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Share your September Twitter stats

Leo Nagano @Leo

Let's share our September Twitter stats. How did you do last month?

Post your Sep and Aug for comparison

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3. Use the markdown link in your comment. Example:

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    For @rosiesherry


    I got a bunch (hundreds!) of new followers thanks to @Janel's tweet.

    August for reference:

    1. 1

      Heh! So happy that you got more followers from the tweet. It needed to be done - was appalled that most big lists of people to follow had 100% men.

      I see I'm the top mentioner for two months in a row ;) Well deserved Rosie. Love all the work you do here on Indie Hackers.

      1. 1

        Yes, Rosie deserves all of these mentions. Great thing you’ve done Janel! I also need to raise more the voices of underrepresented in tech

  2. 2

    I ran out of time for focusing on Twitter this month, hence the downward trend. 😭

  3. 1


    Well for me its too much as i created my twitter account at 2013 & actually started using it from Aug2020

  4. 1

    I started my twitter account few weeks ago to have the freedom to post about my passions. I tweet mainly about A.I. but I'm also interested in entrepreneurship (classic).


    I still have 0 followers but just the action to tweet about what I like is enough for me now. I hope I will find people that think like me.

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    September stats:



    August stats:


    The more you engage the easier it gets. Last month was a battle this month was good. This was probably the second month I was really active on Twitter. Still finding it difficult to convert impressions to followers. Overall great learning experience and cant wait to apply the learnings to an actual project.

    If I also look at the other twitter stats it looks like followers grow on average at 10%.

    1. 1

      I see my tweet on your Aug stats. Happy you’re learning

      1. 1

        Lol, yes thanks so much and thanks always for your great tweets.

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    Stats for Baremetrics!

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    1. Fire up Opera, activate VPN so you can see images from imgur. :(

    # Last 28 days (y u do dis IH)
    Last 28

    # Stats for Sep 2020

    # Stats for Aug 2020
    Joined September 2020

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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