SEO, YouTube, Tracking: Acquisition Channel Opportunities

I've analyzed over 1500 marketing articles over the past week and identified the top 3 acquisition channel trends & opportunities that can help you ge tmore paying users:

1. 250 SEO Professionals Uncovered Their Link Building Strategies, How They Measure Link Value and More

Aira has published their state of link building report.

What's this about: Aira has surveyed 150 professionals from the digital marketing industry. The goal was to identify the link building approaches they use, and how they approach things like measuring link value, return on link buidling and so on.

The results: You have the full report here. Here are some interesting screenshots that I found useful:

  • The most popular link building techniques:


  • The most popular tools for link building:


  • Metrics people use to measure the authority of a link:


2. Which Metrics to Track For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Association of National Advertisers published a report where they surveyed a few leading figures, trying to figure out the top 5 advertising KPIs. Here are the top 5:

  • Exposed ROAS
  • Brand Safety
  • Lifetime value
  • Conversion

Notice that most of these metrics are all about the bottom line. If you invest $X, you should expect to get $Y in return.

The Association of National Advertisers has also surveyed people to identify the most used metrics by advertisers:

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • Unique Reach
  • Site Visitors

Notice that only 1 metric (ROI/ROAS) is common among the 2 lists. Why?


What's easy to measure != important: When you start advertising on a platform like Facebook, it's easy to see your ad CPM/CPC/unique reach. However, if you want to see your ROI/ROAS/lifetime value, you usually need to set up pixels, goals, which is harder to do.

What this means for you: If you're running ads and not measuring ROI/ROAS, take a small step and start now by setting up your tracking goals. Ultimately, whether your business survives or not depends on you making more money than you spend, which is the definiton of return-of-investment.

3. You Can Now Show Your Product on All YouTube Videos

What's happening: Youtube will expand its "right to monetize" to ALL videos worldwide. Previously, ads were showing only on channels that are part of YouTube's partner program. After that, YouTube has expanded the "right to monetize" to only US-based channels.

With last week's update, YouTube will show ads on ALL videos on the platform, worldwide, regardless of whether they're enrolled into the partner program.

What this means for you: There are many small channels that are not part of YouTube's partner program. Many of those channels are probably related to your niche. You can insert an ad inside those videos, get relevant traffic and see how things perform.. Here's a nice tutorial on how to do it.

This update sucks for YouTube creators, but is an interesting opportunity for founders who want to target a worldwide audience.

  1. 3

    It's interesting to see the stark difference between "most popular" and "most important".

    "Most popular" = initial site visitor metrics
    "Most important" = end-of-funnel metrics

    1. 1

      Yep, but also remember the "most important" metrics were metrics by advertising experts, so it's a bit subjective. Still, a good point.

  2. 2

    Just stumbled on this headline: Now everyone can monetize YouTube videos and it is not true.
    In fact, now YouTube will run ads on all videos they want and you get no profit at all if you don't have 1K subs and 4k watch hours.

    1. 1

      right! Such a misleading heading from IndieHackers (why they tryna be like Twitter with Trending tab anyway?!)
      It's a disgraceful move from Google: https://blog.w4rner.com/2021/05/31/final-nail-in.html

      1. 1

        @warner why do you leave links under every comment? What kind of BS marketing is this?

        1. 1

          I don't under all my comments (check my history).
          Wrote the blog post in response to this article, so linked it, then realised you'd already made point so reposted under yours. Have now deleted prev version.
          Enjoy comment boost pal!

          1. 1

            Don't care about comment boost pal. Cheers :D

  3. 2

    Why does this suck for creators?

    Will people be able to put ads on competitor videos just like you can in SERP?

    1. 1

      It sucks because if you are not in the YPP, you won't get paid a thing. YouTube is making money based on your work but not giving you anything back, except "exposure".

  4. 2

    Very true with the metrics. At the end, what counts is the $ out we get from the money in.

    1. 1

      Well both count IMO. Unless you get eyeballs, you won't get people to convert. But people don't focus enough on the bottom line metrics IMO.

  5. 2

    Nice one Darko, keep it up.

  6. 2

    Both surprised and not surprised to see HARO in the top 5 of the link building list :))

    1. 1

      I've gotten some high authority, do-follow links from HARO, so def worth trying out.

    2. 1

      Don't forget JustReachOut.

  7. 2

    I've seen many blogs report on 3), YouTube's inventory is likely to dramatically increase.

    1. 1

      I wonder that as well.

  8. 1

    Hey Darko

    Nice share buddy.

    The tutorial video was clear. Pretty sure that this would be a huge step for advertisers who wanted to target the channels they like. As like the YT video title says, 'how to steal their competitors audience' might be the only thing now the advertisers think about.. lol

  9. 1

    Hey guys, how much cost a click on YouTube?

  10. 1

    "This update sucks for YouTube creators"

    I largely agree — I'm getting close to the partner program and saw an ad running on my own video the other day while signed into my account. Didn't love that 😅

    But I can see how this could be useful on the other side of things.

  11. 1

    Most Important, Most Used.

    A very good take on what to track.

    It's so easy to get lost in numbers. Engagements, likes, followers, and what not. But it's crucial to track the stuff that matters.

  12. 1

    Youtube is turning in the new Google

  13. 1

    thank you very much darko

  14. 1

    Nice post, thanks for sharing!

  15. 1

    This comment was deleted 20 days ago.

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