Twitter October 18, 2020

Short review of 3 Twitter audience building lessons

Farez Rahman @farez

So I just reviewed 3 Twitter audience building lessons, from

Here's a short summary of what each one provides in terms of value.

  1. Daniel Vassallo

What you will learn: Building credibility and promoting it.

Daniel is a deep thinker and he will teach you to focus on the very important basics.

Daniel's course:

  1. Charles Floate

What you will learn: Tactics and tools.

Charles is an SEO pro and his social media engineering chops is evident in how he builds his Twitter audience.

Charles's course:

  1. Alex Llull

What you will learn: Effective content and branding.

Just looking at Alex's timeline will make you appreciate how branding can get you attention on Twitter.

Alex's course:

Hope that helps.


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