Share your Android app and I'll do a detailed review

Android dev for the past 5 years. I've built apps for startups and previously lead the development of an app from scratch to 1M installs.

I've reviewed designs, code and UX for a bunch of start-ups as well as indie apps. I'm new to in Indie Hackers and wanna help out. If you want me to review any specific section, please mention a bit about it.

Links to check credibility: https://twitter.com/iamsubhrajyoti

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    Hi Subhrajyoti

    You did a great review!!

    Thanks very much, it was very helpful.

    For sure we will work in all the improvements you suggest.


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    Hi Subhrajyoti.

    It would help us if you could review our app.
    This is the androod link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mtheorysoft.twitterapitabbed

    The only think you need to try it is a Twitter account.


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      I really like the app's idea. The app is pretty smooth and seems stable to me.
      Here are my thoughts:

      1. When first open up the app, two screens are displayed in quick succession. Makes the app look a bit "glitchy". Perhaps do the log-in check a bit earlier.
      2. You could consider increasing the bottom button sizes a bit.
      3. After I share a Tweet and come back to the app, there seems to be a strange autoscroll.
      4. You can share the Tweet URL along with the text. Sharing just the text loses out on the context.
      5. IMPORTANT: For a retweet, the app reads both the author's name as well as the person who retweeted it, together. You should add "Retweeted by" in the audio.
      6. The loading dialog can be improved. You do not need the app name in the dialog and things are not aligned properly. I would prefer a loader that is not so "in the face".
        Two things you can try for loading: a)Use a cute Lottie animation, b) Animate the refresh icon. But this is something highly subjective
      7. The empty heart icon for tweets gives the impression that I can tap them and like the tweet. You can swap it the text "21 Likes". Avoids the confusion.

      Overall I liked the app. Good job and all the best :)

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    Hey, I remember using raywenderlich.com when I was learning Android. Thanks!

    I'm curious what do you think about my app: https://wishpy.com/

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      Hey, I really liked the app. It's something I would surely use during holidays or my birthday. Very smooth onboarding and signup flow. Snappy UI. Good work there.

      Here are some things I feel can be improved upon (Not app wise but more of product things):

      1. The "Profile" tab does not really have any profile specific items. Maybe it can be renamed?
      2. In "Discover", the toolbar text size seems to be the same as the header collection name ("Out favorites", "Work from Home"). A little differentiation in size will surely help.
      3. While adding an item to wishlist, the keyboard for entering the cost can be a numeric keyboard and not the regular one.
      4. If possible, fetch images from product URLs for pages like Amazon.
      5. Something I would really really like is if I can choose a few items from wishlist and share their details as a list with someone as text. And you can attach a link to the app at the end of the message

      All the best with the product :)

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        Awesome. Thank you very much for your feedback!

        1. True, I need to change that.

        2. Good point

        3. I guess, yes. Initially I left it as it is, because I've assumed that people from different countries might want to add their currencies like "EUR", "$", "zł" etc.

        4. 👌

        5. I'm planning to add the option "share via web", so it generates a link anybody can see.


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