Twitter October 8, 2020

Share your Twitter bubble

Leo Nagano @Leo

Hi, first saw this yesterday, on Rosie's Twitter.

Interesting to see our Twitter "circle".

How to share it

1/ Go to
2/ Type your Twitter handle
3/ Upload your image to an image host like Imgur

Mine below

    1. 2

      I made the outer circle of IH's Twitter network! Best day of my life haha 😜

  1. 2

    Easy to view version of mine 😊

    It's also a great way to see if you are diverse (or not) in your bubble.

  2. 1

    Holy shit, that's me! Right on top to the left

  3. 1

    These guys are missing out a lot.

    a) Make something like this
    b) Make the colors prettier
    c) Generate a static link they can use to share on Twitter
    d) Get people to create posts on Twitter, tagging their friends
    e) Watch the power of vitality

  4. 1

    That's a pretty cool service, interesting that Twitter contacts are apparently always public.

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