Ship30for30 Writing Challenge must be doing $40,000 A Month!?

I wrote about Dickie Bush's Cohort Based writing challenge back in January.

I was super impressed at the time: https://digitalevolution.substack.com/p/dickiebushship30for30

I'm in the current co-hort and it's a great product.

You come to improve your writing and stay for the community.

It must be doing $40k a month at this stage with 200+ people in the co-hort and average order value around 200$ from my estimates.

This is just a side project for Dickie, which is really impressive!!

Can see lots of potential variants of this.

Anyone else looking at co-hort based courses or challenges??

  1. 2

    Certainly enjoying 30for30. Where would you extend this to?

    1. 1

      I've seen a few already -

      Get started with Guitar in 30 days
      Get started with a Podcast in 30 days
      Video blogging in 30 days

      The '30 days' captures interest and isn't too big a commitment, so I think it is really effective!

      Has it sparked any ideas for you?

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