Should I be charging a fee to integrate my tech with another platform?


I'm hoping some people can share their views/knowledge on this as im a Startup Founder going into something relatively new for me...

We have got some traction from CRM platforms who would like to integrate our tech with their CRM platform as an extended feature for their users.

Is it common practise to charge a fee to this CRM platform to use Contapp as an integration? If so, what would be the ball park figure? Yearly, monthly or one-off fee?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Some background info on my startup & the integration:
Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing and using business card data, whilst reducing paper waste globally.

This integration will see CRM users authenticate their account via Contapp, which will allow them to capture data via Contapp and save it directly into the CRM in real time. More integrations with leading softwares such as calendars, Slack, Zoom, LinkedIn etc, to follow soon.

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