Share your product and I'll reply with a video on how to acquire new users! [Day 1 of 25]

[Update] 👋 Day 2 thread is here!

Hey Indie Hackers!

Let's finish off the year strong with some growth ideas.

Everyday for the next 25 days, I'll be video replying to as many posts as I can on how to acquire new users for your product.

After a full working day of PRs, standups, and maybe a "why isn't my dev environment working?!", I'll start replying.

See you on the flip side!

[Day 1 update]

Just a thank you video!


Here's an Airtable for all the ones I did today:


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    @tomzaragoza truly appreciate the efforts you are taking to help out the community! I am eager to hear your ideas on my product as well!

    To use my product, visit: https://app.ruttl.com/signup
    Landing page: http://ruttl.com/

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        @tomzaragoza Thank you so much for the ideas! They were indeed very insightful!

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    The replies will be public, right? I want to see everyone else's too!

    Here's mine: https://pluckd.co
    It's a way to upskill your workforce... with your workforce!

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        Reaching HR Managers left me a bad taste in my mouth once (the ones I reached directly were usually either operational or lacked the authority to make decisions), that's why we were focusing on team managers now.


        But I haven't tried LinkedIn InMail. I know that, even if they lack the authority to decide on a tool, HR still can have a very important influencer role. Do you see a way to leverage that somehow?

        The case study is an apt recommendation!

    1. 1

      Popping in on my lunch break to say: Yup!

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    Love this idea! We’re a platform for software inventory management. https://www.stackshine.io

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    I built an app called Keenforms - its a form builder with a no code rules engine. It does conditional calculations and validations.

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        thanks so much for the time you put into the content of the video. In all honesty its a challenging sell, and I did not know that jotforms added conditional calculations, they added than in April of this year. That is the first time I've heard of a form builder adding that feature, that was going to be a differentiator.

        I really appreciate your patience and effort in the video too. Thanks Tom!

        1. 2

          My pleasure! Apologies it took a bit of mental gymnastics to get what was happening! Hit me up anytime if you want to chat further!

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    Hi Tom, this is awesome! My product is ecardwidget.com, it's a way for businesses to create and embed branded ecards

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        Awesome! Love the integrations idea - looking into Shopify next

        1. 1

          🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hit me up if you have any questions. I've built a handful of Shopify apps before

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            That would be amazing!

            1. 1

              Would love that! sorry im just getting to this, ill reach back out via email to you :)

              1. 1

                @tomzaragoza Just wanted to let you know that after 22 days of back and forths with Shopify my app was approved! 😅


                Thanks for the encouragement! 👊

                1. 2

                  @timsayshey NICE! This is probably the best possible outcome of doing these videos - getting someone to take action on growing!! My absolute pleasure!

                  Need to apologize for not reaching out again, it got a bit hectic on my end.

                  The best part now is you can leverage this even further by treating the shopify app as another asset. I made a tweetstorm on how you can grow even past the app store: https://twitter.com/tomzaragoza/status/1298338040469954560

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                    Awesome! Adding Google Analytics to my listing so I can try this out. Thanks again :)

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    Hey @tomzaragoza - Wondering if you use the same kind of screen & webcam recording via Loom for video DMs? If so I'd be interested in any tips or tricks you've picked up from your experience.

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    Hi Tom,

    Here's our website. https://artivphototiles.com
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hey Tom,
    less is a tool to rapidly build databases and data-driven APIs in the cloud -> https://less-dev.com

    Feedback appreciated, thanks!

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    @tomzaragoza wow, thanks for the effort. Would like to hear your thoughts on my product dugadu.com as well.

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    @tomzaragoza what an amazing idea, I'll take a look to the other video replies so I can also learn from the others!

    I've built a Startup toolkit to help founders validate their Startup idea.
    This is the product landing page: https://www.buildupcamp.com/startup-toolkit-bup
    This is my website: buildupcamp.com

    Thanks for this initiative!

      1. 1

        Thanks Tom, will take a look!

        1. 1

          👊👊👊You got it

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    Dude you are amazing!
    This is the service I would like to acquire customers for.

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    Awesome! Here is my project: https://www.roombuddy.co/en, a roommate finder using an ice-cream configurator. Thank you!

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          My pleasure! hit me up anytime if you want to chat growth further!

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    Wow, this is amazing! Here's mine: https://apps.apple.com/app/brown-noise/id1519712394. A macOS menu bar app to play ambient noise and block out distractions.

    Thank you!

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    That was so so so much fun - thank you all for posting!

    For the people I missed, I'm so sorry, I wish I could get to it today, but tomorrow is another day! I'll be posting day 2 and we can keep going from there.

    See you tomorrow!

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    I have a product that I have been designing for a couple month now and just launched on Indiegogo, specifically around stock trading.
    Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Specifically around the PRODUCT as the video is not perfect =D

    1. 1

      Thank you by the way!

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    We just launched our online mentorship platform for Professionals and Students in Canada to help anyone looking for advise regarding a particular field of work or study in Canada by connecting them with people related to those fields. Check it out:

  17. 1

    Thanks, this is awesome! My product is at https://chapter24.app. It's a super-simple blogging platform :)

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    Hey Tom, this would be very helpful. Thanks for offering your time!

    At Safe, we build privacy tools. We have an iPhone app that encrypts confidential text and would love some ideas on how to grow.


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    Thanks @tomzaragoza. We are in the early stages of building Vive (www.gotvive.com). It is a productivity and collaboration tool for realtors to improve client experience and handle business across multiple clients. Getting ready to GTM beyond our MVP beta users, so definitely would appreciate any suggestions.

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    A CRM for startups and small business that helps them find lead, engage prospect, run marketing, and close sales.


      1. 1

        Thanks @tomzaragoza for the feedback. We started creating blogs but it's located under Tapdesk.io/resources . We have seen some good traction from it. I really really like your idea of a chrome extension. We are definitely gonna run with one. Thanks again!

        1. 1

          My pleasure!! To your growth 🌱

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    Hi @tomzaragoza really appreciate your efforts, great idea! I'm just launching this product, love to ear your insigths: https://www.narrativetext.co/

      1. 1

        Hi @tomzaragoza just checking the video, seems like you have amazing insigths, thanks a lot!

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    The product is a goal tracking tools to break down long-term goals into an actionable plan.


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    We are really struggling getting some traction and it would be great to get some Tips from you: https://habyte.app
    The app is about automating habit tracking 🤖

    Thank you ✨

    1. 1

      @Dajo Hey Damien, I 1000% feel you on that. Growth is definitely tough, so I hope this can spark some new ideas and help you all grow further: https://www.loom.com/share/f8339905ad294afb99ca45bf8ed47f0a

      1. 1

        Thank you for your Ideas. I will try some of them :)

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

    1. 1

      @rainbowdash My pleasure! Here are my thoughts on this, hope you find it helpful: https://www.loom.com/share/33f5dce197364b53a2693884c47110cd

      1. 1

        Very helpful feedback. Thanks!

        1. 1

          Glad it was helpful!! 🌱

      1. 1

        Hey Tom, this is great input!

        a chrome extension is definitely in my roadmap, but I didn't think about integrating with ghost and WP.
        I'm looking for way to integrate with ghost as they don't have an open marketplace similar to WP plugins, but WP integration is a great distribution channel.

        really helpful. thanks buddy!

        1. 1

          My pleasure! super glad you got something out of the video! 🌱

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    Sweet! always keen for something like this


    Live website & product feedback from customers or QA staff

  25. 1

    Thanks for this work, it is very important for the early stages.

    LP: https://www.userforever.com/

  26. 1

    Hahaha this is great!
    My product is https://scrumsheet.app -- a desktop scrum app that syncs to google sheets

  27. 1

    @tomzaragoza thank you in advance for your contribution! My product is here: https://schedulerwidget.com

  28. 1

    Looks like you have your hands full today! But would love your thoughts on this https://howtoproduct.co

    1. 1

      Started to get a bit wavey but here's my response!


      Thanks so much for posting!

      1. 1

        Hey Tom, Thanks a lot for your review!
        Yes!, a chrome extension is first on my list of next version features, as that would be very helpful while curating the content.

        The idea about having /list with a directory, I hadn't pictured and it's a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion :)

        1. 1

          no problem!! Glad the video was helpful to you!! 🌱🌱🌱

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    find & close your next 100 customers


    thank you!

  30. 1

    Hey Tom, this sounds great!
    Here's mine: https://curatorlist.com/

    I really appreciate your help :)

  31. 1

    Wow Tom!

    What a cool project, here is my project;

    Design Once, Deploy Anywhere.
    Professionally designed and 100% responsive templates for startups and personal use.

    Thank you Tom!

      1. 1

        Hey Tom!

        I got you, I actually have Free ones right now on the free page. They are doing great, in fact after posting on dev.to it got publish to google discover, so it went bit viral and getting some backlinks.

        By the way, the product page you were looking at is the past version of the actually version. Difference concept.

        Thanks for the video mate.

        1. 1

          My pleasure! Sorry it wasnt anything new, but hit me up anytime if you wanna chat further 🌱

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    Here is mine https://devtools360.com

    a one source for most used tools and data conversions

  33. 1

    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the help!

    Here is mine: https://cadcheck.xyz

    I appreciate your help :)

    (I had a long discussion last week on reddit with it, this subreddit is a great target audience: https://www.reddit.com/r/engineering/comments/k1fud2/im_building_a_quick_revision_tool_for_engineering/)

    1. 1

      @serey Thanks for posting! Cool product, I hope you find this helpful : https://www.loom.com/share/9e9c93f12ff64a02b4cafe43a55b9321

  34. 1

    A newsletter focusing on turing failure in business into success.

  35. 1

    Can we post if we're still working on our beta? Going to post our website just in case! Thanks so much, even if you don't get to us. Just joined the site and dang! This community is blowing me away!! Happy to be here!

    Website: https://stardust.finance/
    What: Social Investing Marketplace where you can follow and mirror your friends and others investors portfolios.

  36. 1

    Interested to see what you come up with for my technical courses: www.learnistio.com and www.startkubernetes.com

  37. 1

    💥 sendcarry.com

    I won’t bias you by explaining it here.

    1. 1

      @c0 thanks a million for posting! I hope you find this helpful: https://www.loom.com/share/077e0309d3534e48ac597d615950cea0

      1. 1

        Thanks Tom! You were spot on that the app isn’t ready yet. Fingers crossed that we can launch in March.

        qq-you recommended Facebook ads, is there a particular reason why you recommend FB over Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for this?

        1. 1

          Definitely keeping an eye on this - big space for sure

          RE: FB ads - you can run the ads on both instagram and FB, i just default to saying fb ads haha. Definitely can test both channels within different ad groups. I mostly recommend FB ads over those because I've yet to try those channels (will be in the near future!) and know that the FB conversion pixel is super powerful.

          For Twitter and LI you can probably get away with growing with organic reach

  38. 1

    I've built https://GetStanza.com which is like "Mad Libs on steroids for marketing copy." It takes the guesswork out of copy writing and utilizes a unique keyword structure to save time on ads, email headlines, blog post titles and so much more. I also have several other products at https://imcraig.com/products if you'd like to take a look.

  39. 1

    Hi @tomzaragoza great thread! Here is mine:
    Create endless 3D works with your voice!

  40. 1

    Kbee: Build a professional Knowledge Base on Google Docs


  41. 1

    Uptime & performance monitoring for websites and web apps


      1. 2

        Thank you for the video. I'm so glad you liked the superheroes. :)

        We have a group of characters created and we use them through the website, on social media, banners, etc.

        And yes - we have some comic story - in fact it all started with this: https://www.supermonitoring.com/images/website-monitoring-superheroes.pdf (it was before we rebranded to Super Monitoring).

        We also had a comic-book-style leaflet for some events.

        I will think about your suggestion about more comic-based story-telling.

        Thanks once more!

        1. 1

          My pleasure! I honestly need to thank you for bringing your product + branding to my attention - ireally had fun with this one :)

  42. 1

    Investment system that beats the stock market.

  43. 1

    Write better marketing content, faster.

  44. 1

    Great idea Tom.

    https://streambee.io - Actionable analytics for Twitch Streamers

  45. 1

    One API for all your SAAS tools - http://www.queryboost.com

  46. 1

    Use VideoTouch to build better customer relationships through personalised, video-based conversations across your website!


  47. 1

    Instagram hashtag marketing tool: https://HashtagSlayer.com

    This would be super helpful, as we just launched and are on the hunt for customer #1! Thank you!!

  48. 1

    Hi Tom, I think you have a lot of work already :) but here it is:
    https://heyzine.com is a service to create online catalogs, magazines, brochures and any other type of "page flip" publication.

  49. 1


    It's a SAAS that automates unlimited virtual hosts for you. That is, if you point your domain at it, you could for instance tell it to create a subdomain for every user who signs up. Or for every project they create.

    I'm currently using it to give users on codebase.app a subdomain for each workspace they spin up, since each workspace is a docker container with an exposed port.

  50. 1

    Hey Tom, thanks for doing this!
    Howitzer - a marketing tool for Reddit, made for Entrepreneurs, Founders and Indie Hackers !

        1. 1

          Sorry for the slow talking in the video! I was getting a bit tired at that point from all the videos haha

        2. 1

          my pleasure! hit me up if you want to talk about more ideas

  51. 1

    Hi, here is my product at

    CI/CD analytics with inconsistent build detection

  52. 1

    No bloat static site generator: https://mkws.sh/

  53. 1

    Hey Tom - interesting proposition, thank you. I only have the landing page to show at this moment: www.sendqu.com

  54. 1

    A platform to learn UI/UX through interactive quizzes - https://uxcademy.com/

    Thanks a lot,

  55. 1

    A widget to collect feedback from your users https://helppie.me

  56. 1

    Supercharge your indie business with Wee - http://wee.bio/
    Wee is a widget for makers to promote themselves and get feedback on their different websites/ products all at the same place.

    Planning to launch this product later this week :)

  57. 1

    MarketPain.co (soon to be customer discovery.co) is a two sided customer discovery platform that connects tech driven founders to early adopters who help them validate and improve their ideas and early stage products. In short, we help founders build products that people love and we connect them to people that want them!

    1. 1

      Does it work already?

      1. 1

        No, we are in the design and build phase. We have a team of 3 UI/UX designers creating clickable prototypes and developers who will be creating it. Right now we deliver our value proposition via a concierge MVP and we are building a. slack community and FB Group so we can build in public

  58. 1

    Hello, today I release a new version of NetcoreSaas

      1. 1

        Thank you Tom, I’ll write a post on dev.to next week 😁

        1. 2

          bam! sorry for the late reply - glad you got something out of this! 🌱

  59. 1

    Lipy.cc is my beta product it will teach english speakers - spanish german and french

  60. 1

    Hey Tom, at Grüv, we allow anyone to recommend music from every corner of the internet & earn money on your reputation. Check us out when you can :) https://www.gruv.me/

  61. 1

    Hey, here’s my project https://www.thisismylaunch.com/ It’s a platform for launching new products and services. And here is a campaign from my first user https://www.thisismylaunch.com/campaigns/hours.zone/

      1. 1

        Thanks for taking the time to check out my project and create a video, love some of your ideas.

        1. 1

          my pleasure! keep going! 🌱🌱🌱

    1. 1

      Hey - this is cool. How big is your community now and how do you plan to make money?

      1. 1

        Thanks, glad you like it.
        The community is not big yet as I've launched MVP just a couple of days ago, but new people are signing up for early access every day and some of them are already preparing their Launch Campaigns.

        At the moment, everyone can use thisismylaunch for free. There might be some paid plans with more features in the future but at this point, I just want to focus on building a useful service that solves a real problem.

  62. 1

    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

  63. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

      1. 1

        Cheers Mate - appreciate it! Will give it a shot

        1. 1

          my pleasure! Good luck 🌱🌱🌱

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