May 16, 2019

Should I link social networks to my website ?

Tariq RIAHI @GandalfLife

I'm running, a network for entrepreneurs to get visibility, connections and help each others.

I'm wondering if I have to create a facebook group, twitter, instagram, etc to push SEO and build up a bigger audience.

I'm not that involved currently into social networks and I'm worried that this will be empty at start so not sure if it's worth it or not (and it requires time).

Is being on the social networks required ?

Thank you! <3 #growth

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    If it were me, I'd focus on one, maybe 2 social channels, do them well and see how you get on. These things can easily consume so much of your time. I'm guessing Twitter and LinkedIn are your best bets.

    These days I feel participating in communities is a much more rewarding option. But again, these can become incredibly time consuming too.

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    Hey! I'm somewhat in your shoes, starting out fresh on a side project that aims to bring all growth case studies into 1 place. What I've done so far is started participating on Twitter under my own handle. Everything I do on twitter is made to drive people into my mailing list (remains to be seen if this is effective).

    As for mailing list, I am trying to make it unique and fun. The world is full of dull newsletters so I'm hoping people see mine as very personal, coming from a real individual, in the most sincere tone possible. Whether this will be effective is still up for debate - just have to see how things go.

    As for your dilemma, I would recommend focusing on one marketing channel for starters, unless you have the time to build up your presence elsewhere.

    Right now I am considering doing a podcast and possibly video interviews (for youtube views), but so far sticking to Twitter.