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I just started posting on Twitter and trying to find out how to do it right for me. Can you share your Twitter accounts for inspiration and example?

Just write down your Twitter handle and what you write about there (or working on), thanks.

My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/this_augis

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    Tweeting about digital productivty, Notion and startup ops!

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    I started back in September( even though account is quite old) but then got dormant after a month
    Now, back again as I launched my newsletter, it sorta worked as catalyst to be active on Twitter.
    I don't tweet on any particular nice as per say, but looking at the suggestions from various threads here, I plan to stick on NoCode movement, startups

    here's my twitter handle - @pratiknan

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    🐦 https://twitter.com/rikschennink

    I mostly post work in progress gifs and the occasional dev tip but still trying to find my own way of doing that.

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      Thanks for sharing with us. I am thinking about the same, share work-in-progress gifs.

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    My account is 10 years old. But I've just started to taking it seriously.

    Right now, I am live tweeting my progress on the Product I am building and the original insights I generate everyday. And it has been rewarding so far. 😇

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      My account is 8 years old and I've just started taking it seriously only now too.

      And what reward do you gain from it?

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        1. Live tweeting my progress is keeping my productivity high

        2.I don’t have much followers but 1 person still reached out to me in DM and extended support and help and shared some new insights with me.

        1. Someone whom I admired in the industry, followed me back and talked with over tweet - I guess these are first steps to build real relationships.
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    Our twitter is almot a day old, so not much to show for. The plan is to build in public and share our journy of making our product venn.


    Best of luck!

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      Thanks for sharing, your Twitter looks good, following you.

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