Developers July 9, 2020

Share your open source Docker-based project

Mathias Lykkegaard Lorenzen @ffMathy

I am super curious to see what people are using Docker for, and what they have built with it.

I know that Plausible is already using Docker Compose for their self-hosted version.

It'd be great if people would share the link to their Docker-based project on GitHub.

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    I'm using Docker and docker-compose for most of my projects. Here you can see how I frame it for my open-source PHP framework:

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    For Tech Job Hunt, I describe all my services in a `docker-compose.yml:

    Services include:

    • PostgreSQL DB
    • AWS S3 for local development
    • Web app
    • API

    I run the database and S3 in docker while developing locally and run the web app and API outside of docker so I get live reloading when I make code changes.

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    docker hub:

    That's like Dropbox but with a twist, you can bring your own backend like S3, FTP, Backblaze, SFTP, ...

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    I use docker-compose to setup different services I need to run my app (Nginx, MongoDB, Redis, backend, frontend):

    Docker compose helps me to quickly start everything in a single server (for local development and staging environments), and to divide every service in its own servers for on-demand scalability.

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    I create a small Docker based Tailwind CSS playground (

    I use Docker for everything on my local machine, so I don't have to worry about asset version conflicts. This little projects allows you to play around with Tailwind CSS, but no need to install NPM or PostCSS on your local machine. 👍

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    wouldn't that be used just to deploy your OS projects?

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      It can also be used for local development.

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        true. I use it to create templates to host websites (CakePHP, NodeJS...) and can be found on docker hub.

        Also created a few containers to host BTC/LTC/ETH full nodes ...