Should You Rebrand Yourself Or Redesign Your Website

You have launched a flawless product or have an incredible service to offer. Everything seems to be working well with customers but you are just not growing your revenue at a great pace. Sounds familiar? You got either of the two things to fix: your brand or your website.

Rebranding and website redesign are two major overhauls that help in streamlining your business. Confused about which one needs to be prioritized? Let's sort that out!

Why Website Redesign?

In 2021, you cannot afford to have a badly designed website that is too clunky to load. It frustrates your key customers and also drops your ranking on search engines. If your website is all of that right now then you got to reengineer it.

Finalize your goals for redesigning it though. Do you want more traffic? Do you wish to have better engagement and quality leads? All of these checklists will lead you to decode its new UI/UX, content creation process, search engine optimization and more.

Website redesign is not easy but its rewards are uncountable. Your business will certainly start reaping its benefits by witnessing better visibility, traction and revenue.

Why Rebranding?

Rebranding is needed when you have pivoted in terms of services, products. Also, if there's a lack of focused communication, strong vision as a company then your business would require rebranding. Oftentimes, businesses are also not aligned with the design trends, their brand is like albatross hanging around their necks instead of being an asset. These shortcomings call for an overall brand recreation.

For instance, if your business is lagging on all of these fronts, a rebranding would save it from going irrelevant. It could potentially level up the business.

Rebranding vs Website Redesign

Avoid making uninformed decisions before going ahead with either of them. As a founder, solopreneur or consultant, you would exactly know the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Figure them out and then approach rebranding or website redesign for good!

Have a great day,
Harsh 💯

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    redesigning the website is much better, making such improvements on what content to be posted is a big step. speaking of the website, can you check this site www.ssajournal.io to check.

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    Hi, @harshvijay!

    I definitely agree that having a good website from a technical and UI/UX standpoint is crucial nowadays. It's something that can bottleneck your growth, without you even noticing it. This is why I'm currently working on redesigning the website for BotMeNot. The service itself is still in the beta testing phase, and I'm working on it mostly, but I realized I can't allow myself to neglect the website!


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