Share awesome accommodation with other digital nomads

Hey nomads,

My girlfriend and I took the leap and after working remote for a couple of years, we decided to go full nomad at the start of 2020.

We’ve been disappointed by the lack of options to share accommodation with other nomads, so we built https://www.cotravel.co to help us connect with other people and book some awesome places together that would be too expensive otherwise. Win-win! 🥳

We currently have two stays planned in the Canary Islands and one in Portugal for the start of 2021 and are looking for others to join us.

We are also looking for other nomads interested in organising similar stays through the platform.

Excited to share this with Indie Hackers and would love to hear any thoughts or feedback 🚀


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    Hey Daniel, this looks great. I certainly resonate with the pain point.

    Some feedback would be it's not clear if the price cited is per bedroom, or for the whole place.

    It would also be good to get a clearer idea of how payment is handled - paid by 1 party (in which case who is responsible for the logistics of splitting payments) or paid jointly (does that take place in the platform?) And what happens if I book a room at a place, but the other rooms don't fill - is the booking cancelled? Is there an associated fee? etc.

    There's been a few attempts at this concept over time, yours is the best I've seen!


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      Thanks for the awesome feedback.

      • Yeah the price is per bedroom (have made this clearer on the homepage).

      • Payment per room is handled through the platform and fully refunded if the trip does not got ahead (will make this clearer).

      Thanks for the kind words! Do you remember any of the other attempts you've seen before?

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        Hey Daniel, nice, I'm liking the updates.

        If any come to me i'll re visit the thread, but to be honest, none have been very memorable! From facebook pages, to apps that felt more like they were built for someone's portfolio rather than real-world use is the spectrum where most executions of this idea have been, imo. Cotravel feels much more useable.

        Can't wait to see how it develops

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          Awesome thanks Chris.

          And thanks for the bug report through email I'm on it ;-)

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    Hey Daniel, it looks like your SSL Cert is bad on your site :(

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    Congrats on the launch!

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