Landing Page Feedback January 12, 2021

Share your landing page inspiration 🖥️👀💦

Daniel Kyne @danielkyne

I'm currently stuck with a Squarespace template that I'm using for our landing page at OpinionX. It drives me a bit mad a times, especially when I see all these amazing startup landing pages every week.

HOWEVER, we're growing our team over the coming months so I want to have some inspiration for our future landing page when we bring on our first dedicated front-end hire.

Can you share with me any favourite landing page examples that you've come across recently?

One that I found on IndieHackers last week was which I really liked. Any tips for how we can improve our site at OpinionX would also be sooooooo appreciated 🙏

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    Hey @danielkyne

    You can check out the landing pages of my products. The landing pages for these products got featured on pages like Lapaninja as well, so I hope you find them useful!

    1. ruttl (
    2. Brutask (
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      Both are super slick @harshvijay, I particularly like ruttl. Are both sides built from scratch or do you use templates for either of them?

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        Yes we created both from scratch. I run a design agency called so design is not that big of a task :)

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    The example of was from @Garreis_Jonathan on an IH thread last week. Other favourites of mine are:

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      Thanks dad you have mentioned us us! What a compliment 🙌🏻

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        Hey @Garreis_Jonathan - what did you use to make the big product animation just below the fold on your website?

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