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    Nice idea, I like that :)

    I'd like to share Raport. It lets you connect your analytics apps and automate reporting.

    The idea was born when me and @jkbl realized how much time and effort it takes to stay up to date with all data for our online projects. We manage several projects and found ourselves jumping between multiple analytics dashboards like: Google Ads, Google AdSense, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Stripe, MongoDB, Mixpanel etc.

    We thought it would be cool to have data from all these sources in one place. That's how it started.

    And right now we're in open beta testing phase. We have 60 signups and our goal is to start making some revenue soon.

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      This is a really cool project, I used to mess around with data apps a few years ago, used Python Dash.

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        Thank you. What exactly did you do with these apps?

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          Well nothing, I never launched any of them as a product. But the idea was the same, I kept going back and forth between Stripe, GA, postgresql DB, figma (i build figma plugins), twitter, reddit, etc... and looked for a dashboard tool. But decided to build something simple of my own. It worked, and was interesting, but then it got boring and I went back to using 10 extra tabs again hehe.

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            Haha okay. So this is basically how we started but our thought from the beginning was to launch it as a product. And it seems we have similar integrations to the ones you made.
            Anyway, congrats on making it on your own, we know it's not that easy and takes some time.

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      It's a unique idea to transform multiple dashboards into a single experience.
      Providing complete analytics in the platform.
      Good luck!

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        Thank you Olivia. Appreciate your kind word :)

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      Hey @Krzciński_Wojtek,

      Here is my sentence by sentence analysis of the Hero:

      Spend less time analyzing data

      So how much less, like half the time or no time at all?
      How about "Spend no time gathering analytics data"

      Connect your analytics apps and automate reporting.

      What does this mean? Connect them together, or connect them in my web app?
      It doesn't provide an unambiguous selling point for your service.
      My take: Gather all your analytics apps on one dashboard and automate reporting.

      Raport transforms multiple dashboards into a single experience and delivers email reports with your most important metrics.

      So it could still be multiple dashboards?

      It could be; Raport creates a single dashboard for all your analytics combined. Giving you the confidence, you have every important metric in one place.

      Create a FREE beta account

      How beta is it?

      The Google Ads logo is missing, because uBlock Origin doesn't like to url. I recommend changing the names of the logo's

      Raport works with data from:
      Sound technical. Could be: Raport works with:

      Complete analytics dashboard designed to make your work easier

      This is something I understand, and a better pitch.

      Analyze all your data in one, clear dashboard.

      Raport also combines equivalent metrics. e.g. revenue from different sources is summed up.

      Very nice killer feature, very powerful, do you have more examples like these.

      Dashboard screenshot

      Looks very clean. I'd add a tiny logo of the source service at the top right of each tile. This visually reinforces your proposition.

      Stop switching between dashboards:

      • Because you change the background color, it removes the focus from the changing tab bar.
      • The contrast of the background and the tab bar is high for the non-raport version, it should be the other way around.
      • Your logo and the other tabs' logo are too similar, you should change that logo to something else.
      • There might be a mismatch between these tabs and the services you actually support.
      • The switch above the background feels disconnected
      • It is also the only headline centered on the screen

      Other stuff:

      • Give metrics examples of each data source you support
      • Give compelling examples of insights you can create when you combine these metrics on a single dashboard.
      • iPad portrait layout is broken pretty bad
      • I'm missing some social proof. (other users their reviews, metrics like 13633 reports sent this month, etc.)

      ### Onboarding

      Looks very straight forward, great work!
      There is something weird with the color of the metric select box ( and other select boxes) in Firefox. (//app/cliperado/metrics/create) It has a gray background and red text.

      Console Errors:

      • GET https://raport.pro/api/projects/cliperado/reports [HTTP/2 504 Gateway Timeout 60133ms]
      • Uncaught (in promise) Error: Request failed with status code 504 NextJS: 33
      • These errors might show up, because I refused to actually connect a data source.

      App interface:

      • on the team page, I can't click on my own profile.
      • Why do you have project setting in the top right menu and in the sidebar?
      • On the team page, I'm a Project Manager, but in the top right menu I'm an Organization owner

      Invitation handling

      On the landing page of the invitation, there is no email address field. This block the integrated password management of the browser to work properly.

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        Hey. First things first, thank you so much for taking time to provide such a detailed feedback. I appreciate it a lot!

        To answer some of your comments.

        Spend less time analyzing data
        So how much less, like half the time or no time at all?
        How about "Spend no time gathering analytics data"

        It is relative. Before that we had something like "spend 4x less time analyzing data" and we got a comment saying: how did you measure that?

        My take: Gather all your analytics apps on one dashboard and automate reporting.

        This one is definitely worth considering and we will. Thank you!

        Raport transforms multiple dashboards into a single experience and delivers email reports with your most important metrics.
        So it could still be multiple dashboards?

        The current state is that you have multiple analytics dashboards. If you start using Raport, you will have one dashboard instead.

        How beta is it?

        What do you mean?

        Other comments are straight to the point! We will probably make most or all of these changes. Thank you once again!

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          It is relative. Before that we had something like "spend 4x less time analyzing data" and we got a comment saying: how did you measure that?

          It is relative, so what kind of bold claim can you make?

          The current state is that you have multiple analytics dashboards. If you start using Raport, you will have one dashboard instead.

          Understood. What I meant is "into a single experience", what does this mean? Clicking from one tab to another is also a single experience, a crappy one, but still.

          How beta is it?

          Having a service in beta, can I expect outages, loosing my dashboard, etc. etc. Or does it just mean, you don't have all the features yet?

          Other comments are straight to the point! We will probably make most or all of these changes. Thank you once again!

          Cool, happy to help. Let me know when you have a significant update, we can go for another round.

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            Understood. What I meant is "into a single experience", what does this mean? Clicking from one tab to another is also a single experience, a crappy one, but still.

            Ok, I get what you mean. Will work on that.

            Having a service in beta, can I expect outages, loosing my dashboard, etc. etc. Or does it just mean, you don't have all the features yet?

            It means we don't have all the features and payments yet. And there may be some bugs etc. I'll think how to communicate it.

            Cool, happy to help. Let me know when you have a significant update, we can go for another round.

            Nice! Looking forward to it ;)

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        Hello, I need some feedback on this :-

        Digital marketing is preferred over traditional marketing because they can target your ideal customer. While this might not happen overnight, with A/B testing, finetuning and analysis – your products could be showing up to potential customers on different social media platforms.

        By gathering qualitative and quantitative user insights for a merchant online store. You can further use this collected data to understand user behavior, engagement rate, pain points, and even satisfaction with website features, including new features, revamped page sections, etc.

        Please share your opinion on this idea

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      Looks cool!What's the business model you picked? Your interface is appealing, but from your landing page I thought it's not ready yet and was hesitant to sign up!)

      I'm sure you'll have more people singing up if you put more screenshots or a loom video proving that your product works.

      Consider changing your call to actions. Nobody wants to make a new account in an unknown platform, but everyone wants to save time. Create free account -> Save time / automate my reporting / simplify data for free.

      1. 2

        Thank you! :)

        We chose a SaaS model so subscription based.

        What made you think it's not ready yet? I'd love to understand your point of view. We are constantly iterating the landing page so we may change the CTAs again 😅 Thank you for all your feedback!

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          DM'd you a picture on Twitter :)

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      how is this different from funnel.io?

      1. 1

        I didn't know about funnel up until now. It looks very similar to what we have but I am not sure if I understand what it does.

        What I can say is that they definitely target huge companies and our target are mostly SMEs. And I don't think that they have the same functionalities as we do. But I can't verify as they don't allow me to set up an account without booking a demo.

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      This is an interesting project, have you tried using Zapier?

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        Hey, I have not used it but I know what it is and what it does. I think Zapier is a great tool, the amount of clients they have proves their value.

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      Nice project, I was looking for this kind of tool a few days ago... I'll give it a try ;)

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        I like coincidences like this :) Any feedback is much appreciated after you get a chance to test it.

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    👋 Denis! We launched v1 of ExportSDK just under two months ago. Export SDK helps you easily design dynamic PDF templates (without hand-coding HTML) and integrate PDF generation into apps and no-code projects quickly and with minimal overhead.

    The app just crossed 60 freemium users but we don't have any paid accounts just yet. There were a few pieces of feedback users had that we're addressing in our v1.1 update tomorrow. Hopefully, that will push some over the finish line. 😎

    We built Export SDK because nearly every company my team and I have worked for has needed a way to generate PDFs.

    What we came up with eliminates things that kept bogging us down, including:

    1. The need to code templates; business users can do this with our visual designer
    2. The need for developers to host and maintain a solution
    3. Having to redeploy code if a design change needs to be made

    Once a template is built, you can start generating PDFs with the API, SDK, or our no-code integrations.

    1. 4

      The business model is spot on. In a few of our SaaS we generated PDF the hard way. If you ever want to sell the business contact me.

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      Well done! Like your loom video.
      Please, be very careful when building on feedback from non-paying users. I sank 2 projects trying to deliver everything for everyone.

      I watched your video twice and read the page a few times, but I was confused about the main value. Is it generating PDFs or making SDKs?) From one side I think you're making a convenient PDF builder, on the other it's some product for engineers.

      My biggest turn off was the tech part with JSON and code. Every non-tech guy will be afraid to sign up, including me!) Maybe you want to target tech-savvy buyers, but if not, remove all the scary code until I need it and just tell me I can connect with Zapier in 3 minutes! :)

      If you don't charge anything the first 250 pages, do new users even need to hear about it? You can keep it "try for free" everywhere and when somebody's getting close to the limit - you send the notification. Just checked Notion's landing, they don't speak about money at all.

      1. 1

        Hey Denis, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback! Our target audiences are technical (internal dev teams and dev shops) and semi-technical (no-coders).

        Since you're a non-tech guy, the JSON and code turning you off is a very good sign. It means we're helping visitors self-select whether or not Export SDK is what they're looking for.

        Export SDK is a just-in-time solution. Meaning, you don't know you need it until you have the specific use case—needing to automatically generate PDFs. Fortunately, it's a very common need, and once integrated this type of thing is pretty sticky.

        We've had to do this for 5-6 clients now and Export SDK is a far faster and easier way to get things up and running. 😀

        1. 1

          Good news that you're tackling a specific problem for specific market! :)

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    I pushed a release a few hours ago, then saw this post.

    My project https://fragmentsup.io/ helps devs and coders deploy cloud functions really fast, all through the browser, or a GitHub integration (coming soon). For now it supports only ES6/JavaScript, but I am planning on adding support for Python/PHP/Go. The app provides a url that can be used to interact with the function via HTTP (GET/POST/DELETE). It comes with a debugger, and every environment is preloaded with popular node packages such as axios/lodash/etc..

    Custom environments, using custom package.json files, and increased memory/cpu is possible through paid accounts (also coming soon). This is how I am planning to monetize it.

    Originally, I built this for myself to spin up quick mock servers while working on react apps. Glitch is great, but geared more towards sites and apps. Lambdas, Google Cloud Code is great too and I use it everyday, but overkill for something quick and small.

    I am in the process of exploring more use cases for this project, as I dont want it to be only about rest apis, and then need to think about marketing.

    1. 3

      This is the best thing I've seen recently, will blow up if you post on HN! Congrats! Would love to connect!

      1. 1

        Thanks @debdut, I am thinking about posting on HN but its not ready yet for that. I am still trying to figure out how to give it a more focused identity as a product, and what problems it solves and for whom.

    2. 2

      Hopefully this is helpful, but when you're thinking about marketing, I think people will compare you to Autocode, Replit, Cloudflare Workers, so imo you'll have to show enough reason for someone to pick you over those solutions. Best of luck!

      1. 1

        Oh yea for sure. Plus vercel, glitch and netlify, glitch is kind of different from all these but you can still do it all there too. All of these products seem to do the same thing at the core, but have differentiating product "wrap" and market focus.

        Why would vercel, netlify, and cloudflare branch into cloud code when these companies are know for something else? Replit seems like a learning/collaboration platform. Autocode is very similar to what I think I am building. But they are more of a "walled open sourced garden" with functionscript/keyql/connectors etc... And I dont want to introduce anything new like that. I want to take a user's existing code that is running in a docker container, in an AWS lambda, or locally, and have it just run in my tool. I dont want my users learning a new product, or framework, or an API. <-- everything I say here is based on 30min of research, so I can be completely off...

    3. 2

      This is really interesting man, no joke.

      1. 1

        Thanks. Im working on better explanation and identity for the product. A lot of people are confused.

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      It sounds very cool, but I don't get it. How I should use it? Where does my own database live, for instance?

      The terrier example response time is 3300ms. What can I expect for regular performance?

      1. 1

        The 3300ms response is only for the first call after each time you save your code, subsequent calls to your url are instant. I will improve this on the backend so you dont experience this.

        As far as "how do I use it" question, well this is something I am trying to solve right now. The product description and focus. There is no database. The project is only for running JavaScript code, other languages Ill add later. Think of this as a mini server with an endpoint url that runs your code.

        I am releasing updates regularly, so if you have questions or want to discuss stuff, hit me up on twitter https://twitter.com/outermeasure

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      Good job! I wish I had better coding skills to give profound feedback :D Consider making this templates open without leaving the landing page (as often done with FAQ sections). You'll boost your time to value even more :)

      1. 1

        Thanks @Denis_Shatalin, what do you mean by "making templates open without leaving the landing page"? You mean to show the code of the templates on the landing page optionally?

        1. 2

          Look, now I need to click on "open template" to get the code. What if the window opens on the same page, so I don't even have to leave?

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    I just launched Newsletter to Socials a few weeks ago! Newsletter to Socials is a tool for newsletter creators to automatically create social media content directly from their publications. It pulls content from a newsletter to create posts and stories for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

    Looking to connect with any writers and continue building for them. I love the independence movement within Substack and want to support and build for it however I can!

    1. 3

      Huge potential time saver, @kragerDev. Would also be incredibly valuable for blogs. You could easily expand your market by also pitching this for WordPress site owners since RSS is built in.

      1. 2

        Ooo that's a good point! I should think about more ways RSS Feeds can be used with this

    2. 1

      Wanted to update that I actually just got my first customer! It took weeks of marketing, but happy to finally get there :)

    3. 1

      Hi Matthew! I really like your idea.
      As much as you want to convert people into enterprise plan, I doubt that any indie hacker who runs a newsletter can call himself an enterprise :) Enterprises have got their SMM departments, don't they?)
      Are you sure you want to highlight the $59 plan? Majority of time, startups highlight the middle option to drive more attention to it. People tend to think "middle = safest", you can highlight it to convince them they think right.

      You didn't mention if it's monthly or one-time fee.

      To make first money with your product make best friends with all the guys running newsletters on Twitter without being pushy. Engage with their content, ask them to have a friendly zoom chat, then mention how much you save time with your product.

      Just checked the demo and sadly it's broken. Put a sample newsletter so anyone can play with it and see how it works. As your product is a time saver - make sure you don't overcomplicate it. I think the fewer functions you have, the better success you'll get :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for your advice! Your suggestions are very useful and make sense too. I think I need to get better at making friends on Twitter. I hesitate to cold DM because I do not want to sound spammy. But maybe more organic engagement is a better strategy.

        I am curious, which newsletter did you try the demo with? Or can you provide more details on how the demo broke?

        I don't see anything in my logs and am curious!

        1. 1

          I wasn't logged in and was using the demo. I remember something went wrong when I clicked on another page. DM`d you.

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    Wow, this must be divine intervention. I just released the first version of my product and was about to add it as a milestone on my profile when I saw this.

    I'm building a Chrome extension called Fontsnatcher: https://www.fontsnatcher.co/

    Fontsnatcher allows you to identify and discover the fonts that are used on different websites. I got the idea as a curious designer/developer myself, who always wondered what font that is.
    I know there are other extensions and alternatives that do the same thing but I believe Fontsnatcher is different enough and can also provide features the others can't.

    I've been working on Fontsnatcher for about a month now and I'm finally releasing version 1!!

    Some things are kinda janky for now, but it's a work in progress and I plan on working on it more throughout the next couple of months.

    1. 2

      Good job with your launch! I know the current font-tellers aren't ideal, but who do you think needs to pay $30 instead of searching for the font for 5 - 15 min? It doesn't take more than an hour, right?

      1. 1

        This is completely true.

        The thing is, searching and trying to find the exact font is nothing but a tedious task and would take a lot of scavenging around the web just to know what font it is, it could take way more than an hour.

        Now if it's using the inspect tool you're talking about then a lot of times you'll have to search through the CSS or network code to find the font and might not even get what you're looking for if the name of the font is obfuscated in an SCSS variable or something like that.

        My extension reduces the time and stress of doing all of this, all you have to do is point and click :)

        Plus, my $30 deal is a one-time deal, buy it once and have it forever where as alternatives ask you to pay the same amount in a monthly or yearly subscription, mine doesn't...

        1. 1

          Got you! When I wanted to find a specific font I got away picking the one which is 90% similar. Make sure to find those people who need 100% same one (are there any?).

          1. 1

            There are actually, I went on Reddit and Twitter and got up to 20 people on my waitlist... To which I've sent all of them an email that I'm launching and so far have gotten just a single reply😢

            So I'm still going at it trying to get a sale

            1. 2

              I've been there. Now it's funny it see how people think they validated their idea if they collected 150 emails, because no one ever cares if they haven't paid money.
              I figured out the way around it and made 20 pre-sales. Just dm me on Twitter.

    2. 2

      Looks cool. I like the feature that allows you to put your own text.
      You can have it run on your site not as an extension, so I can try it there without installing anything.

      1. 1

        Hey thanks for the feedback!

        That was my initial idea of demoing the extension but I ran into some complications making it work on the site(since the site is React and the extension is vanilla Javascript) so I decided to use a video demo instead.

        If more users wanna test it out on the site before buying anything then I'll have to work on that then. Thanks so much for the input man!

        1. 2

          Just add a script tag and wrap it in onLoad event. After all, that is how your extension probably works, and it doesn't care of the site that it runs on is react or vue or simple html.

          But anyway, the video is also great way to see this

          1. 1

            Hmm, I guess I can try this out

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    I am building https://www.cadric.com
    It helps people send letters to debt collectors and detect harassment by debt collectors .

    1. 1

      That's an interesting product! Are you a lawyer yourself? How did you come to be involved in this particular market?

      1. 1

        Basically, I went to different collector agencies, showed my badge, listened to collection calls, and issued speeding tickets. It's not enough.

        1. 1

          Showed your badge? Issued speeding tickets?


          1. 1

            In the US we have government regulators that visit some of these debt collectors and listen to dozens of calls. Against a backdrop of millions of calls, violations typically amount to a slap on the wrist, i.e., speeding ticket. A few individuals are made whole and collectors pay the ticket and carry on.

        2. 1

          I can only imagine how nefarious the collector agencies can be. 😨

          I applaud your efforts, sir! Good luck!

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    I’d like to share Bannerly it’s a fully working product for images generation with pretty cool canvas editor but I’m still adding must have features (in my opinion)
    You can use it to generate charts, blog post covers, personalized post cards etc.

    1. 1

      Dude, just checked you site, this is absolutely crazy. something I wanted to build myself. I love it man, if you think you need someone in the team hit me up. I'll play around a bit now.

    2. 1

      Hi Jacob! I like the idea, but how tech-savvy should your user be?
      I think that you want to sell it to marketers, but your landing is the sea of programming jargon!)
      I'm sure you can scale it if you keep the magic behind the curtains :D

      1. 1

        Thanks! I need to polish the landing page and adjust the content to potential non-tech users. The idea is still evolving, and at some point I realised how many things I can do with working design editor in canvas. I'm aiming into non-tech users but there will be also an option to do something more advanced with custom HTML and CSS.

  8. 3

    This idea is awesome! Some of our side projects are still awaiting their first sale:

    For indie developers — you might benefit from this simple click-to-call recipe powered by Twilio or this robust Google Sheets CRM

    For Gumroad creators — boost your sales with GumProof (automates proof-of-purchase) and GumSheet (Google Sheet-based landing page builder)

    For anyone else — follow @_stratagems for timeless wisdom, or pre-order the book at stratagems.us

    1. 4

      Gumproof looks super cool!

    2. 2

      Out of the stuff you shared GumProof has the clearest messaging and I bet on it to make you your first buck. Consider writing dozens of articles about GumRoad from your website. Also hang out in their Twitter non-stop. You want every person who signs up for GumRoad get your thing.

      Think about adding "before + after". I have Gumroad, but have little sales through it. If you tell me "add it to your gumroad in 2 minutes and boost conversions by 5%", that's a deal.

      Gumsheet can be a multimillion dollar thing if you make the landing 10x more neat.

      1. 1

        Wow this is really encouraging and helpful feedback!!

        Will definitely be making updates based on this — thank you so much for sharing :)

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    Hey I'm building https://crewcharge.com and https://nats.super.site. It lets you hire, and engage your employees using slackbots and notion.

    The idea was born when my HR used to manually create "Happy birthday" posts and create surveys from scratch. I thought HR is a space where AI can really help with team building and engagement so I quit my job to pursue this full time!

    Let me know your thoughts.

  10. 2

    Great initiative.

    I made first digital product recently. Here https://atulghorpade.gumroad.com/l/useful-websites is the product.

    Please check it and share your feedback.

  11. 2

    Great post, Denis! And I applaud you for taking so much time to investigate and respond to the many hackers showing off their projects! You da man! 👏

    1. 1

      Thank you Brandon! What project are you working on?

      1. 1

        I'm a very early stage indie hacker so my current project is learning the basics and getting a better understanding of the opportunities available in the space. Eventually, I'd like to start a community for people dealing with recurrent suicidality... Maybe a blog, too? But I'm not sure if I would even want to monetize that... In which case I'd have to monetize something else... 🤔

        Needless to say, I've got more questions than answers at this point! :)'

        1. 2

          It is great that you want to help this audience, though I think people who are close to committing suicide should seek professional help from doctors. Imagine how you would feel if someone in community shares the post "sry guys you tried but im off" and kills himself. Of course, there will be many people who will thank you for saving their lives, but you should get ready for negative scenarios too.

          I don't know about your background, but this sounds like starting the first hustle on the hardcore level.

          1. 1

            Yes, people who are suicidal should absolutely seek the help of professional medical personnel.


            I've imagined your idea of a suicide note post before. Of course, it would be devastating, and in a community of this nature, it would also be incredibly likely to happen. And further, in such a community if a person committed suicide and made that fact public, it could encourage others to do the same. It's a very serious problem. I don't today know the answer.

            That is not, of course, the only difficulty in reaching this audience. There are many. But I have also met many people from this community before, and almost universally, they have been genuinely good people tortured by a madness they didn't deserve. I want to help those people. Hopefully, I can find a way to do it!


            I have many, many years of experience dealing with this and other forms of insanity. 😂 And you're absolutely right, it is a very hardcore hustle. But I also know that this particular community is especially underserved... in addition to being highly stigmatized. My heart tells me that I want to be a force for good for these people... My brain tells me that this is an area in which I have many years of experience, and so my ability to do good may be relatively high...

            But, to your point, a community serving these individuals may not be the best first hustle. And that would be fine! Contributing to that community is a long-term goal, and I'm still figuring out how I want to do it, so perhaps in the near-term I will explore other ideas.

            I appreciate your thoughtful response. 🙏🏻

            1. 2

              I remember one service that aimed at helping people who experienced burnout at work. You could open the Telegram chat and text your worries to this contact.
              I think you can scale it the same way. Make a website on Carrd, let people quickly reach you over Telegram (don't put your personal details in it, keep it app's logo + username).
              Allow people to reach out whenever they feel a need. Get first 10-20 people regularly message you. Once your schedule is packed, make it 2 weeks free, then $X per month.
              After your schedule is fully packed again, hire 1-3 people to cover other timezones. Most likely they'll be the ones you previously helped to recover.
              When people confidently tell you "I no longer feel worried, happily live this exciting life and rocking it" - invite them to your community. There you'll invite speakers, host masterminds and workshops. That's how you bootstrap it to make a living with something you're passionate about.

              Happy to share many more thoughts, dm me on Twitter.

              1. 1

                Wow, this was a great breakdown of a process! Thank you, Denis!

                Dmd you!

  12. 2

    Thank you for crating this post.

    I would like to share two of my products here:

    1. Sideinvest is a marketplace where you can sell your side projects or look for micro-investments and vice-versa.

    2. ConvertX is a stripe extension with which you can recover your abandoned checkout sessions and increase your revenue.

    I am open for feedback and chatting with you guys :)

  13. 2

    I'd like to share https://LeadGen.tools
    We provide a State-of-the-Art Business contact search engine scanning for influencers, potential clients, and many other marketing opportunities.
    Also, we provide Desktop software that will allow you to grab data from any network you configure.

    I started this tool as a custom job for a client, then integrated many other features that multiple clients requested according to their needs.

    Been building it for many years now, but now it is on new and more sellable branding.

    Right now it is on Free Trial testing, you can register for free and test it right away. Please let me know how we can improve it.

    1. 2

      Hey man, I think you can have success with it if you make UX and your message 5x better.

      Landing page - maybe get neat React template? This gray background is scary.
      "Find business contacts around the globe. Build your own Influencer Network. Pitch your service to the best Online Stores." - this sounds like 3 different products to me. I want to understand what your product does in 3 seconds "app to book a taxi", "website for renting flats for few days". I've been looking through your product for 3 minutes and didn't get how it helps with leadgen.

      Do you think anyone would watch a 5-minute-long product demo?

      USE OUR SCRAPER TOOLS TO GET FRESH DATA AROUND THE WEB. An innovative business contact search engine - scary messaging again, non-tech person (me) doesn't get what's going on. How about "find the right influencers in 10 seconds?"

      12 blocks of text, 3 sentences in each. Looks so heavy that you don't want to read any of them.

      FAQ: nobody wants to know how your algorithm works apart from the guys trying to copy your thing. Keep the magic to yourself.

      Is there a way to show the main value before the person signs up? People don't want another account in something they aren't sure about.

      I think the main issue is that you spent many years building instead of shipping quickly, getting first paying users, editing your message and adding features based on why paying users pay. Sadly, it caused design look 2016.

      I can share more feedback and help you get first 10 paying users. You can dm me on Twitter, yours is closed.

  14. 2

    Working on making humans 100x faster at building awesome content to grow their organic traffic:


    1. 1

      I think it has huge potential, but you can have way higher conversions with easier messaging. 100x faster is ambiguous, thousands of keywords also make you think of something big.

      How about "write your keyword and get SEO article in 30 sec"?

      I saw you're still making the mvp, would love to hear your story with making it! Let's connect on Twitter

  15. 2


    Thanks for starting this thread!

    flat.social is a video call platform where guests can fly around a virtual space and engage in fun team activities and mini-games.

    I've been building it over the past several months (one person, bootstrapped) . Haven't made any sales yet, currently working on the payments option and iterating on the marketing materials and static pages.

    Would love to hear what you think about it any any feedback is more than welcome!

  16. 2

    I'm building Mapply. It's the easiest way to build and share interactive maps with no coding required.

    Currently, building a custom map is difficult and annoying, Mapply saves you the weeks (and $$$) it would take for a developer to build your map. And you can share it on any platform with just a few clicks.

    Geographic maps currently work and image maps (think university campus map) will be ready in a few days. Then I'll be ramping up marketing efforts.

    1. 1

      I make a bet that you will make your first money selling your thing to a luxury hotel or real estate firm. You can tell them: what if you can spend $X and the map on your website will be styled based on your branding? When developers want to sell new flats, they want to show how many nice things there are in the area.

      Create custom maps for 5 hotels and 5 fresh real estates. Send it to them saying "you can add it to your website for $100. I send you the code the same day, and you have custom-designed maps showing how nice your area is".

      Happy to help you make first 20 sales, just dm me on Twitter.

      1. 2

        That is exactly what I plan on doing, once this image map feature is finished I'll be building a custom landing page for the use cases and then reaching out to businesses with example maps.

        Thanks for the tips, Denis!

    2. 1

      @tiimgreen This looks really cool. I don't have the need, but from the site I quickly understood what you're about and why someone might need it.

      Well done!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback!

  17. 2

    Awesome idea!

    I'd like to share Need Content

    • This is a DFY Blog Management Service and it helps you completely outsource keyword research, content writing and content uploading - all at once.
  18. 2

    http://vitaely.me — Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a landing page in just two minutes

    1. 2

      Cool product! Are you sure you need people to sign up? Think pdf or file converters. What if I sign in with LinkedIn in 5 seconds, you do the magic and then I see my new page?
      Then you show all the editing features and if I click on any of them you open - "create an account" page.
      But wait, why don't you have an option to create an account with LinkedIn so I instantly will have my page ready?)

      Just thought about fixes that may skyrocket time to value in your product. Also, your page that you made with vitaely looks nothing similar to what I've got after syncing. You have cool sections and stuff, while I can't even add ones for me.

      1. 1

        Hey Denis!

        Thanks for taking the time to check out the product 😍

        Great point in terms of signing up and integrating directly with LinkedIn. The answer to why this hasn't been done is that basically LinkedIn are very restrictive (understandably so) over who they let use their APIs. So I had to look to alternative methods to get the data.

        "Then you show all the editing features and if I click on any of them you open - "create an account" page." > Hmm that's odd, where are you seeing these editing features?

        " Also, your page that you made with vitaely looks nothing similar to what I've got after syncing. You have cool sections and stuff, while I can't even add ones for me." > Perhaps I misrepresented what the output looks like? Where were you seeing the page that I made?

        Thanks again for checking out the product, so cool to get people in and trying it out

        Much love,


        1. 1

          Happy to share many more ideas, just dm me on Twitter :) Couldn't reach you there. It'll be more effective to give feedback over a product demo

  19. 2

    This is a great idea, thanks for posting Denis! There are already so many great projects in this thread. I’ll add one more.

    I launched https://statustracker.app/ a while back and I’m still working on getting first customers.

    The app is meant for service providers in the real world (as opposed to digital), such as mechanics, plumbers, construction, etc…

    Its purpose is to save time by reducing friction and missed connections through the lifecycle of a job. Like the Domino’s pizza tracker, or a standard package delivery tracker, but for your car repair for example.

    It offers customer notifications which they can manage (status updates via email, job complete via text, etc…), employee reminder notifications to update a job at a given date/time, and a branded customer portal at a custom subdomain where their customers can view a full history of status updates at any time.

    1. 1

      Good idea,
      most service providers are working outside, so they need something mobile, easy to use & practical

      here an idea for mechanics :
      give them printed and stickable qr-codes, when a new car get into the garage, operator stick a qr-code to the car then :
      1- scan the qr-code for the first time to link it to customer phone number
      2- whenever the qr-code is scanned, 3 options pops :
      2-1 : car is ready,
      2-2 : work in progress
      2-3 : custom message (pre-typed on the app/db.., they need just to click once)
      Also in the offer, you can include that you provide the "Scanner" which is a cheap solide phone.
      you can ask your mechanic for a test or a small video demonstrating the use case/utility and put it on the landing page + youtube


      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback!

        I considered something along those lines for a QR code for mechanics. It didn't make it into the MVP, but it is something I wanted to dig into eventually. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts on that process, that helps.

        For the mobility, that's a good point. This is why I've added SMS as options for everything in addition to emails. After some initial feedback it was brought to my attention that this was necessary for some industries (like construction for example). Tried to make it mobile-friendly, though frontend isn't my strength.

  20. 2

    Hi, I would like to share https://twayobiz.com. It is the most custom file-sharing solution for businesses of all sizes. You can customize the file sharing colors in no time.

  21. 2

    I am relaunching tinylaunch.co 🚀

    From a personal startup incubator to a place where founders build, learn, and scale products together

    After feedback from my first launch, the need was more into both mentorship and guidance on how to build products and acquire your first customers. While content is abundant on these topics, having a group of founders where you can learn, share, and use each other’s experience to build and scale can provide a more immediate value.

    Thanks for posting this!

  22. 2

    I'm building Typefully.io
    The site and app are not even live yet, but you can follow it here
    It's a form builder that focus on conversion and branding.
    While there are many form builders out there, many of them look very outdated or very limited in how you can match them to your brand.
    None(!) of them is focused on conversion, which is a field where you have to have a lot of knowledge.
    Most of the things that make a form convert better can be baked into the product and be automatically applied for you, and many others can be guided by the product.
    For example, readability, spacing, mobile support, label location, accessibility, auto-save, layout and many more thigs can be given out of the box.
    Things like number of questions, multi-step, and wording can be part of templates or guided while you build the form.
    Things like ab testing and form analytics almost doesn't exist elsewhere, but can have great impact.

    The reason that I work on this is because I noticed how most people and services simply don't follow forms best practices and lose potential conversion because of that.
    I own form-data.com which provides just the backend for forms, and I got to see hundreds of forms and I know how well each one of them do.
    I was thinking for a long time should this service be part of form-data, but eventually decided that it should be a standalone product.

  23. 2

    Thanks for posting this idea.

    I am building a CRM app that runs natively on the device (all local) but is able to exchange data with other users via secure connection that does not require cloud storage.

    There are hundreds of CRM solutions out there but my differentiator is cloud-free backend, so all you need to get started is download the app and start using it without signups, trials, or subscription plans. Security and privacy focus.

    I have just recently launched first MVP which can be downloaded from here:

    More info on my website: http://www.produktyf.com/

    1. 1

      Is running local something you actually saw a need for?
      For me personally, a non-cloud product is something I would avoid. I don't remember the last time I actually installed something that only runs local.
      One of the advantages of this era is that you can switch devices and computers and all your data follows you.

      1. 1

        I personally prefer keeping my data on my own systems where possible, because I don't like blindly trusting other companies with my data. That doesn't validate the idea, but I do think there is a growing wariness of trusting third-parties with your data and having to pay subscription fees to maintain access.

        I'm not in the need for a CRM app, though. So no sale yet, sorry...

        1. 1

          I see what you mean -
          Good luck 🍀

  24. 1

    Hey Denis!

    Thank you!!! 👊 It's so generous of you to setup up this opportunity for me and our fellow hackers to tell you about our products.

    What I built?
    A platform to help employers build their best high-performing teams. Specifically, employers can know within minutes how easily they and their existing team will work with a potential candidate, leveraging a 2-sided data-driven bias-free approach... 🤓 yeah that's a mouthful.
    Bottomline > higher productivity for the team and better quality of life for the individuals.
    Here's the link > https://openelevator.com

    Why I built?
    I kept meeting people who hated their jobs/bosses/companies and then found myself feeling the same. So I got obsessed with cracking the code on what delivers happiness/job satisfaction/engagement. Turns out it can be modelled, easily, repeatably, accurately🤯 - so I built it.

    If you've got a team and would like to try how quickly and accurately it nails your existing collaboration, &/or if you're hiring and want to bring on the right person, reach out. I'd be so happy to help you.

    Have a great day!

  25. 1

    I want to share free and paid tool for easy documentation creating https://create-documentation-online.com/

  26. 1

    Hi indiehackers,

    I would like to share our project Tolgee with you. It is an open-source tool for software localization (translation to different world languages). Currently we are focusing on localization of Web Apps. We want to offer complex solution of localization but in the same time solution which is simple to use & easy to integrate.

    We haven't made any sales yet but at the moment it is our strategy not to doing so as we want to get open-source user base first. Also we are not fully prepared for the pricing yet. So currently trying to get as many users (primarily developers) and feedback as possible :)

  27. 1

    I’m building Sleek Pages to provide React landing page templates for indie hackers and startups.

    1. 1

      I like what you're working on. I wish I knew you can give developers templates when you're launching a product. Will be happy to tell you how you can make first 20 sales, just pick time on denisshatalin.com

  28. 1


    We are building an affordable digital wellness web SaaS platform, focused on mental health, that uses a gamified experience to promote a health oriented culture using scientifically proven practices like breathing exercises, workouts, pomodoro and other tools.

    Our mission is to stop burnout in its early stages! Check it and let us know what you think: https://getvealth.com/

  29. 1

    I have built a notion template that actually helps save money and manage personal finance.
    This problem is faced by many people where they lend money to friends and family and then forgets.This template makes it easier to maintain a ledger of your credits and debts and also includes an auto-calculator.

    Link - https://nktkumar82.gumroad.com/l/YFFgj

  30. 1

    Id like to share my site NIXER. Nixer is an Irish slang word for side hustle and it primarily relates to people who work in the trades. Think electricians, carpenters, painters etc.

    The goal is to connect folks who need someone to come to their home and do some quick fixes. Think a day or less rather than remodel an entire home. The app is entirely free to have a profile on or search for a trades person and the tradesperson only gets charged when they successfully complete a job.

    What I need help with is getting a stream of tradespeople to sign up so as I can start marketing it towards people who need help.

    The primary market for this right now is Ireland itself as I am still get a handle on how to have it work with geo-location.

    Any and all help/feedback is appreciated.

    The site is https://nixerjobs.com/.


    1. 1

      Hi Conor, I like the project you're working on. What I like even more is that there are examples of how such business models worked in the other countries, and I know how you can bootstrap this and make money sooner. Schedule free call on denisshatalin.com

  31. 1

    Just went ahead with the pre-launch page of my new startup https://usermaven.com a few days ago.

    Usermaven will empower SaaS businesses to get actionable insights from their product usage data. It'll instantly answer questions like:

    • How many people signed-up last week and how many completed onboarding?
    • How many of those onboarded users reached the activation stage?
    • Which feature in the product is being loved the most?
    • Who are the power users of a specific feature/module?
    • Who are the slipping-away users we can interact with to reduce churn?
    • Which traffic source is generating the most engaged customers?
    • And many more...

    Right now, I am giving demos to interested people and we have almost 50 leads who have shown interest. We are planning to launch with the beta-version in the next 2-3 weeks.

    Looking for feedback and suggestions.

    1. 1

      Love Usermaver's design! Making early sales will give you a good understanding what to emphasize in your product. Happy to give you a free consultation on that, just schedule time on denisshatalin.com

  32. 1

    Thanks for shinIng a light on those of us who suck at sales (and/or have built a product with a crushing conversion challenges)!

    TaskTrain integrates your standard operating procedures into everyday workflow as actionable assignments.

    As I described in a podcast interview released yesterday, in my roles leading service teams, I always thought there was a gap between the standard operating procedures we developed for our recurring processes and the ticketing software we used to actually track execution of those processes. After listening to the audiobook of Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto, I had the idea for TaskTrain as a way to bridge that gap by integrating SOPs directly into the workflow collaboration and tracking system.

    What Basecamp or Asana do for project management—that is, planning and executing the unique set of tasks you execute once to achieve a particular goal—TaskTrain does for process management—planning and executing the ongoing activities teams repeatedly perform to carry out their everyday business operations and deliver value to their stakeholders.

    We’re targeted at small and medium workgroups, in particular service organizations, specifically those that have a lot of recurring processes with manual steps that have a high impact when mistakes are made, or have a lot of staff hand-offs that can cause “dropped balls” from one person or department to another, or those with have a workforce that needs extra support in executing those procedures, whether that be because they are distributed, or high turn-over, or low-skilled.

    The idea is super simple: At its heart, TaskTrain is a checklist app. TaskTrain allows you to document your standard operating procedures in the form of a multi-level checklist with embedded training at each step and then integrate those into everyday workflow by turning them into actionable assignments. We marry the digital procedure manual that most likely just sits your intranet with a ticketing or work order system.

    Learn more and sign up for free at TaskTrain.app!

  33. 1

    I am building https://mockupea.com/ :)
    It is an interesting way of creating book mockups in 3D directly in the browser.
    Creating and learning a lot along the way in my free time. There are some bugs that need to be fixed and also I am designing and coding a Landing Page for it.
    No plans to monetize for now.

  34. 1

    SimplyDone - It lets you plan and schedule your daily tasks, projects or vacations.

    Feel free to provide any feedback.

  35. 1

    I recently launched two products that I'm having friends and people in the space review for feedback and haven't started promotion yet.

    PortfolioLoft - Built to provide a simpler way to backtest and share systematic investing strategies.

    MoonlightQuant - Built with the goal of discovering and sharing overnight trading edges.

    Open to feedback/suggestions!

  36. 1

    We recently launched https://tacodigest.com. It's a web app for creating your personal customizable email digests from your favorite sources.
    We want to build an ultimate solution for reducing your info consumption. Because it's a huge problem for us and we're using our app with pleasure :)

    We launched a few days ago and have some users but haven't made our first sale yet 😌 We have free tier and monthly subscriptions and even a limited one-time purchase deal.

  37. 1

    I built Domain Mapper to track domains in one place from multiple registers, see their DNS information and get email reminders when the domains are due to renew.

    I plan to add more domain tools to this such as API integration with registrars to import domains and see historical DNS information.

  38. 1

    Thanks for this post!

    I'm building Calories-In: https://calories-in.com

    It's a meal plan creator targeted at body builders.

    The idea grew out of my frustration of trying to find a better alternative to using Google Sheets for calculating calories and macros for my meal plans. I wanted something modern, interactive, and focused on tracking macros.

    It's does not require login and is (at least for now) completely free.

    I'm working on adding ready-made recipes which can then be edited to fit your goals.

  39. 1

    Wow Nice I have Also a Food Delivery Clone App Named Ubereats Clone app.
    If any one Interested or want to know about the product. You can Mail us E-mail: [email protected]

  40. 1

    I am sharing with you (Datboard)[https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/datboard/pmemjkeofepfajapainpchmjgahaepmi] a chrome extension, that lives on the "+ new tab" page. It aims to facilitate note-taking and self-organizing by introducing a number of features I find really useful. Check it out :)

    1. 1

      You added extra w at the end and the link broke down. You will increase your download rates if you put larger images on the page. Now it's impossible to read anything.
      I think you can make money with it within next 2 months if you figure out who needs it most badly. I launched a similar product and shut it down after a couple of months after all users left. Will be happy to share my mistakes so you don't repeat them. Schedule a call at denisshatalin.com.

  41. 1

    This is great!

    Here's my baby, Econus.

    Econus offsets the unintended consequences of consumption, like air pollution from a tank of gas or the impact to small businesses from shopping online. It works by linking the things we buy (like a tank of gas) to the non-profits creating change in that space.

    For example, you could link your tanks of gas to the Clean Task Air Force and your online shopping to SCORE. Now whenever you buy a tank of gas, we'll automatically Round-Up and donate to the CTAF to fight for things like stricter fuel efficiency standards. Whenever you shop online, we'll Round-Up and donate to SCORE to support small businsses.

  42. 1

    RetroTeam - No sale yet but have grown from 10 users to 200 in 2 months :-). Thanks to Indie Hackers.

    Our tool makes conducting Retros easy in a more virtual decentralized world.

    1. 1

      Design looks amazing, but I still have no clue what it does :)
      Kanban board? :S Feedback receiving thing?

      70% of the video is how revolutionary it is, but you could have just said who it helps, and what it does. Maybe because it's for agile savvy teams.

      P.S. How do you expect people from Indie Hackers to pay you money if you price based on team size and 90% of people here are solo?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback.
        The video and app is very targeted to Agile teams. However, you can use it for other forms of feedback and retrospectives . I have seen non-profits, accounting firms and other use this to get feedback from a project or process they implemented.

        Actually folks here at Indie Hackers do also have a small team of developers or contractors that work on projects.

  43. 1

    Hello 👋

    We launched https://ayanza.com this week. Ayanza It's here to help your team score extraordinary results. It's a borderless space where you can share what's important with those who matter.

    We see a lot of products in productivity space but from our experience they are too focused on just doing the work without knowing why you are working. In Ayanza everything starts with a vision which helps teams to stay on track.

    1. 1

      Exciting to see mission-driven products :) I wish you had a demo on your landing page, because I didn't figure out if it's a crm, project management tool or more about mood checkups with your team.
      Also, do you think that the team should see the mission in their eyes every day?

      1. 1

        Thank you :). I think It's combination of everything - kind of borderless space :)

        I believe that vision is evolving and you can start with one and through the process end with another. From this perspective I think that It's important to se vision often and keep it aligned. It's also very easy to get off the track so staying aware of is for me very useful as-well.

  44. 1

    I didn't put immense effort yet.
    Working on AdventOfSaaS. The project is https://flashdictation.com/

    Go check it out!

    1. 1

      I think it's got great potential. Showcase more stories that I can train on or (!) allow to put the youtube link into your app if the video has captions. Then add a grammar checker and you'll help millions improve their English while watching YouTube!)

      1. 2

        Thank you very much! YouTube captions are planned!

  45. 1

    Working on https://requestrabbit.com
    Simple support request management system. Custom Forms to embed anywhere, dedicated link for each request, reminders, escalations, etc.
    Still in development. Planning to release before 2022.

    1. 1

      I like it. Who do you think will be your main users? I'm thinking of growing startups with teams of 5+.

      1. 1

        I'm thinking of small businesses especially e-commerce businesses but this can be used for Quote requests, job applications, etc.

        1. 1

          I saw you're in early access now. Happy to give you a free consultation on how you can make 20 pre-sales of your product even before it's ready. Schedule on denisshatalin.com

  46. 1

    Hi, I'm the creator of Pikadex. Pikadex lets users browse all things around Pokémon like stats, evolution, type effectiveness and more. It would be a good reference app for people who play Pokémon games.

    I am in the process of adding more cool features and putting some of them behind subscription. Do give it a spin and let me know your thoughts.

  47. 1

    Sharing tooltipr which I am working on a bit. Its a tool to organize glossaries of acronyms or terms within your company.

    Most companies these days use an Excel Sheet or some other documenting system but the workflow sucks especially when trying to quickly lookup something. Built a product where you can manage your acronyms, soon will be able to create an internal page like this glossary, and a browser extension to see a tooltip when the acronmy appears on any website/Google Doc or similar.

    I have not launched subscriptions yet so no one can subscribe, but feel free to reach out. Will hand out subscriptions for free if you really want to use the product (there is a support chat on the website or simply by reaching out to [email protected]).

    1. 2

      This is an interesting idea! My concern is would there be any non entreprise-sized company with 100 special words?

      • If it's the person writing the article who needs to explain acronyms, there may be a problem. The one who's writing doesn't think that he's saying anything unclear. It's unclear to the reader. But a vocabulary for companies may sell, reminded me of Dominik's https://www.helpkit.so/
      1. 1

        yeah targeting the right market is difficult. But was thinking more about small startups like 10-50 people in niche industries like 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and so on.

        Also not really target people that write articles, more like internal docs. But good that you mention that, because it seems like the message is not clear!

        1. 1

          The best way to understand the right positioning is making first 10 sales. You'll understand who doesn't get what you're talking about and who needs it badly. You can DM on Twitter so I help you make them.

  48. 1

    https://tahsk.com - A simple and fast JIRA alternative!

    1. 1

      That's ambitious! Let's connect on Twitter

  49. 1

    My project inboxes.app is a disposable email browser extension. So far there's >120 free users (/open) and I'm working towards building the paid features.

    It's still very MVP, so for example there's no "read" emails folder, but that's coming out in the next build. If you're not embarrased by your product, you're releasing too late, right? ;)

    I'm struggling to find at what point paid will be MVP, but for now I'm satisfied that there's a demand for my extension and it's only a matter of time until the first main paid feature is complete and I can start testing my hypothesis.

    I'm trying to document the whole process in IH too as I go along, so feel free to follow the progress here: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/inboxes-app

    1. 2

      This is a great thing you're working on! Make your landing page look more neat and upload a gif / loom shocasing your product, I was hesitant to download it because it seemed edgy. But if you say you're in mvp stage - good job!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback - I definitley want to get round to getting someone to make a professional looking video when the time is right. What made it seem edgy, out of interest? Just the fact that it's yet another extension?

        1. 1

          I saved it to browser anyways cause it's just so useful! I won't have to bother with tempmail etc.
          I think the main reasons are fonts and design of the landing page.
          Check the main yellow picture. You can keep the color, but your key message should be "no more shitty spam in your email!" However the pic shows exactly all the stuff you help to get rid of :D

          Find a pic of gmail full of spammy promotions and put a cross over it!) This way the message will be clear in 0,5 sec.

          Happy to bounce more ideas, just dm me on Twitter :)

  50. 1

    Such a cool idea, Denis! Thanx for posting!
    I'm building Surfaces.one - the tool helps to grow the loyal audience with written content, such as newsletters, blog posts, etc.
    Advertising is too expensive these days, that's why you should build a loyal audience to make offers and sales.
    Social networks require money and a lot of content every day to collect and retain followers.
    So only SEO and newsletters are the choice of small and midsize creators.
    On Surfaces.one you can have a public page with a content hub, newsletter feature, your own blog with good SEO parameters, and our users' favorite - "subscribe now" mini landing pages which are created in literally one click.
    Any feedback is highly appreciated, guys!

    1. 2

      I've got a formula how you can get 5x of what you have now.

      1. Put 5 times less text on your website
      2. Put 5 times more demos/product showcase/before + after

      I want to instantly get how you help me build loyal audience, not dive into your articles :)

      1. 1

        You're so right, Denis!
        We are making video with demos exactly this week

  51. 1

    Our product is called Skhokho - Business Management Software , for founders and small business owners to start keeping track of day to day tasks and activities in the business from HR files to invoiced and OKRs - https://skhokho.io

  52. 1

    Hi! I built an app for trading crypto and stocks. Right now you can sign up and get tokens with our Airdrop!

    Sign up for our mailing list at https://WeInvest.money

  53. 1

    I build Snappy Form (snappy-form.com). This is my first public project, the others were left in a box with all my pet projects.
    Snappy Form is a SaaS No-code platform for creating web forms that are easy to create for anyone to use and then share a link to the form on social networks, send it by email, or embed it on your website.

    1. 1

      I like it! How long have you been working on it? Sadly, couldn't reach you on Twitter to ask other stuff.

      1. 1

        Probably half a year, slowly, in my free time. My twitter: https://twitter.com/slava_ustinow

  54. 1

    This is a great idea. Thanks @Denis_Shatalin.

    I built Postly: https://usepostly.com/

    Postly helps Solo Marketers, Freelancers, Agencies, Startups and Businesses to Plan, Review, Approve and Schedule Social Media Contents, in Private, Secure Workspaces. 10X Faster!

    You can write once and post in all the top social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn and plans for RSS Feed and Reddit on the roadmap.

    Please check out Postly at https://usepostly.com/

    1. 1

      I started watching your YT demo, but I can't go full screen and it's too small to see anything!)
      Also I couldnt understand your key value from looking at the site.
      Your main problem is you make a product for "Solo Marketers, Freelancers, Agencies, Startups and Businesses" which "Schedules Social Media Contents, in Private, Secure Workspaces. 10X Faster"

      Please, think about 1 ideal buyer persona and ship the product of their dreams. Don't chase 5 types of users with 5 offers. Simplify your messaging such way that a 5 year old can get it:

      Postly - Make on Postly, post everywhere.

      After fixing your slogan I've realized I need your thing, cause I waste time posting TikToks on IG, YT and LinkedIn! :D

  55. 1

    Hi, Denis!

    I am Himanshu Singh. I am a web developer. And I would love to share onlibrary, a place to get eBooks for free. Actually, I am a college student and I got an assignment to make a web app. As I like to read books a lot, So I thought to make something related to books. And then I came up with the idea of onlibrary.

    paypalme Or buymeacoffee

    1. 1

      Not bad! Do you plan to grow it?

  56. 1


    i’m building a suite of scheduling tools, here’s a booking page and follow the link to signup 👍 calendly alternative

    1. 1

      I like your product's idea about making Calendly alternative, but I think you'll get first income quicker if you figure out who needs it most badly and what can be your unique feature. Happy to bounce more ideas, dm me on Twitter :)

  57. 1

    Hi, I'd like to share OnzAuth. It's the simplest passwordless authentication you can add to your website you can find. Still on its alpha launch and trying to get more users on it, I am adding more features as we speak as well, and feedbacks are welcome too, like platform support, WebAuthn biometric, social logins, customization etc...

    I thought authentication is one of the most time-consuming and repeatable parts when implementing a new project, and how much I hate passwords especially now that I have a million SAAS subscriptions, that is how it got started.

    We will be trying to differentiate by making it user-centric, meaning, the user will stay the same across projects/websites, making it easy for the user to track their access to different websites from one place. Also in the pipeline is the possibility of controlling access via policies (Like AWS IAM).

    Please have a look at Github Npm for quickstart and demo.

    My vision is to build a no-code solution for end-users, like Moms and Pops instead of content creators or startup creators like most solutions these days, so where better to start than Authentication which is still lacking in that area.

    Thank you for your support and would appreciate your feedbacks or suggestions. Our goal really is to build a solution that is so easy for anyone to implement in their projects, we believe building a new website or getting an online presence should not be so hard, hopefully getting some revenue soon to support the project moving forward.

  58. 1

    Thank you Denis! I'd like to share cohortland.com -- A free listing site for cohort-based courses + a weekly newsletter to get you informed on the latest news and ed-tech trends.

    We want to help fellow course creators to reach more audiences. The reality is creating a course takes so much effort and time. We want to help by taking out the marketing task from these course creators so they can focus on designing their curriculum.

    Hope this helps!

    1. 1

      Nice product! Add Twitter to your page so I can find you :)

      1. 2

        haven't created a Twitter for Cohortland though. But feel free to connect with my Twitter -> @jajaso6

        Thanks and nice post, Denis!

  59. 1

    Thanks Denis.

    I built Reason.fm with @klaaz0r (we met on indiehackers)

    We've always had the goal to make podcasting more fun.

    Start - built a social podcast app where you can comment, share with friends, connect with hosts.

    Issue - competition with big listening apps and not 10x better.

    Evolution - Creating an end-to-end podcast platform where you can record and distribute your podcast from one place. Reduce admin time and save money on tools.

    Why? - Podcasting looks easy but 1 hour of content is another 10-20 hours of hassle. Most people give up pretty quickly. The people that keep podcasting usually pay someone to deal with it for them. There are a tonne of different tools that don't work together and causes you a pain in the arse.

    Making content is fun, dealing with it isn't fun.

    Status - Launching the hosting tool privately and then into Beta in January. If anyone wants to join our launch cohort I'll personally mentor you and help make the process as fun as possible.

    1. 1

      Hey man! Wanted to get in touch with you but your DM on Twitter is closed. Do you want to go in the direction of helping people listen to podcasts with friends or improve the connection between the host and listeners?
      I think people don't have a burning need to listen to podcasts with friends, however hosts have a need to be closer to listeners.
      Let's chat on Twitter! :)

  60. 1

    We've been working on Maracaibo Digital for nearly 2 years now, and we're finally going to release it on the 20th! This is a digital version of a popular board game. No sales made yet, though games naturally see no sales until release day.

    Collectively we're driven by the prospect of running a small games company full-time. We're a small team of 3 but a business around digital adaptations seems feasible. Personally, I have also been enjoying software development a lot - I quit my job as a mechanical engineer almost exactly 1 year ago, and I am definitely getting used to the freedom and flexibility in contrast.

  61. 1

    I've been pushing hard on LogMonster.net lately with the goal of going 'live' before the year end.

    As an application developer, I wanted somewhere that I could send log data from both frontend and backend systems that was very easy to consume and didn't require constant monitoring to delete old logs that are no longer required.

    I've seen too many client projects with no logging whatsoever and, on the flip-side having used several of the enterprisey logging solutions. I wanted somewhere simple to send my application log data that wasn't tied to the application itself. We're currently using it for all of our in-house development projects and several client projects with great success.

    We're launching it with a no-credit-card free tier so it's easy to kick around and should provide good value for projects that need a basic logging solution.

    1. 1

      The design is fun :)
      What do you think are the marketing channels that will drive you the best results?

      1. 1

        Thanks! The site needs a lot of work with grammar and typos still in it but I needed something to start with and I like the silliness of it.

        Honestly, I haven't a clue where to start with marketing it. Local dev communities or paid ads are the only things that come to mind at the moment.

        1. 1

          I thought devs often promote their products by being helpful on stackoverflow

  62. 1

    Great thought 💭
    After 8 weeks of building in Python/Django + Docker the tech stack i am most comfortable with, i have launched H For Help a Chrome Extension for Python/Django devs to get help from peers working in other offices. - hforhelp.org

    I work as a backend engineer developing microservices in my current company. Often I am stuck in situations where human help and discussions are required.The two friends in my current project are my only support network. I do not like the idea of waiting for hours after posting a question and waiting for an answer. Also it becomes extremely frustrating having to spend those hours debugging and trying the solution yourself.

    So I decided to build something where people could connect in no time, have a 1-1 conversation, resolve queries and then would resume their daily work.Here's the product in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0AABzhdIl4

  63. 1


    Going on 1 year of trying to sell it. I have a handful of users on our free product (https://lean20.com/product/status), but no one has purchased a subscription yet.

    I'm determined that it can work. What drives me is that I think SaaS pricing is over complicated and should just be fair for all parties. You can read more about it here https://lean20.com/mission

    1. 1

      I like your determination with it, but I think that your website is very confusing. After 4 minutes, I couldn't get what you provide and who you provide it for.
      I appreciate your high values, mission etc, but you managed the make the most confusing pricing page I've ever seen :)

      If you've got some early traction, it's a good sign. I think you can have x100 results if you simplify messaging. Happy to chat with you on Twitter to share other ideas.

      1. 2

        I have to agree with Denis here. I got lost by the talk about values and wasn't sure if the status pages were completely free, or if there's a limited features free version.

        If I needed a status page and had a small budget, I'd look at one with a simple flat pricing model or a free one with ads. I can understand that. I don't want to know what it costs you to run, its about the value it provides to me.

        Simplify the messaging and leave the philosophical talk about pricing in the footer.

        1. 1

          Hi! I've been working on making the site more clear. If you have a few minutes, would you mind taking a look at this draft and let me know if I am on the right track? http://new.lean20.com/

          1. 2

            This is a great improvement! The site looks cleaner and the proposition much simpler!

            I think the home page jumbotron could be still more to the point and highlight a solution to a problem your (potential) user has already experienced. The problem is that current status page & uptime monitoring Saas products are overly complex & expensive. You're different. Your product is easy to use and inexpensive.

            I'd lose the CTA on "Our Mission", it may take away from people learning more about the product itself.

            Looking good so far though!

              1. 1

                Just for you:

                because competing on price sucks...

                Haha & Happy Holidays!

        2. 1

          💚 Thank you, I appreciate the feedback

      2. 1

        Thanks for the honest feedback. I guess I have work to go do :)

  64. 1

    Tha Hunt <--- LINK

    Tha Hunt is a subscription based B2C digital coupon marketplace connecting luxury shoppers to specialty retailers in fashion forward markets.

    Shoppers are able to visit a trusted destination that allows them to search for, discover and redeem digital offers from leading retailers and brands, online or in-store. We aggregate digital offers from retailers, performance marketing networks, our large user community, our employees and outsourced providers.

    Retailers are able to drive sales and acquire new customers by effectively attracting and engaging a large audience of consumers who are shopping across multiple channels. We leverage 3D software, exclusive sales, and geo-fencing to drive traffic to brick n mortar stores which helps manage their customer acquisition spend and effectively measure their marketing ROI.

    1. 1

      Do you have a website or Twitter? Haven't found any links

          1. 1

            Hey following up here, run into any problems?

        1. 1

          Got something that isn't behind a login?

          1. 1

            Hey following up here, run into any problems?

            1. 1

              I'm neither a retailer nor a shopper so it doesn't speak to me, but if you can provide a demo of the 3D concept right on the store, you may get people excited to download the app. Re: the image of four shoppers on the Home page, can you find happier shoppers? 🙃

                1. 1

                  Yes, exactly that - it needs to be on the website. I didn't appreciate what you had in mind until I saw that demo!

  65. 1

    I made the Indie Hackers Doc! It's a simple Google Sheet which outlines the careers of 35 famous Indie Hackers, what they did before and how they got to the project that turned out to be their big break. I thought it would be useful for people, since this career path is so much more random and less standard than more traditional career paths. Feel free to check it out!


    1. 1

      Hi, it's interesting to follow exciting biographies, but I think you want to charge for something that's too much on the surface. If there were biographies / insights etc It would make more sense.
      Bad news for you, majority of guys there share their biographies everywhere they can anyways ;S

  66. 1

    Awesome, Thanks for the intro :)

    Here's Permify - It's an Authorization API, which makes your app future proof and flexible with custom roles & permission system. So, you don't have to worry about authorization no more.

    Me and my co-founders have met long time ago, and had bunch of failures. Usually those were kind of side projects. But last time we have grew over 50,000 users.

    Long story short we have failed, and we start building client projects as a product agency to make money.

    We realized Authorization needs for B2B products are complex, the requirements changes a lot and it takes too much repetitive developer work.

    So we think wouldn't be easier if there is Stripe for Authorizations.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

  67. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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