Newsletter Crew August 1, 2020

Share your newsletter progress [Aug 2020]

Shiva Prabhakaran @shv_prbhkrn

In the spirit of transparency and inspiring other creators, let's share our progress our newsletters with each other.

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No of Subscribers:
Average Open Rate:
How long since you started it:

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    MRR: $1,700
    Subscribers: 82 (1,414 on free list)
    Opens: ~70%
    Started: July 6th

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      Awesome progress Kev

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      Congrats on the MRR! Amazing!

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        Thanks! Have a special milestone coming up tomorrow ;)

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      This is great. How did you promote it?

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        Thanks Shiva! I should write a post about it, but the short version is this:

        • For a paid newsletter, your most valuable content doesn't get shared around. So you have to come up with a reliable say of sharing valuable content to your audience.

        • For, I'm lucky that talking about how I validated and grow the company is interesting to the people who would be interested in the idea.

        • Reaching out to people where they hang out. That means Twitter primarily for me, and word of mouth is starting to become a thing.

        Also, I think part of it is starting with something people really wanted. I validated the idea by pre-selling over $200 of newsletters, so I knew it was pretty valuable to people. It's easy to gloss over that part, but it's more important than any of the bullet points above.

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    I'm the author of This Week's Worth 💎, which is a weekly extraction of fascinating things humans put on the Internet.

    Here's the data so far.
    No of Subscribers: 61
    Average Open Rate: 55%
    How long since you started it: 13 weeks ago -> 13 issues sent 🎉

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      This is a cool idea. Where are you promoting it?

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        I promote it in 3 main ways:

        • The social networks where I find the people who would most appreciate its content: Twitter and LinkedIn.
        • Links to it on my personal site and Medium
        • Added on newsletter aggregators.
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    No of Subscribers: 1,750
    Average Open Rate: 65.12%
    How long since you started it: End of May

    Main way I grew it is through an evergreen free email course. Hoping to reach 5k this year :)

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      so rad! saw your newsletter mentioned by @swyx on twitter over the weekend, just subbed after being reminded of it here :)

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        Thanks! Yeah, Shawn's promo probably led to 70-80 subscribers over two days :) Super nice of him to share, and glad you found it!

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      That is great! How about a collaboration with my newsletter I think there is an audience overlap ( I'm currently at 1500.

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        Hey Shiva - there is definitely some overlap, a fair number of people want to make the leap to remote work / being a digital nomad.

        I'll email you :)

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          Perfect. I look forward to it.

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    • No of Subscribers: 49
    • Average Open Rate: 52% (last 90 days)
    • How long since you started it: 28 weeks
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      What's your newsletter URL?

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        My newsletter is Practicing Google.

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    For, a weekly-newsletter to discover beginner friendly GitHub open source issues.

    No of Subscribers: 12
    Average Open Rate: ~66%
    How long since you started it: 5 weeks (5 issues out so far)

    Feel free to check it out or share it with someone who wants to contribute to open-source :)

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    MRR: $70
    Opens: ~30%
    Started: May 2020

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    No of Subscribers: 109
    Average Open Rate: 56-71%
    How long since you started it: 1.5 months ago

    Keen to hear your feedback - @shv_prbhkrn

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    Subscribers: 250
    Average Open Rate: 45-50%
    Started: 40 days
    MRR: $0

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    Just started a newsletter for the no-code community and haven't yet sent out any issues. Check out my landing page and make sure to subscribe as well-

    No of Subscribers: 19
    Average Open Rate: 0 (Haven't started sending out newsletters)
    How long since you started it: 2 Days

    Open for any feedback.

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    awesome!! think this is a great idea, i did a variation of this a few days ago] but happy to see this one pick up :)

    my newsletter - Bytesized Weekly
    # of subscribers: ~4400
    open rate: 47.23%
    click rate: 9.79%
    time since starting it: cleared out 80-90% of my list and started from ~1k back in august 2019
    mrr: $0 (psst if you are a software company and want to run an ad in my newsletter, my email in profile 😄)

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    For Life of a Designer

    No of Subscribers: 12
    Average Open Rate: 86%
    How long since you started it: July 10th

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    Subscribers: 189
    Open rate: 51%
    Started: June 10

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    No of Subscribers: 18
    Average Open Rate: 59.8%
    How long since you started it: 6 months (the first issue was February 5th)

    As you can see by my numbers, I am a pretty big newbie at this! This is my first newsletter and really my first time in this space. The newsletter is a weekly resource for interesting and valuable recommendations (products and people) in the digital/social/design/marketing world. Does anyone have any tips on how to grow an audience? Any suggestions would be appreciated! I would also love any recommendations on your newsletters, so I can learn from pros! Thanks!

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      Share your newsletter URL.

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    For Dear Backlog:

    MRR: $0
    Subscribers: 293
    Opens: 52%
    Started: 5/26/20

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      This is interesting. You could maybe redesign the site.

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    No of Subscribers: 77
    Average Open Rate: 71%
    How long since you started it: 4 months

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      This is bloody cool! How are you finding these creators?

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        mostly through Twitter and intros from previous people that have had their workspaces featured!

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    No of Subscribers: 28
    Average Open Rate: 62%
    How long since you started it: ~60 days ago

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      Newsletter URL?

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    For, a newsletter for adults with ADHD. I started it with no audience/platform but I've started to build a community via Twitter.
    Subscribers: 290
    Average Open rate: 51%
    Started: May 2nd

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      Great. Is it just Twitter? If yes, are you tweeting at people or are you just using popular hashtags?

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        Yes its just twitter. There's a large ADHD community on twitter and people who suspect they might have ADHD so I actively engage with the community and post links to my newsletter here and there. I mainly tweet new newsletter editions once or twice. I don't promote it enough but I've pinned a link to my profile. My tweet impressions in the last 28 days is 463k and I've had 10k profile visits - mainly due to raising awareness about ADHD and tweeting about my good/bad days. I welcome any other tips that will help spread awareness :)

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        This comment was deleted 10 days ago.

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    109 subscribers
    ~45% open rate
    Started in May/20

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      Your headlines are on point. How are you promoting these?

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    For PlayerZero:

    Subscribers: 229
    Opens: ~50%
    Started: July 20th

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      This is good man! I'll be happy to promote you on my email list (1500+) if you would do the same.

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    For Sunday TL;DR

    # of subscribers: 95
    Av Open Rate: 77.93%
    Started: July 12

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    For - startup funding in Boston and NYC

    Subscribers: 300
    Open rate: ~ 40%
    Started: July 13th

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      Love the 2000s design. It works for this newsletter. How are you promoting it?

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        I'm mostly targeting people who work in the VC industry by sending them emails and msg on LinkedIn. So far its working but lot of manual work.

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    For Salt Sear Savor, a newsletter teaching you to be a better cook

    68 subscribers
    ~60% average open rate
    Started in May 2020

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      This newsletter looks awesome! This is first cooking newsletter I've seen on Substack, so pretty original.

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        Thank you very much! There's a lot of cooking stuff out there in the world, but I'm trying to be a bit original through a newsletter format and by not sharing any recipes - just tips and techniques I've learned from cooks and chefs much smarter than me :)

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          That's a good way to go!

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      The images are on point. How are you promoting this?

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        Thank you @shv_prbhkrn! Mostly via friends and family right now. Trying to be active on a few forums and Twitter and Instagram. Honestly I need to promote it more though :)

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    For Mind the Gap

    • 13 subscribers
    • 70% open rate
    • Started June 1, 2020
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      Love the idea. Why aren't you on Substack?

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        I didn't know it existed when I started. I might switch in the future, but for now I'm ok with my current setup.

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    Stats for: The Unblockers

    • 64 free subs
    • 1 paid sub
    • Started July 21, 2020
    • Open rate: 48%
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      You seem to be doing a lot with the newsletter man. It would be good if you could niche it down.

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        Good observation, could you go into more detail into what you'd like to see more/less of? I was trying to keep it both technical and business-oriented for both types of technical/non-technical. Maybe I haven't found my tone or voice yet?

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    Stats for The BuildFaster Update:

    👨‍👦 19 subscribers
    📧 62% open rate
    📆 Started July 3, 2020

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      Great. You should collaborate with Colors&Fonts. @Michael_Andreuzza

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        No, because his newsletter is a out his product....

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          By collaboration here, I meant an affiliate advertising on your newsletter.

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            I don't do affiliate.
            And I also sell templates.

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            Yeah I agree with what @Michael_Andreuzza says. We don't match very well and I also want to get more subscribers before I collaborate.

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    For Lean Code Weekly
    66.1% <-> 80.0%
    First email was May 12 2020

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      This is great. Where can I read previous versions?

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        Good question - I'm using ConvertKit, and currently don't have any previous versions available anywhere (nor a way to do that easily at the moment) - I have been thinking about a good way of doing this..

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          Consider Substack.

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      I found the lifetime average open rate: 72.94%

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    For C&F Discover

    MRR: 0
    Avg Open Rate:~45%.
    Started: June 9th

    Will soon display all the open rates and analytics.

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      Very impressive numbers!
      the link is wrong tho

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        oh mama..sorry for that.

        now is corrected....thanks a lot Jamal I owe you one.

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    No of Subscribers: 301
    Average OR: 20%
    How long since you started it: 2-3 weeks ago.

    Just released an e-book and it got me 70+ subscribers, it's been great so far. I hope these new subscribers will love the newsletter. I'm trying to add more value to increase open rate.

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      Newsletter URL?

    2. 1

      This is awesome, congrats on the ebook!