Should a product title be descriptive or results focused?

I knew this day would come.

I finally have to make a decision on my product title 🙀.

My question to you IH: should the title be descriptive or outcome/results focused?

I call my technique "The DayNinja Method" as it is part of a theme in my website, app and other products. However, for this course... I've been bouncing ideas around and getting feedback.

My specific course teaches you how to activate the flow state on demand.
As indie hackers and makers, we all know we at least double our productivity when in the flow state. The challenge is how to do that every single day.

So the ideas for title are:

  • 'Flow State on Demand' (descriptive)
  • '4hr work day' (outcome focused)
  • 'Induce the flow state on demand' (descriptive, how-to)

My thinking is it would be like two part title:
The DayNinja Method: Flow State on Demand'

Thoughts, critiques or last minute contenders?

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    Personally (even more after reading the examples), I prefer the outcome focused. It might depend on who is your reader and his context, though.

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    I prefer the descriptive title in this case. I know how flow state can be useful to me. The outcome focused title requires further digging into it - no point adding a barrier where there doesn’t need to be one IMO

    In any case, I agree with @sobbuh, A/B testing and actual customer research is probably the ticket

    1. 1

      " no point adding a barrier where there doesn’t need to be one IMO"
      That's a great point... it really depends where the audience is up to.
      Clearly you know the value of and the term 'flow state' so it resonates.
      My audience are Devs and Makers who basically thirst for flow everyday... so that is what I am leaning toward also.

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    For outcome focused, I would do something like "Double your output"

    For descriptive, I would go "Achieve flow on demand" (or maybe "achieving flow on demand", since it's a subtitle)

    My preference would be descriptive, but it's really the sort of thing that you should a/b test or do some user research to figure out what your target market wants to do, and do they understand the concept of flow already?

    1. 1

      Yeah, for a subtitle "achieving flow on demand" is an interesting nuance @sobbuh.
      What about flipping it around so..
      "Induce Flow State on Demand: the DayNinja Method" better?

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