Legal, Tax, and Accounting July 20, 2020

Should I incorporate?


I live in a country where Paypal and Stripe arent supported. The application I am working on is targeted at the US/Europe/Asian markets and I will need to collect payments. Do I incorporate my company in the USA in order to get access to Paypal and Stripe or are there other payment processors that I can use?

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    Hey @pystar,

    It's definitely an option. We work with a lot of global founders who go the same route! In addition to the incorporate setup, we also help setup the EIN (US Tax ID for the company) and a U.S. business bank account too :)

    Feel free to check out - and check out our live chat if you need any help!


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      What about things like filing taxes, do you handle that too?

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        Yes, we recently partnered with a great accounting team to provide those services come tax season :)

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          Is it included in the incorporation package?

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