Separate section for articles?

I looked at the homepage yesterday and it was more than 50% blog posts of the "personal brand" building type.

Could we syphon these off into their own section so that IH can get back to being people discussing growing their businesses, rather than wannabe influencers pushing their garbage?

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    Can you link me some examples? Hard to know what you're talking about without specifics, since it's possible we don't agree on what's garbage and what's not.

    I'm also skeptical about creating separate feeds.* Sounds great in theory, but doesn't work in practice without sufficient traffic. If something is wrong with the main feed, I'd rather just fix the problem directly than try to move it elsewhere.

    (*I'm likely going to roll the milestones into the main feed soonish.)

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      Hmm I hear you that it’s subjective. However check out my top voted comment on this thread from earlier today. It may give better context and it’s clear that the sentiment is, in theory, sound.


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        Yeah I saw that, but there still aren't any examples, so it's not actionable for me. I see the support, but without examples it comes off as people venting a sort of vague but ill-defined frustration.

        That said, @IndependenceDev did give one example, where people make posts that say, "Link your product in the comments and I'll do X for you."

        I strongly dislike these types of posts, too. There's an entire category of posts that I'd describe as comment bait, where people encourage others to promote themselves in the comments (share your Twitter, project, landing page, etc.). And they get a ton of comments, because everyone wants to promote themselves ofc.

        While I like the engagement, these posts are bad for two reasons:

        1. They're too repetitive, so they get boring.
        2. They generally provide no value to readers, only to commenters.

        So I'm going to clamp down on these.

        Are these what you mean by "personal brand" building posts?

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          "Link your product in the comments and I'll do X for you."

          So I'm going to clamp down on these.

          IIRC the number of comments you get on a post contributes in some way to your IH points. If that is true I wonder if it's another reason people make these posts.

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          Yes 100%. Those do my head in... in fact a long time ago I posted a parody of that. I made a post titled "Post your product and I'll do a backflip and punch myself in the face"... it got no traction but it tickled me 🤭

          But aye, those are a great example but also the ones that are like.. ummm...

          "how to make $$$ in 5 days just by eating bananas"
          "5 things you must do to get to the top of hacker news"

          that kinda nonsense.

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