Share your Webflow website 👇

For those who have built websites with Webflow, would you care to share a link to help show and inspire the IH community of what can be built with it?

Drop a link below 👇

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    I built DesignJoy.co entirely in Webflow and use Memberstack to handle the subscription side of things. Match made in heaven. 🙌

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    I built Purdue University's entrepreneurship club website on Webflow - The Anvil - https://www.anvilstartups.com. Had a super complicated site before which didn't work when leadership and web developers always changed every year. Webflow completely changed our flow!!

    I've also built some sites for clients on webflow - here's one of them: https://www.mylittlechamps.net/ Happy to answer any questions on the process or webflow :)

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      Hey it’s amazing. It has a lot of information but is well-organized. Which Webflow plan do you use?

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        Thanks! I'm using the Basic site plan and the Lite individual plan. I found these have more than enough features/usage limits for our needs. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions about the process.

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    We have been using webflow since our first website at https://www.8base.com. Our designers use it with no help from web developers.

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    I just launched a redesign of my music website Amanda Lee Peers as well as my 12 Startups in 12 Months website where I'm launching and building in public.

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    We’re still building but the landing pages are up. We will be releasing a 2-sided marketplace using Webflow, memberstack, zapier, and airtable

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    Hey everyone!

    Here's the link to my personal Webflow site: https://www.moreduga.com/

    I built it this year during the first UK lockdown. I'm using it to post guides around Webflow SEO, content marketing and SEO in general.

    Let me know what you think :)

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    I used Webflow to build my side-project

    And then exported the code and self-hosted it on Netlify to save some $$$

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      Loved your idea, BTW I am working on a project from which users will be able to export webflow code for free of cost + I will be providing $1 hosting (Export & Hosting For $1) This will be our first version.

      Need some features suggestion :smile-emoji:

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        Interesting idea! How would you cover the costs if you provide it for as low as $1?

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      Also now I am on your email list :wink-face-emoji:

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      Hey , How did you do that? and how much did cost you? can you please let me know?

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        I paid for their individual plan once that cost me close to $20 and exported the code.

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          Thanks man for replying here & on pm.
          How do you maintain and update your site? does netlify got a CMS and plugins?

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            I don't make changes to the website very frequently, but when I do I do it directly in code and push the changes to GitHub.

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    I built our landing page on webflow - has been a really great experience!


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    Ikigai Jobs - the first website I created after Makerpad tutorial to learn webflow.

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    InsuredNomads.com has been built on Webflow and we are are very pleased with this phase of our online presence.

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    getonedesk.com is built on webflow, and we couldn't be happier about it.

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    I love Webflow and built fintechbattles.com with it

    I'm a designer not a coder. I designed the main pages in Figma then built the site in Webflow. I took a week off work and did nothing but learn how webflow works (their video tutorials are ridiculously good) and built the site from scratch. Took 7 days from nothing to live.

    I use the CMS to generate each article. For teardowns, I embed a Figma prototype onto the page, so use this to display the step-through screens instead of an image carousel.

    Example article page

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    I built https://spacebandits.io in Webflow from scratch (no theme). It’s basically Indie Hackers for space startups.

    It took me about 3 weeks (evenings and weekends) to go from nothing to what you see above.

    The most complicated part was the multi-filter on dynamic CMS items which you can see on the /startups page. Thankfully tools like Jetboost make that much easier now!

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    Super simple site. I didn't use a theme for this project, but I'm pretty happy with the first pass.

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    I did not use a theme, but it is a mix of Webflow plus Memberstack for member management and Jetboost for sorting and filtering CMS items.

    I built www.culturesy.com. It will be the Glassdoor for remote workers.

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    Here’s mine: https://stackprint.io Love the default themes, didn’t need to do too much custom stuff to get something decent up and running.

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    I built a curated knowledge collection for UX content: https://uxbrains.co/

    Made in Webflow + Airtable.

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    Not 100% complete yet but getting closer: https://benpicard.webflow.io/

    Lot's of scroll and hover state animations.

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