Deals November 9, 2020

Share your Black Friday deal

Leo Nagano @Leo

Do you have a Black Friday discount in place? Are you planning to launch one?

Share your product and the discount below.

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    50% off for the next 12 months at UserGuiding:

    ALSO, you can add your Black Friday deal to our list:

    We'll promote it on PH and advertising channels!

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    I offer 20% on - Learn how to grow your business through partnerships with affiliates and brands.

    Here is the discount code: BLK2020

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    I'mplanning to launch one for, probably something between 20-30%

    At the same time, I'm going to launch it on ProductHunt. Let's see how it goes.

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    I don't have any. But if someone can suggest onet, I'd be glad.

    I'm building uptime monitoring service, Pingr

    I've recently switched to pricing "pay-per-usage", which means that a charge per HTTP request actually.

    The charging itself happens at the first day of month. So, after signup user has 0.00 balance, 21 day trial. Then, after trial ends I start to decrease the balance every hour, based on usage.

    I use Paddle, and the subscription costs $0, but at the end of the month I modify the price depending on usage.

    Sooo... maybe I can top up initial balance or something...?

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    Undersend 50% off 🔥
    Automated email marketing based on user activities with personalized messages. Excellent for SAAS.

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    🎁 50% off for the first year for a productivity iPhone App
    Email Me subscription will be 50% off. Email Me is the fastest way to record your thoughts, to-dos, and follow-ups when you're on the go.

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    Here on , I have curated 250+ Black Friday offers for Startups and Indie hackers on one single page, so that you can explore all of them easility within 2 minutes.

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    EasySendy - Hybrid Email Marketing. Flat 40% Off on all subscription -

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      Valid Till - November 3oth. Hurry Up!!

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    If you're running your online store on WooCommerce, this addon helps customize all transactional emails:

    Enter the code 50YAY and you can buy YayMail for $9.

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    50% Off for lifetime at, Discount Code : BLACKFRIDAY2020

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    50% off FOREVER at - Add branded ecards to your website or anywhere else. Great use: simple way to add a customer referral widget to your product.

    Discount code: 2020BLK50OFF

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    Checkbot for Chrome finds website SEO, speed and security problems before your users do.

    60% off the first year on yearly plans with coupon code NOV20 until December 1. 😄

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    Learn your end-user browser details, without even having to ask:

    Most of the features are included in the free plan, but for the PRO account there is going to be 50% OFF, starting on 27th of November.
    No code needed, the price will be simply lowered for everyone, for two weeks.

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    Special discounts for sponsors on

    Reach out to me if you would like to promote your startups, blogs or other products :)

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    50% OFF on all plans for
    Only for new customers.
    Valid from 27th of November through 15th of December 2020.
    Coupon Code: BFCM2020

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    We are planning to launch a 50% discount for Motiveex. lifetime access.

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    I offer a discount of 20% on (database of 400+places where to post your startup)
    You need to use the code black_friday_stw

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    We'll be offering 8 articles for the price of 4 at but, I doubt it will ever go live as we have decided to reach out to our old prospects first and it's proving pretty popular.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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