Community Building March 8, 2020

Sharing my experience of leading a team as a developer


Got my third developerHabits video out on Youtube :) !

Two weeks ago I finished a project that taught me a lot about mentoring, leadership and myself. Shortly put, I had the privilege of leading a project of 5 developers(myself included). As it was my first time doing something like that, I thought it'd be nice to share my key takeaways from that experience.

I also created a very basic blog which I plan to develop further. The link for it is in the description of the video.

My main goal with developerHabits is to produce videos that are educative and provide value, especially for developers. It's been awesome to hear people say that they actually learned something or got extra motivation.

Atm, the plan is to release one video each week, but I'm thinking about starting live coding also.