Share one useful link with indie hackers


I noticed I have a list of links to resources I frequently consult - I think most of us do.

Share one link to a resource you found useful, educational, interesting, or valuable.

I'll start: Growth Marketing by Julian Shapiro

Edit: Feel free to post a link to the project you're working on!

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      OP said one link!

      Jokes aside, thanks for the list - will be checking these out tonight.

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        Yeah, it was just one link, haha but I was excited to share it here with the community. I could have put everything in one link 😂 cheers

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      Great list, thanks!

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        You're welcome, cheers 🙏

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      Great list. But you forgot undraw

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        Ups Sorry my bad, UnDraw is awesome I use it all the time, going to update the list. Thanks

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    I find myself revisiting this article when I got new ideas https://tylertringas.com/business-ideas-meat-grinder/

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      Good advice:

      Too often people have great business ideas that are a small variation on another company’s ideas. After all the sweat of building a product from scratch. And after all the hustle of building a customer base from nothing. You’ve just proven to their much larger competitor that there is a market for this feature. They launch the new feature in a week and squash you. Make sure that you won’t just be doing a larger company’s R&D work for them.


      would I have some kind of sustainable competitive advantage? Would I be profitable? What are the switching costs and/or can my business lock in customers for the long term?

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    For the growth hackers and marketeers, tons of tools and information to grow your business.


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    Loads of great suggestions here. Personally I like https://did.app for authentication and https://plausible.io for analytics. Both privacy respecting, both innovating, both great tools.

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    Just found this guy on Twitter - https://twitter.com/rohangilkes

    His threads have been super valuable and very inspiring!

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    Nice online editor if you are vlogging or making some video for social media. It allows you to add subtitles to videos and with a lot of options for customization. https://subtitles.love/
    I am using it for Instagram )

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    This one is pretty cool 👉 https://explodingtopics.com/ - it's basically the same as Google trends, but with a twist of trying to predict upcoming topics that are on the rise.

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    Copywriting is one of the most important tools in our belt. But we make a lot of mistakes or overlook certain considerations with our messaging. So I made a proven SaaS landing page blueprint with high-conversion copywriting best practices.


    It shows tips on how to improve your messaging right within the page. You can clone it or download as a .zip. Or just use it to improve your current project’s copywriting.

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      Thanks a lot! Probably gonna use it for a new side project. Add a donate button on the website while your at it!

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        That's a good idea!

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    40 questions from Y Combinator to crash-test your startup


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    https://www.iconfinder.com The best place to find free svg icons on the fly.

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    Here's an opportunity to speak at an upcoming conference in June. I attended the last one and it was pretty neat.


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    Bubbles extension. I use it for sharing UI feedbacks.

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    Nocode MBA run by Seth Kramer. Like the way he has organised the tutorials and also the overall look and feel of the site.


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      Thanks so much!! :)

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    I was building up a list of free 'design' resources, that are useful for building applications as either a designer or developer or well anyone really.

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    Great Youtube channel and blog about Ruby on Rails development by @justalever. Super useful for everyone who's learning Rails.


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      Hey thanks for the mention (sorry for the super late reply!)

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    As an Indiehacker, it's really important to save as much money as possible. So, I highly recommend getting this chrome extension.

    It's called Lifetime Deal Reminder It curates and alerts you about select SaaS lifetime deals.

    If you don't use chrome, you can try the website

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    Got to be "Startups for the rest of us". Has really helped me this podcast with super interesting conversations

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    Get high-quality and easy-to-use HTML themes: BuildFaster.io

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    I often struggle with design and ui/ux, https://dribbble.com has awesome examples and it's easy to find design inspiration there.

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    Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions: https://fs.blog/mental-models/

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    Oftentimes you'll want to try out some SaaS or tool or similar. They usually require you to sign up with your email. Which I'd rather not give every site, as I then become flooded by spam.

    Solution? https://10minutemail.net/

    They give you a temporary email address that you can use to sign up and avoid spam. Simple, doesn't cost you anything, and solves a need.

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    Compress your images before adding these to your website with https://compressor.io/

    Generate the favicons for your website with https://realfavicongenerator.net/

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    Something that might help you privately:
    5 WhatsApp settings against stress:

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    @hessel Julian's resources are on point and really helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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      Yes, the resources really helped me out - especially with this.

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    Some marketing and sales links I found useful:

    9 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

    7 Entrepreneurial Tactics of Big Companies :

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    I've found quite a few extremely useful episodes on the SaaS Podcast here: https://saasclub.io/saas-podcast/

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    IT contains the history of the hacker news side project posts and. You can learn something new from the comments.

    One more link - https://www.sideprojectchecklist.com/

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    I'm an ex-AWS engineer creating simple(r) tutorials to help people use AWS (for example, deploying a static site with S3 + Cloudfront).

    I've put up a form for tutorial requests here if there's something in particular you'd like to see: https://forms.gle/yR1AcvqxeNGbDgrq5

    Currently on almost 1000 responses and really doing the rounds on /r/webdev and similar subs :).

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    I am a big fan of the trends.vc updates and 5-minute reports. A great resource for Indie Hackers and project builders of all kinds.

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    The most valuable tool I use right now is Pigeon. It has changed the way I think of email. Enables me to do the work of 2 people or more. @patwalls is make magic happen at Pigeon.

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      Thanks Yehuda! Glad you like 'em 🙌

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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          🙌High-Ten Yehuda. That's super appreciated, thanks! 🙂

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