Meta March 3, 2020

Should we focus more on failures?

Andy Rose @thatandyrose

Being part of IH and listening to the IH podcast is a strange experience. It's massively inspirational BUT also anxiety inducing. "If they can do it, why haven't I".

The podcast and the structure of the community has a bias towards success stories.

That got me thinking... should we focus more on failures?

I don't know how we could do this. Because a podcast about someone who has failed doesn't particularly offer much insight... (this only comes once success has arrived AFTER failure).

Nor do milestones of failure help much because, everything is a fail until it succeeds.

But still... there's something about listening to other's failures which is sobering, grounding, and makes you feel like you are not alone.

Is there a space for focusing on failures? It's worth considering at least I think...

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    If nothing else, at least it would help keep a proper perspective for folks.

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    I am thinking the same thing. I want to see if there is enough interest for founders to share their failure stories. This will be a small side project for me that will be free for everyone.

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    Considering that most businesses fail, it’d be only rational to put more focus on what NOT to do. Chances are, the success stories come with a heavy dose of survivor ship bias and lottery ticket Syndrom. So I for one would love even an entire podcast dedicated to the lessons learned from failures.

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      Yeah super interesting his response. Makes sense 🤔