Should you register a company when you start your indie project or after you get a couple of sales?

Hi everyone.

I am working on an idea about a job board and I would like to ask you if I should register my company before I launch my idea or after I get some revenue? Plus I am from North Macedonia, so could you advise me if I can register a company abroad (Estonia, USA ...?) so that I can have access to PayPal and Stripe?leg

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    Hey Berkan, I've been in your shoes :) I incorporated a Wyoming LLC through firstbase.io.
    If you are a single founder who doesn't travel to the US often, this is the cheapest option that gives you access to all the US banking and fintech options.
    And to answer your question - I always recommend incorporating once you make some sales. However, being from a country with so many banking limitations, founding a company just to run test projects may pay off from the first few sales you make of your very first successful project.
    Feel free to ask any further questions.

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      Thanks, Petar.

      I will have a look at this. As I see we are from the same country so you know our struggles the best.

      But I want to ask you, should I travel to the US to finish the registration or not? Will Firstbase help me with the incorporation and everything or I will still need to visit the US?


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        No need to travel at all. All can be done online, including the bank account.

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          perfect! Thank you a lot!

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