Should I wait for launch until payment is built?

I have an application that I have been working on for a little while on the side. This application is scratching my own itch and there are some competitors doing very similar things. I understand that this doesn't mean that the idea is validated and that maybe I should have done more research before building the app.

Because it was scratching my own itch and that I could see competitors doing similar thing I went a long and started to build the application directly.

Now I'm almost done with the features that I want to have in a first launch and wanted to start sharing the project with some beta-testers. For this I will run an email campaign trying to get some beta-testers that will flush out the bugs in the application and also give me some good feedback.

I haven't yet implemented a payment system so the application is completely free now. I didn't want to wait until I built the payment system before some people could try out the application. Is that a smart move or should I just wait and have the payment system built with a 14 days trail?

If I shouldn't wait for the payment system to be built what is your recommendation of wording to tell my "beta-testers" because obviously I would want them to pay later on. Something like "It's free now so please test it out and I will make a banger of a deal once the payment system is built for everyone that was with me from the start?" Just so that they know that it will not be free for ever.

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    Here's what I did and made a few hundred bucks before even having a payment system integrated yet. Might or might not work for you (ie. I don't know anything about your app).

    1. Created an account on Gumroad, and added a product for a single payment (5 mins).
    2. Added a "Buy now" button from Gumroad to my landing page (5 mins)
    3. Added each user manually as they paid

    All of them got lifetime deals. They deserve something better than the rest. They're your early users and beta testers.

    But as I said, this might not apply to you if a LTD is costly.

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      Thanks a lot. This is very interesting and might be something worth trying. Did you not have any trial period then? Or you had a money back guarantee or something?

      In this phase I want to get maybe 20 or so "beta-testers" just to try out the application to get some feedback and money up-front is probably going to be harder to get these 20 right? Although money up-front and I will get people that are really interested so that it's worth paying.

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