Sheet to SMS my second product

I wanted to create a product where you can send SMS directly from google sheets I saw a few products in this area but there are not much. There are lot of tutorials so I was wondering what may be the problem with this idea?

I'm also facing a problem to do market research for this idea. I think this will be very useful for

  1. Small Startup founders
  2. Small creators
  3. Doctors for sending reminders
  4. Other small notifications

I'm thinking like what should be my first target market and how can I research them more thoroughly.

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    Tagging @AndrewKamphey because I’m sure he’ll want to hear about this if you can pull it off.

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      Thanks for tagging me. I see a lot of potential for abuse with just sending any unfettering amount of SMS.
      I can see great potential in

      • Appointment reminders,
      • Follow up surveys.
      • Rescheduling appointments.
      • Replacements for calendly, savvycal, etc.

      Also could connect a new type of business (online) with offline businesses, like long haul drivers, delivery drivers, crew staffing, etc.

      I'd recommend picking one, opening your local phone book and calling companies.

      • Florists
      • Suppliers
      • Staffing agencies

      See what they use, ask how much they pay for what they use. Ask if they use google sheets for any part of the process. (they do)

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        How will you stop abuse any ideas you would like to suggest

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          charge a lot and also de-risk yourself. But I'd focus on the best ways to use it.. not just abuse it :)

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            By de-risk you mean put it in safe use policy.

            Something of that kind

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    I'd look into the rate limiting around the Sheets API to see if there are other constraints there that might keep ppl from using this once they hit X volume.

    Also feels like there may be more ergonomic approaches than keeping a contacts database + texts in sheets, but I haven't looked into it at all so you might be on to something here too.

    I'd aim to go chat with potential clients that could be interested in what you're offering. Starting with small founders/creators who manager their workflows in sheets certainly seems like a good way to go about it. You might be able to find the target ppl most easily by checking communities like Twitter or IH for founders/operators who have mentioned Sheets in their posts!

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      Thanks for the great advice

      Yeah there might be more ergonomic approaches but for people who run there business on sheets its the best approach.

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