Developers June 22, 2020

Share your mini side projects you did just for the fun!

Bruno Raljic @brunor

Hello Indie Hackers

We've all been working on some big projects, ideas, things that will "change the world". We optimize it, struggle with it, try to make it perfect. Hoping for some acceptance by others, seeking for mass approvals etc.

Sometimes we take a break and build something for our own soul. Something that we build in a day or two, a week, whatever. Something that has some value to us. It doesn't have to make any sense.

Let's collect those perky mini side projects here. It's not about promoting it and bringing users, it's about paying tribute to them. Those things save us from headaches on main project or recharging our batteries by doing what we love to do.

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Let's see some surprises here ✨

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    Built it in 3 days for fun. Ended up with 10 million users. 😜

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      That is impressive ! You should write a post about this!

      1. 1

        I was about to write "that's impressive" then I saw your comment xD.

        Yeah, that's a lot of users

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    I write this using Rails & VueJS to collect my favorite UI examples (mostly from Codepen)

  3. 6

    I built it for keeping track of the blogs of developers I follow on GitHub.

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      That logo is very attractive, I used something similar for my side project

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    This is a few years old, but it's a service that lets people know if you died - I made it when I got my dog, so someone would check on him if something happened to me. (pronounced "iz u ded")

    rest in peace when u rest in peace ;)


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      Oh man, i laughed so hard at this. This is unusual for sure! :D

    2. 2

      lol man, dat is akward :D. lik da text

      cute dog

    3. 2

      I think I saw this one before :D I remember it :D not an every day idea

    4. 1

      Oh man I love this!! lol

      1. 1

        Thanks, @josephech! I have to rebuild it soon (it's pretty out of date), but yeah, I think it's pretty funny :) I'll tag people when it's reopened

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    Write whatever-The-F*ck <-- Anonymous writing site.
    Profile Pages for Developers
    My most popular weekend project, few thousand visitors/month.

    Forget my other recent project
    Its an opensource command line tool to upload/download files by file-index.

    1. 2

      I kind of liked out of all. By any chance, Is it open source?

      1. 1

        I am not planning to opensource it because I am not proud of that code. Its a quick weekend project.
        Its made with ReactJS in the front and backend is Firebase. Let me know if you have questions I will clarify.

        1. 1

          It would be great if you can share complete code?
          I do have ideas, can modify it accordingly.
          [email protected]

          1. 1

            As I said early, I don't have any plans to share that code.

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      didn't know you can buy wtf domains :D any reason it loading slow?

      HD rainbow is a killer project
      and it works even with gifs, HA... you should write that somewhere, you won't get another fool to upload a gif :D or maybe you will

      1. 1 loads a complete Markdown editor. Maybe that is sometimes causing a delay. I will look into that, thanks.

        And I myself don't remember that HDRainbow works with gifs :)

  6. 4

    Last year I took a novel-writing class because my goal had always been to write a book. I spent six weeks crafting a story and initial draft (first 5 pages), but put it down when I got a different idea: to write a book for developers.

    I pitched it to a publication because I wanted it to be published by a notable tech publisher. They rejected my book and I decided to self-publish it. It was absolutely a passion project; I worked on it for seven weeks and got enormous encouragement from the community. And I did it simply because I wanted to share what I knew with devs and make them better content creators!

    1. 2

      might be interested in this... I also plan to launch an ebook this year

    2. 1

      this sounds so cool! I will definitely put on my reading list 👍

    3. 1

      this is very very cool :) I've always had in the back of my mind the drive to someday write a book.

      1. 1

        It's a worthwhile exercise. If you really want to do it, I highly recommend it. I felt very accomplished when I finally hit "Publish"! :)

        1. 1

          have you guys seen some of those books that authors are writing using Github commits from audience? I can go dig up the links for you but its great way to write a highly iterative first draft!

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    I'll add mine as well, this one is totally useless

    Commit Art

    Commit Art is a place to paint your GitHub contributions page for whatever reasons you might have. It's primarily for fun. You shouldn't use this tool for your next job interview, that's clear. Feel free to use Commit Art to spicy up developers discussions.

    1. 1

      still you managed to get 34 upvotes, and that's cool. :p

      1. 1

        yeah... and this project wasn't totally useless I have to admit, there was some fun generated out of it, and it served me to go through the launching on PH

        and also as a blog material

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      Mind sharing the reddit link for leanuxcanvas? :)

      1. 1

        only 29 upvotes but 3 or 4 times that in the number of signups.

        1. 1

          I first read it taken down and I was like - why? Congrats!

          1. 1

            Sorry I don't understand what you mean here.

            1. 1

              NP, will rephrase

              When I first saw your comment and this part "taken off due to a reddit post" I didn't understand it as it did get some traction. I understood it as it was removed, taken away and I was wondering - Why?

              That's what I meant

              1. 1

                haha ok I get it now! lol

  8. 3


    I wanted a neat way to show things with a line graph.


    There are many bugs and UI hiccups. It's far from perfect.

    1. 3

      This is really cool, thanks for sharing.

    2. 3

      Looks very good! Great job

    3. 2

      I see... nice...
      maybe add some handwritten arrow pointing to the line and saying like - try to pinch that line

      and tweet to share...

      are there any objects (lines) from pop culture or internet era that you can recreate with this... maybe would make cool examples.. idk

      1. 2

        Those are solid feature ideas!

        At the moment, every ounce of my effort goes to :)

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    I was a little burned out on day to day stuff, and wanted to build something that I always wanted, something in between passive listening like pandora and curated listening like making playlists.

    I figured with a gamey UI you could curate about an hour of music in 20 seconds. It's still curated but fits that need where you just want some good songs for an hour or two and don't want to think.

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    I built a site to automate the creation of festival playlists on Spotify. You add the bands from the festival and the year, and it generates a playlist with their best songs up to that year.

    Just a little gimmick to make me learn Flask and Spotify API.

  11. 2

    Built to self-diagnose why I might be feeling sad. My friends and I get a kick out of it and it actually helps me figure things out :)

    1. 3

      I liked that it said go excercise you lazy piece of shit :D

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    Dribbble shot hover preview
    It lets you preview full size shots on hover, without having to open it.

    1. 1

      Really cool, thanks for sharing.

  13. 2


    I made a generator to display text with a foreground and background emoji.
    Mostly used by my team at work for fun Slack posts.

    1. 2

      hmmm we could combine it with my commit art :D
      you write something and it renders it in the git contrib page

    2. 1

      You should validate inputs to make sure user entered 1 valid emoji character ;)

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    Automatically generated Stoic quotes videos.

  15. 2

    /egg was a side project I built for fun. The missing egg timer command for Slack.

  16. 2

    Whole Page Slider
    Easy to use javascript tool to build full page slider (for landing pages/websites)

    Whole Page Slider

    Free and open source.
    On how to use see Github page

    Any feedback is very welcomed!

    1. 2

      reminds me of reveal js?

      1. 1

        Yeah, you can see a similarity, but the purpose is different. Also, reveal.js seems to lack the swipe function on the desktop.
        This tool is made to easily create a single page landing or portfolio site with swipe-able sections, vertically and horizontally.

  17. 2

    DevBoilerplate - A fast way to startup your web development projects

    GitHub -

    NPM -

  18. 2

    I wanted to build something for a while + I wanted to try a new technology + I love to find great deals on board games so I created Win-Win with Python+Flask.

    It takes the board games you want to buy and find the best prices on the Boardgamegeek market. It also includes some basic analysis on how big of a discount each game currenty has.

    1. 1

      consider adding some examples, something everyone would like to search... so that you get some inspiration what to search for... or maybe for people like me who don't know what to search at all 😅

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    Nice idea 👍

    I made a Python API wrapper around the API -

    Being from the UK, Paddle makes some parts of EU law like how to handle VAT a lot easier. I only needed one or 2 endpoints right now but I decided implementing all of the endpoints would be helpful for other people. It was built to work with dj-paddle a Django app to make Paddle integration quick and easy to implement. Getting it all working together has felt really good. It also gave me a good reason to start a project using mypy static typing for Python.

    I've actually just remembered another project I did:

    Pick a match -
    (no bespoke domain, I'm cheap and decided it wasn't worth it)

    My friends and I wanted to watch sport over lockdown in the UK but I was hard to work out which old match to watch. So I created a way of working out what old Football (soccer) or Rugby match to watch without finding out the exact score. I forgot it as we finally have some Football back on in the UK.

    1. 1

      I'm always saying let your project deserve the domains..nothing bad if you leave it on some other domains

    2. 1

      That sounds like a useful tools for others as well. Have you promote it anywhere?

      Off topic, where do you host Django apps, what's your experience?

      1. 1

        Not for now, I figure if anyone needs it they will end up searching for Paddle python API or something similar and hopefully it should appear. I think it will be also be used by people via dj-paddle as well.

        I've hosted Django projects in a lot of different ways before but currently:

        • For small projects I know are not going to receive much traffic but I always want to be available I've actually been using AWS Lambda via Zappa with SQLlite or Amazon Aurora
        • For larger projects using docker I normally stick with AWS ECS (backed by EC2 or Fargate) and AWS RDS. DB HA and backups are expensive but worth it
        • I still have a few running on KVM's and/or plain old EC2 instances when they need to run on tin / without docker

        As @achal1995 has mentioned DO droplets are also not a bad shout but I have not used them or Heroku in a while. I don't mind either but I find Zappa easier generally as I've got more AWS experience.

      2. 1

        @brunor I can recommend digital ocean droplets or AWS server for easy hosting of Django they give u root access to the server so pretty much u can do everything the way u want. It's not the most beginner-friendly approach as u have to set up everything including apache, databases, etc.

        1. 1

          Have you been using heroku? I had a few django apps deployed there. Interested if you can compare it to Digital Ocean droplets

          1. 2

            I have used Heroku for some of my small projects and it worked well, but it created some problems with my large project but I was too lazy to solve them.
            I shifted to Digital Ocean.
            And for Digital ocean I found 5$/mo droplet best for hosting 2-3 small projects easily.

            5$/mo plan includes:
            Memory - 1GB
            CPU Cores - 1vCPU
            Transfer - 1TB
            SSD - 25GB

            For more details on DO see

            For large scale projects, AWS is perfect(IMO).
            I have heard(not tried) Heroku becomes costly when your application reaches mid-large level. I hope this helps.

  20. 1

    Some of my neighbors are fanatical about bourbon, so I took a quick look at the VA ABC website and found it was pretty straightforward to reverse engineer.

    I now get a message to my personal slack whenever a rare bottle becomes available nearby!

  21. 1

    a collection of SaaS affiliate programs

  22. 1

    Boxable , a java library on top of pdfbox to make creating pdf's with tables easier. It has some users and contributors, but I haven't been able to spend a lot of time on it in the last year.

  23. 1

    i am working on a ultralightweight sapper-faunadb-aws framework

    • instant deploy
    • enterprise mail server
    • dynamic form generation (based on models)

    no links yet but it's probably going live before the end of the month

  24. 1

    Audible Audiobook Statistics Extractor

    Strangely, Audible doesn't have this built in.

  25. 1

    I created SplashPad. SplashPad is a website that helps you write marketing emails that grab attention and sell your ideas by suggesting language while you write.

  26. 1

    I created two mini-projects.

    1. I personally struggle with appropriately capitalizing titles. Whenever I write a blog post, headline for a website section, or any other title, I look to find an easy way to capitalize the title. Although there are some websites that exist, but they seem pretty old school, have lots of advertisements, which makes them slow, and inconsistent at times.

    I created a simple headline capitalizations tool for different styles -

    1. For my main project, I needed to figure out if a URL is live or not, again a few services existed, but they seemed pretty dated. So created a clean URL redirect checker -

    I would love to hear your feedback on either one or both the tools.

    Thank you

    1. 1
      • I haven't paid attention to the titles so far, although I write blogs. Probably being a non-english writer. It's nice and simple, as you said without ads

      • I like the graphic part of the redirect checker, looks really nice

      any visits on these tools? especially second, would it be worth it's own domain?

      1. 1

        Thanks, @brunor.

        Got the title capitalization tool out last month. Steady traffic there. A few dozen visits each month.

        Launched the URL redirect checker last Saturday. So its only been up and running for 3 days. Haven't shared it with many people yet.

        Thanks for checking it out.

  27. 1

    Hey all! Shahed here, I'm one of the founders of Loom.

    I'm building a calendar experiment for Gmail/Gcal called Available (

    It's currently early in its build, but if you're a full-stack eng and want to help, shoot me a note :)

    1. 1

      would be nice to include a gif of screen recording
      or video
      if only there were some video platform that you could easily record and share your video message 🤔 badum tsss

  28. 1

    I'm a web developer, but have been dabbling in native iOS development lately. Here are the apps I've released so far:

    1. Session – Activity Timer
      A classic "todo list-like" app to familiarize myself with basic CRUD capabilities. With my background in React, SwiftUI clicked for me instantly and was really easy to use.

    2. Places — San Francisco
      Native map integration gives native apps an edge over web apps, so I played around with Apple's MapKit by mapping out "Publicly Owned Public Spaces" in San Francisco.

    3. Powerlift — Barbell Calculator
      My first foray into a "paid" app via an in-app purchase. Turns out building a simple calculator can get pretty complicated!

    It just so happens that WWDC is this week, so I'm looking forward to learning about all the new iOS developments. It looks like SwiftUI is maturing quickly!

    1. 1

      Excellent, I was looking into building Powerlift myself :)

    2. 1

      Is Session – Activity Timer completely free?

        1. 1

          Great, would love to see web-app as well.

  29. 1

    Lockdown Showcase 🦠👀
    I made lockdown showcase exactly for the reasons you stated above. I wanted to cool off from my main project (Mindful Stimulus). I built and launched it in a day. And the launch has been taking place today so pretty exciting over here. Overall I hope people benefited from it. :)

  30. 1

    ✌️ ThinkTwice
    I made a fun way to see alternative (and more responsible) uses of money! Instead of blowing cash on whatever you were thinking, think twice :) Reached #3 on PH!

    📕Mystery Books
    Created a way for people to support local independent bookstores in need. Fulfilled orders across the US and helped a few bookstores when the lockdown was in place.

    Built with Carrd and other no code tools to help match college students to the right housing. Profitable within the first week!

    1. 1

      nice projects you have there, I like Mystery Books

      1. 1

        thanks! it was designed in figma and built in react js.

  31. 1

    I had an idea that I saw a need for and started the project early last year. It's now public-beta and gaining traction. The idea was to start an AI-based platform that would help online course creators monitor and protect their course content.

    1. 1

      I've recently launched a course for docker on a gumroad. didn't think too much for privacy... but it's not really important in this case

      how does it work?

  32. 1

    Carl Sagan fan? You will love this tool which lets Carl himself answer any question you have!
    (Sound on)

    1. 1

      This is totally rad FelDev!

  33. 1
    I built a live globe viewer (webgl) to visualize where crypto is mined in real time.

  34. 1

    Great idea! We created everysize whilst testing out how everypage is looking on our most commonly used devices. It was a fun project and we launched at #4 of the day on Product Hunt!

    1. 2

      How about creating a simple chrome extension for everysize? Suppose I am on a website, and upon clicking on everysize extension, It will re-direct me to{fetch from url box}

      1. 1

        Great idea! We considered this and it's on our plan. Our 2 person team is focussing on everypage for now, we'll certainly update you once we've reached this stage in our plan :) thanks!

  35. 1

    I built Pau, a chrome extension tab manager, I built it for me because I was struggling on managing multiple links projects... and now is public!

  36. 1

    I built after repeated calls from people for a place where they could discover interesting substacks to subscribe to.

    The app is done and dusted, but I don't have the time to curate newsletters! :D

  37. 1

    Dokolio is a experimental project for creating presentations on the blockchain. Presentations are created with markdown. It's free for everyone with unlimited and secure storage using


    Made this on weekend non-stop, I challenged myself to create an application where data is stored on the blockchain.


    Note: This is very experimental and for fun

    Private & Secure

    You have control over your data, we don't keep it anywhere. Manage everything through the blockchain with your BlockStack account

    Markdown Editor

    We use a dynamic markdown editor to make presentations like writing a simple document. Ready for developers and writers

    Create & Share

    Share your presentations with anyone you want. Click "Open Presentation" button to see the link to your presentation.

    Provided by BlockStack

    Blockstack apps use private data lockers and a universal login with blockchain-based security and encryption—protecting your data from big internet companies.


    Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem that puts users in control of their identity and data.

    The Stack

    • TypeScript
    • React
    • Vercel
    • Blockstack
    • Stine Framework
    • Markdown
    • Spectacle
  38. 1

    Whatsapp Analyzer

    A super simple app to get data from the extracted text of whatsapp convos.
    I built this to get familiar with flask but I ended spending more time doing data processing tasks.

    1. 1

      do people actually use this? it's kind of not really privacy oriented :D

      1. 1

        I know it is haha, that's why I don't keep any data. Though, the best solution would have been to do the data processing client side.

  39. 1

    HN Deck

    It's a tweetdeck like layout for browsing Hacker News. You don't have to open new, show hn, ask hn in different tabs. Everything in same page.

    1. 1

      It is a great tool man.

  40. 1

    A site where people can test for golden ratio on images by putting a golden ratio overlay on top. It was a completely random meme-esque idea I had, and I didn't think it was interesting to anyone but me. But now it's been getting 500 uniques per day on average. Hilarious, I had no idea people "wanted" this! 😂

  41. 1


    I originally made it for Tai Chi training videos: so students could practice by following along with and looping certain parts of the exercises they're struggling with. But I figured other people might find it useful, so I put up a generic version.

  42. 1

    I have so many take your pick LOL

    I have more but 3 is fine for now. These are all < 48h projects initially, but I have spent much longer on them since.

  43. 1

    Writing/blogging platform I've been hacking on the side for the last few month. It reached alpha recently. Working on that side-project helped me keep my sanity. :)
    Here are a few keys if there is any one who wants to test it out:

    • 269058936370364933
    • 269058936763580935
    • 269058937628656134
    • 269058938179158535
    • 269058938712883718
  44. 1

    Still very much in alpha but...
    📄 Was trying to map processes (e.g. lifecycle emails, support/sales scripts) but found all existing too clunky and unintuitive to be effective.

  45. 1

    My friend and I built an iOS newsreader app Telescope --

    It gets a few downloads every day despite us not putting any effort into growing it. Check it out! :)

  46. 1

    I built a little tool called Screenshot Creator. It helps mobile app developers create screenshots for the App Store + Google Play, and it's also the first project I've made that ever made money!

    1. 1

      that kind of story is always nice to hear ^^

  47. 1

    My passion project. Building a community of indie entrepreneurs. I want to build a small but amazing community with real relationships.

  48. 1

    I've build two mini projects which are useful to me:

    I use it to, well, track my time as a freelancer and to export the reports to Excel in order to join these to my client's bil

    • Watamato a Trello board which displays available flats in Zürich because I had the need to find one

    Both projects are of course open source 😉.

  49. 1

    I built a news aggregator that pulls in today's headlines from ~50 sources using React + Google Firestore.
    Could really use some suggestions for a name if anyone has one (something with available .com domains preferred).

  50. 1

    NeumNotes - A Simple Neumorphically Designed Privacy First Notes App:

  51. 1

    My current white whale is Uxuyu, a desktop client for twtxt, what's either the best or the worst (distributed) social network possible. It's nice to be able to have someone contact me without my following them and search for topics.

    Maybe useful to the right sort of weirdo, I'm also working on a project that randomly generates a fictional person. It basically picks a populated area and uses demographic statistics (among other sources) to figure out who that person might be. Assuming it isn't broken, I have a demo running.

    There's more at my GitHub account, but a lot of it falls into either "I want to learn about this" or "I wrote this because I needed it," which is fun to write, but less fun to talk about.

    1. 2

      this could be used for some character inspirations... for a novel writers... not really a game story characters since it's based on the real world

      1. 1

        Yeah, it definitely wouldn't work for a fantasy world, though it could be made to do that, if someone wanted to replace all the data. My original thinking was populating science-fiction franchises and superhero teams, since the humans in those tend to be hard to think of as global.

  52. 1

    #1 Site for Tabler icons . Needed something more configurable with the ability to change size, stroke and colors as well as the possibility to copy to clipboard.

    #2. Checklist generator. This one still requires some polishing. Built for my own needs to create checklists I'll use on my other sites.

    #3. The random color palette generator:
    This was a one-afternoon Vuejs challenge. Just wanted to play a bit ;)

    1. 1

      #1 nice... are you using it on a regular basis for your other projects? any reasons for search/color filter? copy plays really well

      #2 these are looking good... consider adding different themes and it could be ready for the wider audience.

      #3 is it like random random matching or you have some sets of color palettes?

      1. 1

        #1 needed these features for my dev process.
        #2 Thanks for the tip
        #3 Loads from the curated source file.

  53. 1

    I built Remotely In Business as a fun side project.


    The site itself curates resources and knowledge for remote entrepreneurs / people running businesses remotely.

    I started it for two reasons - one personal, one business:

    1. I write about running a business remotely on my newsletter Remotely Inclined, but I know I am not the only person who writes about this topic. I wanted a central home for that information on the web that I could share with others and use to potentially generate leads for my own content.

    2. I built the site with Airtable and Carrd, and it was my first no-code experiment. I wanted to build it specifically with no-code tools to try them out and learn a bit more about the no-code space.

    1. 1

      this is nice "quest" for a no-code challenge. do you have any analytics? I know it would break the no-code spirit, but probably it would be nice to check which content is used the most, to put more like that

      1. 1

        I didn't end up linking analytics, sadly! Since I wasn't necessarily building it to do anything beyond provide value for folks that see it, I didn't worry about it (as in: I am never going to spend a dollar on ads to drive traffic, etc, so for me optimization benefits from analytics were irrelevant)

        1. 1

          not necessarily spending money on optimisation, but for yourself to check which content behaves better and put more like that

          1. 1

            Yeah, fair point. I don't have it on this project -- but you can bet I will on the next one haha

  54. 1


    I’ve looked through many movie watchlist apps, but could not find anything simple that would allow me to quickly pick a movie/season by it’s rating and keep track of the stuff I’ve watched. Like: no menus, logins, social networks or other bells and whistles. Just a plain, ordered list of movies and tv seasons.

    It did not get much traction with the general public, but solves my need perfectly :)


    Just a fun experiment with geometry and WebAudio API.


    An HTML5 Canvas mobile game. Back in the days it had to run on stuff like the Galaxy S1. And it did! Thanks to (now abandoned) Canvas accelerator called CocoonJS from Ludei.

    CocoonJS exposed the regular Canvas API, so the JS code could run both in their container and in the regular desktop browser. This made development easier and allowed the game to be easily demoable on the web.

    My old blog post has more details in case someone is interested:


    Leftover code from an idea for a game. Just looks cool :)


    Ragnarok Online MMORPG bot scripting framework.

    My old blog post explains it pretty well:

    1. 1

      no brainer - do you still use it, I mean over a longer period of time?

      music player looks just like it's built for your soul :D I mean it's that kind of project... this is what I've actually had in mind when posting this thread

      ancient riddle - no idea what I'm doing 😂 keeps tapping

      battle of elements - I like these run and see what will happens ideas...

      1. 1

        Yeah. I use the watchlist and will continue using it. I have a giant script that scrapes iMDB and RT to update the data. Takes a day or two to finish. I run it about once a month.

        Ancient Riddle is not the easiest game to grasp 😂 I tried adding an intro with onboarding, but many just skip it. And even with the intro it's quite cryptic 😅

  55. 1

    Hi all. In my spare time I want to introduce my package that I am working on. A small package that I developed with reaction for client reaction packages with feathersjs client packages. Currently, functions are available for authentication and crud operations. You can visit for codes and for demo. Thank you. For more information about feathersjs

    1. 1

      do you use this library for your other projects, does it save time for you?

      1. 1

        I plan to use it in my small projects that I will develop. I think it will save time because it can do things like state management and authentication in itself. I will share my projects here. You can review the source code of the demo application Thanks for your comment.

  56. 1

    It's basically a mini-blog built on top of Twitter. Take a look.

    I built it to learn more about React, Firebase, and Twitter API. It was also a nice trail run for a Product Hunt launch.

    1. 1

      Looks way better than TwitLonger. Is there any plans about adding dark mode?

      1. 1

        I haven't worked on it for a while - but I think adding a dark more would be a good idea.

    2. 1

      nice idea... although I would provide a longer example so you can see the difference once when you open it... this way it looks the same and I had hard time to grasp what it does (because the same content on tweet and in the moretweet)

  57. 1

    Are there any smartphone freaks? 😁
    Create cellphones timelines. Stats are gathered from users showcases (for eg: top phones in year 2000).
    Phone history with quick facts

    1. 2

      ah, brings nostalgia, true... my first phone was Sagem MC 922
      I didn't get why is login there, to submit some missing phones or?
      I would put in the hero section some interactive timeline to immediatelly show the true power. something like you have there in time explorer...

      1. 1

        Hehe. Mine was an Ericsson r520m :).

        I am thinking about a video there,
        describing "what's going on".

        Nope, the account is for creating your own timeline of owned phones. Here's mine:

        1. 2

          ah, then maybe you need to communicate that part a bit more.. it's totally different

          1. 1

            Yes, still working on the message. I've been playing with the texts multiple times, still have lot to improve.
            The second section from the site is dedicated to personal showcase/timeline.

            Thanks for the feedback, appreciate!

  58. 1

    I started writing this a couple of weekends ago to make deploying my Laravel apps a bit easier as well as having the ability to get quick stats back about my apps straight into Slack.

    I previously wrote a bot I installed on my servers manually which had a committable commands config, but I had to go in and restart the bot whenever I changed the commands so it was quite annoying (what I was trying to avoid).

    Now with Giles, I can add/remove commands on the fly from the app dashboard, as well as control who in my Slack group can actually run them and creating new commands is just part of my every day workflow now, super useful bot.

    This was just a fun smaller side (side) project that will run alongside my other larger side projects. I've not gotten around to distributing the Slack app on their App Store yet but here's a preview of the dashboard:

    1. 1

      nice, looking simple. haven't used laravel or php but there's a potential in that market. are you using it actively on those larger side projects?

      1. 1

        I am indeed. It's super useful to me, and it might be to others if I distributed the app and marketed it a bit!

        Got some good feedback from posting my older, simpler, self-hosted bot that I mentioned above to r/Laravel so it may be something people are interested in; and I don't believe anyone has done anything like it after searching Google far and wide!

  59. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  60. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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