Services Platform -- Dev/Partner Interested

Services Platform. -- Possible Dev/Front End Partner?


I've posted a feww things today. This is another one.

You have a bunch of Service Platforms online (web/mobile). Some are wow.. cool! Most are, really? Is there a market for this?

So, I'm curious about putting together a "service" platform, possibly focusing on a really low level land grab, even though there are a bunch of other players. I'm specifically looking at the lawn/yard/snow clearing area.

Here's why. I used to live in neighborhoods where it was common to see the guy come every two weeks to trim the yard, perform the lawn maintenance, etc.. I then came back to my childhood home to take care of my Mother. My lord, when the heck did a bunch of older guys who should be close/past retirement get into the game for cutting grass?? This used to be the thing I did 50 years ago as a 10 year old! And I realized this economy sucks for a lot of people.

So, I talked to a few, and a few more.. and started to form how this could work, what would make this different, what would be the critical issues? And, could it be replicated across a bunch of cities in the US, and how the heck would it grow/expand..

I've answered some of the issue, and have more that I haven't resolved. Welcome to life, eh!

By the way, there are a bunch of these kinds of services out there.

If you're a skilled dev (front/back/security/devops/etc..) and you want to talk, hit me up. I'm interested in putting together a reasonable web/mobile app. This process could actually be to "clone"/modify some of the existing apps for this space. I'm assuming the process won't be all that difficult, but overall scalability/security would be issues.

If you're interested in this kind of app, let's talk. I'm willing to fund (small $$) out of my pocket for this process.


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