April 5, 2019

Should I listen?

Stas Kulesh @karmabot

At Karmabot (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/karmabot) we show all PRO features to the freshly registered users and then switch them to FREE limited plan at the end of 30-day trial period.

Today, a free user complained that it should be the other way round. This person has no intention of paying for the product.

Should I listen? 🤔


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    I agree with @rickfiyah — listen to people who pay you, not people who don't pay you. They'll give you the feedback you need, i.e. the feedback to find more people like them.

    To that, I will also add, listen to your customers about the customer experience, their problems, their needs, etc. When you're having those conversations, hang onto every word they say. But when it comes to business strategy, I'm not sure your users are your best advisors there. Unless your users are all startup founders (like mine!), they don't have any special expertise in that domain.

    Personally, I like the idea that you show your customers all of your value upfront. The thing that I like least about freemium is that companies tend to present a watered down version of their product first, so they don't have a chance to properly impress users.

    That said, there are exceptions here. If people need to ease into using your product before they really find the value (or add a lot of their own value to it, e.g. me adding all my files to Google Drive), then waiting until later to charge them is usually to your benefit. You see this with a lot of companies that charge for capacity, space, number of workspaces, number of servers, team size, etc.

    Then again, as I type this, I realize they're giving you all their functionality upfront, too. They aren't paywalling features. You get 100% of the features from day #1.

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      Thanks @csallen ! I think this particular individual had no intention to pay for the product like EVER.

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    No. Unless giving away your product for free is your end goal (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) you shouldn’t listen to someone who has no intention of paying you for your product.

    Listen to the people who love your product enough that they’re willing to open up their wallets for it.

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      Sound advice, thanks!

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    I think you should keep it, but make it clear which features are PRO.

    As an example: Even as a user with the intent to buy, I've gotten annoyed when ALL features are initially unlocked and used during a trial. Then I upgraded to a pro account but some of the features from the next level up were gone and it wasn't clear. That really pissed me off and I felt cheated.

    It's all about a good user experience regardless. Even a free user, can be a great source for word of mouth referrals or is a better fit when their business grows. If it's not clear what features are PRO and which aren't... can lead to a bad experience.

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    I'm more or less trying to decide about this as well :)
    In my case, the premium plan allows to create more stuff(which is shareable), so I probably prefer to start trials with the basic package to avoid having stuff in the database left to rot...

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      Thanks for sharing.

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    Just do some A/B testing

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      Makes sense, thanks!

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