Should we join the LEAP Bridge for Billions Virtual Accelerator?

Hey IH, we're currently developing an MVP, and thought we could benefit from the structure and mentorship of an accelerator. With Covid-19, we're focusing on virtual accelerators and came across LEAP (https://bit.ly/2NZUSeE). The tools look pretty solid and they claim to have hundreds of high calibre mentors that work on a volunteer basis. But at €900, it seems quite pricey when there's some much good free content and other services out there. Have any of you been through the program? Or one like it that you'd recommend?

Much appreciated!

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    I haven't been through the program nor would I personally pay for an accelerator to be part of unless the tangible benefits outweigh the cost.

    Have you gone through YC's Startup School?

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      Thanks @reader. Yes, we're working our way through YC SS, though we found it to be a light offering - essentially just a handful of long-form videos attached to some collated blogposts, some goal-setting and unfiltered community interaction (better here!). Not much in the way of mentorship, customisation or access to capital (except through YC).

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