Setting Up a Blog: My Takedown

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    Congrats on your blog and glad you liked the course!!

    1. 1

      Thank you, @momoko! I am so grateful you are sharing your 7-day email course https://bloggingfordevs.com/ with us all. For anyone who might stumble across this reply, I will list my favorite points of the email course:

      • ideas for internet-friendly content
      • step by step SEO tips
      • a checklist to follow before publishing a post

      Sending my best!

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        I'm so glad to hear that, Ardith! Congrats again & thanks for spreading the word 🙌

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    @momoko is a definite inspiration!

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      Yes! @momoko’s 7-day email course https://bloggingfordevs.com/ is super helpful :)

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        ah, didn't know she converted it into an email course! just signed up!

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          Great! Glad I could help you find it. Enjoy :)

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