Twitter August 1, 2020

Share your July Twitter Stats

Leo Nagano @Leo

Inspired by Rosie's share your June stats, I'm curious to know how you went in July.

This is mine in July (also shared on my Twitter), comparing to June:

• 22 less Tweets🤷‍♂️
• 21 less Profile Visits👎
• 81 less new Followers👎
• 55k more Tweet Impressions 👍
• 13 less Mentions👎

28 days



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    Here's the one for Indie Hackers. Mostly I'm focused on increasing impressions.


    And June for comparison.

    1. 1

      Hey Rosie, can I ask why you are focused on increasing impressions?

      1. 2

        Impressions means people are (hopefully) seeing it. If people are seeing then that is probably the most valuable thing.

        Too many people try to focus on Twitter for driving traffic, when really it should be more focused on bringing value in on the platform itself.

        1. 1

          If people are seeing then that is probably the most valuable thing.

          yea. makes sense.

          it should be more focused on bringing value in on the platform itself.

          Then how does that convert to sales or signups? I am genuinely interested. I market for a B2B product. Having a hard time cracking on website traffic.

          1. 2

            When people are on a platform they don't like to be dragged away from it. And the Twitter algorithm doesn't like links as much.

            Posting content that is actually interesting, rather than always linking away, gains more views every single time.

            People who are aware and educated about what you do converts to sales. Them seeing, bookmarking or liking your tweet will more likely bring them back when they are ready to buy.

            It doesn't mean you should never link, it's just when you are always shouting about yourself people switch off.

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      Hey that’s me! 😍

    3. 1

      "Post your landing page..." tweet is unbeatable!

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    Ah, you beat me to it, thank you. 🥰

    Here's my personal one. I will share the IH one shortly.

    1. 2

      ah... look at that - me at the top of your mentions for July 🥳

    2. 1

      Sorry for being faster 😆

      Amazing top followers each month!

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    Shared it on Twitter as a reply to IH tweet. It's easier for me to re-share the link here. Not sure how to embed pics in IH comments :facepalm:

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    Here are my july stats:


    And June for reference:


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    I started to use Twitter a lot more these last two months.
    Twitter Analytics

  6. 1

    Tweet impressions
    Profile visits
    New followers


      1. 1

        I'm a small fish :)

  7. 1

    I had my best month ever. Hoping to beat it this month!


    1. 2

      Congrats!! All the way up!

  8. 1

    Here it goes


    Same here, cannot embed it o_O

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      That's weird...but nice to see your numbers growing!

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    here are mines. all green...and scaling like foam...



    1. 1

      Amazing numbers!

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    July was great for me on Twitter

    Twitter Stats Twitter Stats

    Also, for Dorik
    Twitter Stats Twitter Stats

    1. 1

      Do you have any rule to separate your personal Twitter from the Dorik one?

      1. 1

        Nothing specific. I normally tweet product updates and share tweets by users from Dorik account.

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