom I'm building apps). My website is - https://50k.tech

I am planning to create a repository of -- "Best Shopify apps for dropshipping/upselling, etc etc." keywords.

The questions are:

Q1. Should I curate these resources on my website, example - 50k.tech/best-shopify-apps. OR should I buy a separate domain like bestappsforshopify.com ??

Is buying a separate domain a good choice with regards to SEO and ranking?

Q2. Is there any legal issue with buying and operating a domain with another company's trademark (Shopify)?

I found a website builtwithshopify.com which is 1 year old. Just want to know, what is the legality behind this?

I'm new to SEO, that's why would really appreciate some advice from experienced professionals.


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    A few things to consider here:

    1. If your website 50k.tech already gets traffic/ranks for SEO, then that would mean that you have somewhat of a domain authority established and starting from scratch with a brand new domain with an authority of 0 would be a bad idea. Since Google doesn't put too much weight on keyword domains anymore, the fact that the new domain name would be "best apps for shopify" doesn't really matter that much, even if someone googled exactly that phrase. However, if you optimized your content on a site that already has authority, you'll have a better chance at ranking for those keywords.
    2. As far as legality, you'd have to dig into Shopify's Terms. Some companies prohibit the use of their brand name, whereas others welcome it (to build community).

    I hope this helps.

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      Thank you, that helps a TON.

      Are there any resources you recommend regarding for my to expand my research on point 1? I'm a noob-max when it comes to SEO and content, and the amount of stuff on the internet is just overwhelming as a starting point.

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        @futurehacker93 Glad it helped. Learning SEO can be overwhelming for sure. Here are 3 good places to start learning:

        1. Ahrefs
          This is a very high level introduction that just touches on a few main concepts.
        2. Moz
          This one goes a little deeper into each concept.
        3. Google
          Then, go straight to the source and delve deep.

        Good luck! If you ever have any questions feel free to hit me up. :)

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          Awesome. There's enough stuff to keep my learning for a long time. Thanks a lot for your help :)

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