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Share your favorite free alternatives for paid design software

Anh ”Musa” Do @musado

After graduated university and no longer had access to expensive software such as Adobe Suite, I've always on a hunt for free/open-source alternatives that has the necessary features with none to low learning curve. So here are a few of mine:

- Photoshop - Photopea, Canva
- Illustrator - Gimp
- Camtasia - OBS Studio
- Bandicam - ShareX
- Premiere Pro - Davinci Resolve 

I'm still looking for Indesign alternative.

What are your favorite free alternatives for paid design software?

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    figma. one project is free, but that's good enough for me.

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      I've heard so many good things about Figma. When I checked Figma, they said you can have up to 3 projects in the free plan. There is a software called Akira:

      I've never tried it but it sounds like an interesting free alternative for Sketch/Figma.

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        akira and figma aren't the same thing. figma is for scalable vector graphic layout for web apps and mobile. Akira is more like photoshop.

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          Interesting. This is the source where I learned about Akira mentioning about Sketch/Figma alternative:

          I never use it so I don't know. If you used it, then I guess you are right.

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            oh akira is something different. I think I tried kitara or something.

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            Hmm. Yeah I could be wrong. I only installed it and found it difficult so I uninstalled it.

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              Yeah, that's a bummer Akira is currently only for Linux users.

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                  Then I guess Akira just lost a potential user.

                  Or you can contact Akira, they may help with installation.

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                    yeah i installed it. works well.

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    Some free assets with a license allowing commercial and no attribution needed:

    Open Doodles:
    ManyPixels Illustrations Gallery:
    Blush Illustrations + Figma Plugin (have to pay for SVG):
    Feather Icons:

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      Great resources you have there, thanks for sharing. I will add unDraw and Open Peeps to the list.

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    I use Affinity. It's proprietary software (55€ one-time payment). But it's great alternative to adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and adobe indesign.

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    Big fan of MarvelApp, Whimsical, and Octopus Do

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      Whimsical is great for wire-framing!

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      Me too, I love Octopus Do. Their website is fun, beautiful and no signup required if you just want to do it quickly. Thanks for sharing @felix12777 @jones_spencera

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    Inkscape, Audacity, Google Slides

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      Ahhh, I almost forgot about how great is Audacity. Thanks for sharing.

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    Checkout Story Creator it's a video editor, I saw you mentioned Premiere Pro. I built this tool making it feel like a design tool, but it's made for video content.

    Let me know what you think.

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      Do you have an email address that I can reach? My directory ( have over 500 UX/UI and graphic design resources and it’d be cool add Story Creator to the database.

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      Thanks for sharing. I will check it out.

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    For Indesign, I've seen Scribus and Lucidpress being recommended. I've tried a quick look at Scribus but went with Inkscape as I switched focus on SVG designs.

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      Thanks for sharing. Scribus and Lucidpress are new to me so I’ll add Many IH members above recommended Affinity Publisher so you can check it out.

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    Indesign alternative:
    IconJar alternative: (shameless plug)

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      Thanks for sharing, I love Norde Source. Do you have a direct email address that I can reach? Norde Source is on my design directory at for a while now and I want to contact the team to ask more information.

      Also, I'll check out Presentator for sure, looks very promising.

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    If you want to watermark photos almost everything free.
    If you want a desktop app for bulk resizing and watermarking

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      Nice, thanks for sharing. Are you the founder of

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        Yes, is my product. Feel free to use it. Once you login most features are free.

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          Sounds great. I’m building a design directory at and will add to the database. Do you have an direct email that I can reach you?

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            Thank you. my emails:
            [email protected]
            [email protected]
            my main email prakis [at] g

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    Figma could be a replacement to Illustrator for simple things

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    A good free alternative to illustrator is inkscape.

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      Thanks for sharing. I downloaded Inkscape a while ago but not a fan of its interface so I only used it for a few minute. May give it another chance sometimes.

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    Pixlr for picture modifications and Adobe XD

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      Great, thank you. I’m making an Insta acc for my Design Directory project - so will test Pixlr out.

      I’m using Lightroom App on mobile, which is completely free and super useful.

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    It's not free, but the Affinity suite is extremely fairly priced and is definitely worth the investment! A one-time payment of ~$50 for lifetime access and updates.

    For InDesign, they have Affinity Publisher. It might be exactly what you're looking for.

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      Nice, thanks for sharing @ulrichgero @mrmykey @ThomasVanBroekhoven

      Before, I mistook that Affinity charges for subscription so I didn’t check it out. Will do more research on it now

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    Origami is pretty cool - it's more of a prototyping software and it works well with Sketch

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      Thank you for sharing. It’s my first time hearing about Origami. Will check it out and add to my database at

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    Coming form Adobe Photoshop as UI UX designer.
    I'm now using Adobe XD or Figma all days.
    It's not free but you can also try affinity suite.

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      Thanks for your suggestion. I used XD and Sketch in school. I checked Affinity out before but it's not free so I'm temporarily happy with Photopea, Canva, or paper and pen.

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    I've been using Colorcinch - They've got a nice clean UI.

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      I love that Colorcinch requires no sign-up. I just added it to this summarized post on IH here and to the database of Doesign.

      Thanks for sharing!

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