Share your best blog post!

I personally love reading blog posts from indie hackers, so I thought it would be fun for us to share our favorite blog posts that we've written.

If you don't have a blog, feel free to share someone else's blog post that you really like!

And I'll probably select a few from here to feature in my newsletter MakerList :)

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    Here are a few 🔥 blog posts for Open Startup List:

    How using the tools that you already know helped Simple Analytics grow to $5.7K MRR

    How building in the open as digital nomads helped Leave Me Alone grow to 840$ MRR

    How learning by doing helped BannerBear grow to 500$ MRR

    Pieter Levels on how the Corona Virus affected NomadList and RemoteOK

    It's been incredible ever since I've started it about 2 months ago, the amount of traction is amazing, I get blog posts written over Open Startup List and it's getting featured on Open Startups "\open" pages.

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    So according to google this one is by far the most viewed/clicked one:

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    Wrote this baby up when we got our first paying users, hope it helps a few out there:


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    Just published this last night!

    How I built and shipped my first product: MeetPass. Goes into lessons learned, what worked and what didn't. Also loved writing it because it was more of a personal reflection on my learnings than anything.


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    I particularly enjoyed writing the Daymind case study.

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    I wrote about why designing for open source can be so difficult. It reached the front-page on HN and still brings in a steady flow of visits.

    I started to write a follow up to it going over some solutions and techniques but I haven't had time to finish it yet.

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      This was nice. Thanks for sharing!

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        Thanks, I'm happy you liked it!

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    I wrote a huge 😎 guide for helping newcomers becoming amazing streamers.

    I worked hard for two weeks, wrote examples and made a followup checklist-site for people to keep it handy on their phone/browser tab.

    The result?

    This one gets me thousands of views and is #1 on Google for streamer tips keywords.

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    Hi! I just wrote my first Blog Post. It's about Lead Generation without a Budget.
    Hope you find it useful for your projects!


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    I tend to write a lot about soft skills, but this specific one is about UX / Interaction design, so it might be useful somehow:

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    Why Apple should put a second front camera on the iPad?

    It is not on a business topic, but rather a little experiment I was curios about. I think you may appreciate it :)

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    This is my most successful blog post: https://www.followchain.org/list-of-instagram-follow-for-follow-groups/.

    It's basically a list of places where you self-promote your Instagram. This is especially helpful if you're looking to grow your Instagram audience either for yourself or your business.

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    I'm more focused on marketing than product - here's a post I wrote on a couple word change we made to our home page above the fold that had big results when tested


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    I posted this two days ago, I just came back from a walk with my dogs, went to Wallgreens to buy toilet papers after. Guess what, there was none. Its a fun little blog post that we put together to experiment with some of our ideas. We had 500 visitors the first day. It's kind of fun, I am liking it.
    What do you think ?

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    I'm pretty proud of this since getting non-competiting but truly complimentary product founders to team up on cross-promotion is tough. I explain how I made that happen, and how you can too: https://medium.com/hashtag-academy/how-to-replicate-the-viraltag-rite-kit-cross-promotion-success-58432dd104f8

    If you see it and if you have a Medium account, the post is SO lonely; would appreciate if you held down the hand thingee at the bottom a few seconds. (Thanks!)

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    This is one of my favorites. I wrote it back in 2014-ish and just started sharing it again. It's based on the "smart creative" archetype that companies like Google and Amazon try to hire.


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    I wrote this blog post for non-technical founders (which I am myself). I based it on my experiences of building a tech company with outsourced development: https://blog.vreel.co/five-steps-to-build-a-tech-business/

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    I got a lot of traction with: The Huge List Of Code You Need To Write To Start A SaaS

    Hit the front page of Hacker News!

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    Great initiative, love reading blog posts! I can already see some very interesting ones in the comments.

    These are our most clicked/viewed one:

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    It's right here on indiehackers.com🔥👨🏼‍💻

    The UX of images on a landing page

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    Absolutely - nice thread! I love reading blog posts as well 😊

    I happen to have just finished one. It's about the GRADS Stack: the Tech Stack that we ended up discovering while building Sigmetic.

    Check out the blog post here 👇

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    Hey Richard, this is a post I published recently that I'm proud of: https://carminemastropierro.com/startup-content-marketing/

    I interviewed 21 experts to get their feedback on what they believe is the best way to approach startup content marketing and compiled their ideas :)

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    I wouldn't say this one is especially good but I was entertained writing it!


    I bought up a misspelled domain that someone with 670k+ Twitter followers posted and fixed it for him and he never said thanks 😢

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    Here's a beast of a breakdown on how Zapier grew to $50m ARR whilst being fully remote: https://saasmarketer.io/saas-partnership-strategy/

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      Hi Tom, may I ask you a quick question? Thanks!

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          I will drop you email. Thanks!

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    This is a great idea @richardchu. I recently wrote 'Building Remote Relationships' and its importance in today's environment.

    I hope you enjoy!

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    My best one is about the podcasting industry 🎙

    and how it will shine in this decade. I wrote that a few months ago, before the news broke about Joe Rogan moving to Spotify, so my predictions slowly become true - there will be major changes and rise of podcast in the next 10 years.

    👉 Link to the article.

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    Hey, cool idea.

    How my blog post ended up as a lecture material on one of the World’s Top 150 Universities

    I've shared why it's important to blog, even if you have small audience.

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    We recently wrote this blog post about social media strategies for small businesses. I also posted it on Indiehacker and got some great responses.
    I hope it's worth adding to your newsletter, anyhow I just subscribed to it

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    Here's my most popular post so far:

    My Juicy $3000 Mistake
    Indie Hackers
    Original Post

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