April 29, 2019

Shiny New Thing syndrome? I don't think so, but...

But I owe it to myself to put in a little work to see. I'm not very prone to Shiny New Thing syndrome anymore, but I also have worked on lots of things which went nowhere, even after some pre-build validation.

I've been working on Magnus Rush - Interactive Podcasting App + Platform since late December. It's been my "full time" side project, on top of my day job and contracting gigs. I had a crap ton to build, mobile apps for Android/iOS plus full backend platform and web interface. I got through it, releasing Early Release this month, and then stepping gently into Open Release last week. The next phases of the project are going to be mostly in sales, new user support, and growth support. Basically, following up on the initial validation I went through and bring all those excited users in and get them using things.

In the meantime, something Courtland said hit me hard.. "Make it worth your time". Around the same time, another, completely new idea had been converging but I had been ignoring it, staying focused on MR. After some Google Sheeting showed me a VERY substantial TAM and a super high margin opportunity, I decided to investigate it. The complexity level is delicious, and just my style. So I put up a landing page using Landen (https://announcr.landen.co), and am going to be putting a week or two into coming up with a prototype. I'll take some screenies/interview questions to a potential business customer I have in mind. Hopefully by putting customer validation in the direct path of me building the entire thing over the next month or two, I will avoid the syndrome ;)