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September Income Report & Analysis: $5,716 profit (+94%)

My September revenue was over $6K, with a nice bump due to affilate sales from the Ultimate Flutter Course by Robert Brunhage.

Here's the breakdown:


Course Sales: $3,721
Affiliate Sales: $2,184
AdSense: $93
Sponsors: $137
Consulting/Training: $0
TOTAL REVENUE: $6,136 (+21%)
EXPENSES: $420 (-80%)
PROFIT: $5,716 (+94%)


Email subscribers: 20,377 (-0%)
Unique visitors: 41,000 (+8%)
Page views: 58,300 (+10%)
YouTube views: 33,200 (-5%)
YouTube watch time: 1,900h (-10%)
YouTube subs: 30,503 (+550 = +0%)
New videos: 0
Twitter followers: 9534 (+9%)


In September I started working on a new big Flutter course. I ran some surveys and interviews with my students to validate interest and figure out what they'd like to learn. As this will be a project-based course, I started creating a demo app that I'll use for the course lessons.

I have also written some new articles and started posting more regularly on Twitter, resulting in 900 new followers in a single month (best to date).

I worked with my designer to iterate on the new designs for my site, and implemented some minor changes to the live site already.

Sales-wise, the biggest result was the launch of the Ultimate Flutter Course by Robert Brunhage, which I promoted as an affiliate and net me over $2K on launch week.

And I hit 40K unique visitors to my site for the first time, yay!


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    I love how consistent you are with these updates! Really interesting to follow your journey.

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