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Shopify Install data insights 2021

Hi all,

I wanted to share some Install data insights from the Shopify app store as we are now tracking that on Marketplace Apps.

All app store

  • Average installs per app = 1,972.4
  • Median installs per app = 160

Pricing models

  • Freemium is the best performing model in terms of installs with 40% of all installs.
  • Freemium average installs per app = 2,944.7
  • Freemium median installs per app = 349


  • Store Design has the most installs of all categories with 22.3% of installs
  • Sourcing & Selling Products has the highest average installs per app with 4,199.3
  • Conversion has the highest median installs per app with 160

If you want the full report/data check out https://newsletter.marketplaceapps.co/p/shopifyinstalls


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    Hi, have you got an affiliate program for Marketplace Apps?

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