Should I Build Freemium or Premium Chrome Extension?

Hey guys,

I'm creating a new chrome extension, it's like a mini-crm for messenger and i'm contemplating either to make it a freemium or fully premium extension with 7/14 DAYS FREE TRIAL

My first extension (https://groupleads.net) is premium and now I want to try out how freemium chrome extension performs when compared to fully premium extension.

Please, advise me.

Thank you.

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    Who is paying for browser Extensions?

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    Hello fellow extension maker. 95% of stuff on the chrome web store is listed as free. It is hard to make people purchase anything up front, because due to the "almost everything is free" nature of that marketplace, the general assumption is to not pay. You will never get substantial volume if you roll out of the gate with a paid extension, which makes me kind of surprised that you did that originally (although I see that your premium extension is actually listed as free w/ in app purchases).

    That said I definitely recommend free or freemium approach. This will allow you to test out your idea and see if people actually find it valuable and how many people can you get interested in what you are providing. Even if people en up not paying for the extension itself, having a large accessible audience like that is always an asset in itself.

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      Thanks so much for the valuable insights.

      The first extension is a paid one but we have 14 days free trial. I don't know why it's displaying the in app purchase tag.

      Yes, we have started building it hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks it would be ready for release.

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